Eat Here

by ferrett1 5 years ago

The restaurant itself is a small and non descript place, but the food is outstanding! Eat Here is just as good quality wise as Beach Bistro, but the prices are more reasonable. Service is top notch...

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Bradenton Pier 22 overpriced and small portions

by freakerdude 6 years ago

Here's a review from our recent trip to Bradenton: the restaurant is on the water and you pay for it. The service was excellent at our table but not at a few others. The waiter was very friendly an...

Wheat+water Italian Kitchen Bradenton

by lovespinach 6 years ago

Kind of disappointed. Food was mixed. Service was lacking. Waitress started us out with bread that was stale. Our table ordered Sicilian tuna, chicken parm, grilled chicken and a cheese pizza. S...

Steamed/broiled Seafood in Tampa/St Pete, Sarasota/Bradenton, or Lakeland/Orlando

by willhud 7 years ago

Looking for the best no frills steamed and/or broiled Seafood. There seems to be lots of great places with fried seafood and lots of trendy fancy seafood places but a sad lacking of places that ju...

Oysters in Bradenton/LBK/Sarasota?

by giantmouth 7 years ago

Looking for reasonably priced oysters or good oyster happy hour in Bradenton Long Boat Key Sarasota area. Any ideas?

Any restaurants worth trying in Sarasota/Bradenton?

by zoesharona 8 years ago

We just moved here from San Diego -- not exactly a foodie's paradise, but way better than here. Help, please! Any kind of cuisine, any suggestions are appreciated. We are seeking wonderful food,...

Linger Lodge -Bradenton

by lattelover 7 years ago

Has anyone eaten here recently? Looks interesting, but don't want to take visitors there if the food is terrible.

Visiting Relatives in Sarasota/Bradenton in Feb

by biggdaddymo 8 years ago

need ideas for where to in when we are there. Local is best! no chains. Last time we were there went to Pop's-maybe not the greatest in the world but loved the vibe. Went to O'Leary's-had to, s...

New to Bradenton

by ferrett1 8 years ago

I'm curious about Village Idiot Pizzaria and Ezra's..are they worth a visit?

Bradenton/LBK/Sarasota ethnic recommendations.

by kengk 8 years ago

Our annual week on LBK is planned for October this year so it's still a ways off but I'm ready to start accumulating lists. I think this year we will pick two or three of our old favorites and t...

Palmetto,Close to Bradenton

by ferrett1 8 years ago

We are moving to Palmetto and the restaurant choices look bleak.Any suggestions? Suggestions in Bradenton area that aren't too far from Palmetto would be appreciated too.

Can anyone recommend a good butcher in Bradenton/Sarasota

by Limey77 9 years ago

I'm visiting my in laws from England and had planned to cook roast pork belly for them. Can anyone point me towards a good butcher (preferably organic) that sells pork belly with the skin on?

Sarasota/Bradenton--Best CORNED BEEF HASH ??

by arlyruth 9 years ago

Please give me your opinion of those you have tried and liked or disliked for that matter. Want to be sure to get the best while there. Thanks a lot.

Back in Sarasota/Bradenton area..any new restaurants worth a try?

by t14072 9 years ago

Will be in this week for a visit. Has any restaurant just (past 6 months) opened that makes you swoon? Please pass it on!

Bistro at the Concession Bradenton / Sarasota

by definiteopinions 9 years ago

So, this is a lengthy review -- the short version is: located really far from either Sarasota or Bradenton proper. Lovely location and decor, fabulous food, OK service, bring your platinum card. ...

Veggie Burgers at Publix in Bradenton, FL??

by kellydeli 11 years ago

Does anyone know what the brand name is of the veggie burgers in Publix grocery stores in Bradenton area? They are the ones that are in refrigerated section - not frozen - where they keep the othe...

happy hour/cheap oysters in Bradentonb/LBK/Sarasota area?

by giantmouth 9 years ago

I want to gorge on oysters while I am here, but even the fish store want $10 a dozen which makes it hard..In the Keys there are plenty of places offering $5 a dozen oysters at happy hour which see...

SARASOTA/ BRADENTON 3 day visit.....

by arlyruth 9 years ago

First time to this area and would love for local foodies to tell us where we MUST include for those days. We do NOT want really expensive places but those which have excellent value for the qua...