Thank the Scots-Irish settlers in early America for bringing their whiskey traditions to our shores. Barrel-aged bourbon became a Kentucky specialty and is distinguished by being at least 51% corn mash and being held in charred oak barrels. Join the conversation about it, and find more info and recipes here.

What Is the Difference Between Bourbon and Whiskey?

Bourbon and whiskey both taste great in a cocktail and, when mixed together, make for one hell of a hangover, but exactly what is the difference between bourbon and whiskey? And while we’re asking that...

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bourbon and branch?

by njnjron 12 years ago

I think this is bourbon and water but am I correct? Also is this a current favorite?

Bourbon in Eastern Ct.

by ravchaz 10 years ago

Is there any liquor store in Eastern Ct. with a good selection of bourbon at reasonable prices? The nearest liquor store to me has a pretty decent range of better bourbons but their prices are ...

Cocktails Using Tea

by serrac 10 years ago

I promised a friend that I would find some interesting cocktails using tea as an ingredient, but have been unsuccessful so far. Does anyone know of any worth drinking? Pretty much any spirit is a...

Woodford Reserve Sweet Mash Bourbon

by jakew8 11 years ago

Has anyone else tried this limited-edition? As opposed to "sour mash" whiskey where a portion of the previous batch is used as a starter, "sweet mash" starts with all fresh ingredients. I sprun...

Single Barrel/Small Batch Bourbon

by Scott_S 11 years ago

I have found out that my boss is a bourbon drinker and I am thinking of buying a bottle of something nice for a Christmas present. However, I know very little about bourbon, can anyone suggest a g...

Wathens Bourbon

by scoflo 11 years ago

Anyone have a suggestion for where I can find Wathens in the Los Angeles area? I've tried to get a suggestion from the Wathens website with no luck, which is only increasing my desire. Thanks.

375ML Bourbon Bottles on LI

by imhungryletseat 11 years ago

Thanks to a fellow chowhounder, I was able to pick up a couple of different bourbons in 375ml bottles at the Party Source in KY while I was in Cincinnati this summer. However, these bottles are a...

Where can I buy bacon-infused bourbon in NYC?

by Jennifah 11 years ago

I am looking to buy either whiskey or bourbon infused with bacon for a friend's birthday next week. Does anyone know if retailers or bars in the area sell such a thing? I've seen the PDT recipe but...

Give it up for the cheap bourbon

by Salbert 13 years ago

I love bourbon, and here are some of my favorites. Jack (Black, I know it's really american whiskey but I'm taking creative license. Woodford, Makers, Bookers, Knob, and on a special night, Hirsc...

very special bourbon (and glasses?) for a wedding gift

by meg944 11 years ago

I have a very good friend of 20 years who is getting married in late November. We’ll be getting them some household stuff off the registry, but I’d also like to get him a more individual present. H...

Bourbon tasting party: what kind of food to serve, (if any?)

by fiftyfootgirl 13 years ago

I'm not a bourbon drinker myself, but I'm throwing a Kentucky-themed surprise party for my husband who loves bourbon. What kind of food should I serve? It's a potluck, so I'm hoping to get enough s...

Every day Bourbon & Scotch

by theginguy 11 years ago

Well, I've been on the hunt for my every day Bourbon and Scotch for almost a year now and I think I've pretty much narrowed it down. I've tried a lot of different brands in both categories and here...

Cocktail with bourbon and brandied cherries?

Alice Q
by Alice Q 11 years ago

I made some brandied cherries and wanted to make a bourbon cocktail with them - but it was hot so we wanted something over ice (i.e. not a Manhattan) - so I wound up mixing three parts bourbon with...

Scotch or Bourbon

by theginguy 11 years ago

Well, I'm getting pretty close to which whisky that I really like. I've been trying Scotch, Irish Whisky and Bourbon. I'm on a limited budget, so the expensive brands are out. But These are...

Bourbon tasting

by Atticus Fresh 13 years ago

My friends and I got our passports stamped to have a boys weekend at my friends cabin. I was thinking about having a bourbon tasting while we suck on some stogies. I have the following bourbons o...

Custom Bourbon Bottling?

by brooklyndude 12 years ago

I remember reading once that Jack Daniels will allow you to put our own label on one of their casks. Does anyone know if this is true or if anyone else does this?

bourbon making

by rdmg 12 years ago

anyone make their own bourbon or know someone that does?

Bourbon wins out over wine

by MOREKASHA 11 years ago

I had some pals over tonight for a pre wedding wine tasting. WEewere tasting a range of whites that hopefully paired well w/Chinese food. We are having our wedding @ a Chinese banquet hall. The wi...

Another infused Bourbon question...

by EvanWilliams 12 years ago

In the past when I have infused a bourbon, I have kept it in the refriderator per the instructions. However, I feel that the cold might stifle the infusing. Plus, I like my bourbon at room temp o...

Food Paired w/ Bourbon/Rye?

by bza 12 years ago

While most of the time I don't need anything at all to complement a solid glass, I'm wondering if the more experienced drinkers on the board could point me towards some enjoyable accompaniments of ...

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