Thank the Scots-Irish settlers in early America for bringing their whiskey traditions to our shores. Barrel-aged bourbon became a Kentucky specialty and is distinguished by being at least 51% corn mash and being held in charred oak barrels. Join the conversation about it, and find more info and recipes here.

What Is the Difference Between Bourbon and Whiskey?

Bourbon and whiskey both taste great in a cocktail and, when mixed together, make for one hell of a hangover, but exactly what is the difference between bourbon and whiskey? And while we’re asking that...

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The Boulevardier

by tomjb27 6 years ago

Can someone explain why this is better with rye vs bourbon? It's a eminently drinkable failure every time I've made it with bourbon, but comes to life with Rittenhouse 100.

Where to buy Bourbon retail

by Jomacp 4 years ago

Looking for a gift. Who sells hard to find bourbon, or what liquor stores have the best selection of bourbon, preferably south of Boston (near Canton). Quincy, etc...

JW Blue Label Alternative [insert collective groan here]

by Icantread 3 years ago

Hi All, I know it's an obnoxious request, and I've decided to go ahead with it anyway, so let me begin with a big Thank You! for clicking on the thread. I am hunting for a nice gift for a prett...

Favorite Fall Cocktails?

by DashBitters 3 years ago

What are everyone's favorite flavors for fall cocktails? Pumpkin & cinnamon are high on the list, but I'm open to anything!

Anyone know what happened to Costco bourbon?

by Alcachofa 3 years ago

Costco's bourbon was a great budget choice. Here in MA, it was around 20 or 21 dollars for a full liter. But it's changed. It was Kentucky bourbon before, now it's Tennessee (!) bourbon. Also, t...

Bakers vs. Basil Haydens vs. Bookers

by jackbauer 12 years ago

Sorry if this has been covered in other posts. I don't have much of a wallet and when I buy bourbon, I usually buy Maker's Mark. I went through a Knob Creek phase a couple of years ago, but now I...

Bourbon or rye, gift ideas (Boston area)

by jochaima 4 years ago

Hello I'm looking for ideas for a gift either bourbon, or rye. I'm in the Boston area. He -loved the Thomas Handy I found one year -not into cask or barrel strength mostly (does not want ...


by YAYME 3 years ago

Hey guys, I made some bitters that kickass! I've been making tinctures and playing around with flavors and this what I came up with so far. Fall: Burdock root, licorice, cloves, allspice, star a...

Go to punch recipe?

by cocktailsauced 4 years ago

I'd call myself an intermmediate level cocktail enthusiast / home bartender, but I've never made a punch before. Having some peeps over tonight and would like to try one, but I don't want to get to...

Allotment System - the Barrel House Manifesto

by jochaima 4 years ago

I read this on the facebook page of a bar/bistro north of Boston; a statement critical of the allocation system. See what you think! https://www.facebook.com/BarrelHouseAmericanBar/photos/a.229...

Substitue bourbon whiskey to single malt scotch whisky?

by suebee543 4 years ago

Recipe calls for bourbon whiskey but single malt scotch whisky is all I have. It's for a chicken recipe. Thanks in advance!

Bourbon aging

by ocpitmaster 4 years ago

Let me start by stating I am a bourbon 'novice'; however, really enjoy Angel's Envy as my sipping choice. If I have read correctly, bourbon needs to be aged in new, charred barrels. Angels's Envy, ...

Roasted Chestnut cocktail?

by alialiali 4 years ago

Any ideas for making a cocktail with roasted chestnuts? I have some from a party last night and I feel like I saw a roasted chestnut purée and whiskey cocktail on a menu recently, but can't pull up...

Thanksgiving drinks

by johnnyc87 4 years ago

Looking for some good drinks to make for thanksgiving. im already making mimosas. Any other ideas out there, bourbon base preferable.

New BBQ Restaurant in Kendall Square

by HannahJCallahan 4 years ago

New BBQ restaurant opening in Kendall Square in early 2015! Celebrity chef who has dedicated his life to making phenomenal BBQ. Be the first to know about it and help us by giving your own input!

Help deciding final choices

six dower
by six dower 4 years ago

Choices for tomorrow night hop around spots: Def hitting Olamie Happy hour: Salty Sow or Jefferys? Bourbon Bar - ? After dinner eats/night caps- ? Would like to see or hear live music or jaz...

Local source for Pappy Van Winkle?

by osho 4 years ago

Any leads on a good local source for Pappy Van Winkle? Finally had the 23 year old at a friend's place last week, but will be happy with the 15 year old as well. Cheers

Rare Bourbon

by jilkat25 5 years ago

I'm not really a Bourbon afficianado, but several people have told me I should try to find a rare, small batch, distillation called Pappy Van Winkle's 23 Year Old Kentucky Bourbon Whiskey. Has anyo...

Bourbon Bar

by Shartzog 4 years ago

Looking for a great Bourbon Bar to visit. Staying in SOHO, but doesn't have to be there.


non sequitur
by non sequitur 5 years ago

I thought it would be useful to have a place to post local deals, since they seem to come and go pretty quickly. Blind Mind posted in 2011 about Corner Creek on sale for $10, and I loaded up. T...