Thank the Scots-Irish settlers in early America for bringing their whiskey traditions to our shores. Barrel-aged bourbon became a Kentucky specialty and is distinguished by being at least 51% corn mash and being held in charred oak barrels. Join the conversation about it, and find more info and recipes here.

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Shelf Life Of Bourbon? [Split from General Topics]

by SheilaMonster 15 years ago

This is a very old post (currently 2007), but I hope perhaps you still have the email to this account and get this message. I have an OLD bottleo f Walker's Bourbon. I got it over eight years a...

Bourbon Tasting Rd. 5... Best Bourbon & Coke

by Chicago Mike 15 years ago

Our Bourbon Tastings continued this weekend, with special focus on narrowing down the very best bourbons out there for the perfect Bourbon & Coke. With all due respect to the bourbon afficianado...

Bourbon Tasting, Winner Redux, Round Four

by Chicago Mike 15 years ago

Few things in this world are as indulgent and unnecessary as a Bourbon tasting, so why not have "Round Four" in our bourbon tasteoffs... This time I included only bourbons that had ranked within...

Bourbon & Tennessee Whiskey Blind Tasting Round Three

by Chicago Mike 15 years ago

Our blind tasting of Kentucky and Tennessee Whiskies continued yesterday with Round Three. Previous tastings in Round Two with a link to Round One can be found at the following link: http://www.ch...

What are your favorite bourbon/rye drinks to make at home?

by Unpossible 15 years ago

Looking to expand my horizons and get away from classic cocktails that involve lemon/lime/orange juice as I have been making a ton of those as of late (i.e. Ward Eights, Bourbon Squashes, Derby Coc...

Bourbon and Scotch Storage

by reality check 15 years ago

I was helping a friend move and she found a huge box of bourbon (Jim Beam, Marker's Mark, Knob Creek) and scotch (Black label Johnny Walker, Chivas, Royal Salute). They were in the original bo...

Bourbon & Tennessee Whiskey Blind Tasting, Round Two

by Chicago Mike 15 years ago

Our blind tasting of various Kentucky and Tennessee whiskies continued recently with Round Two. The results of Round One are posted on a separate thread at this link: http://www.chowhound.com/topi...

Black Maple Hill Bourbon?

by jpschust 15 years ago

Anyone know where I can procure this in the DC area (bottles not glasses of it). Maybe on the net?

liquor stores in NC/SC - seeking bourbon

by albini 15 years ago

Hello all. I live in Toronto, but will be visiting North Carolina and South Carolina, specifically Western NC/Asheville and Charleston/Columbia SC. I'm a big bourbon fan so I though I'd try to ...

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