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The Weirdest, Wildest, and Most Delicious Food Festivals to Get Your Grub on in 2020 

From fancy French fare to finger-licking BBQ, there's a perfect food festival for everyone—even Fluff fanatics. That's why we're rounding up the best of the best food festivals to put on your calendar...

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Whatever happened to Marcuccio's?

by ILoveTaterTots 12 years ago

It was a breath of fresh air in the legions of North End Italian restaurants...but it seems to have disappeared. Any info?

Boston Restaurants Closings, that summer of Covid

by hotoynoodle 1 year ago

june was awful and i suspect july and august will be a bloodbath -- especially since the eviction moratorium no longer holds. remember in good times how active the old Boston Openings/Closings t...

Best Fine Dining in Boston

by VegetarianHomeCook 9 months ago

I'm wondering if anyone has an opinion on the best fine dining restaurants in Boston. This is for way later in the year but I just wanted to know.

Kemiri nuts / Candlenuts boston?

by juineve 7 months ago

I see the last thread on them was around 2010 - and the place that sold them is now closed (Chinese Merch in Burlington) - I checked 99 Asia Mart in Malden, and Super 88 in Malden, and struck out i...

trying to remember a pizza place

by khoffdenver 7 years ago

Hi, Boston folks. I'm trying to remember the name of a pizza place in Central Square in the 1970's. I think they also eventually had a branch in Lexington. They had unusual pizza toppings (for t...

Oleana, Sofra Set Up a CSR Program

by treb 8 months ago

Oleana, Sofra and other restaurants begin a CSR (similar to a farm CSA) in order to establish a consistent stream of business. I believe it's and interesting concept where customers will sign up...

Best Buche de Noel in Boston?

by mezzodiva54 10 months ago

Perhaps I should have asked, "best patisserie in Boston" -- if there IS one. Jonesing for something special to serve for Christmas dinner in a year when we can have neither family nor friends to j...

China King in Chinatown set to close by the end of this end

by sheila 9 months ago

Just heard from the owner that the restaurant will be closing soon. Anyone wants the Beijing Duck and Shanghaiese Noodle (my long time favorite) should give them a call.

Legal Seafood Sold

by SuzieCK 9 months ago

Based on my last visit, it was time. But sad. Especially remembering the wonderful first one in Cambridge in Inman Sq. where we sat at long tables, paid in advance, and had a great time.

Molti on Moody Waltham

by Ferrari328 10 months ago

What used to be Moody’s Delicatessen, The Backroom and the Pollo Club are now under the umbrella of Molti on Moody. I visited and had, among other things, the Crispy Chicken Sandwich from the Poll...

New bakery in Newton Highlands

by wu12 11 months ago

I noticed a few weeks ago that a sign saying "Lakon Paris Patisserie" had come up where a small New York coffeeshop, Stacks Espresso Bar, had been, on the corner of Lincoln and Walnut streets in Ne...

What have people enjoyed for delivery during COVID - Boston?

by Beli 1 year ago

We’ve been ordering quite a bit of delivery. Overall, we have been really impressed by the quality and service. Are favorite places have been Celeste and Uni! Both traveled really well and compa...

Pancetta and Guanciale

by spiffcleanser 10 months ago

I really have two questions. The first is where to find the best pancetta and guanciale in the Boston area. This second is whether anyone has any experiences to share making their own and where the...

Where did Dixie's Kitchen's go?

by Dave 17 years ago

Hey Chowhounds I was wondering if any of you remember Dixie's Kitchen? It was a great, little, inexpensive Southern Creole retaurant that used to be on Mass Ave right by the Berklee School of Mus...

Long gone Newton old school Italian restaurant

by HubFlyer 1 year ago

Back in the 80's/90's there was an Italian restaurant on Rt 9 WB where Barrows Windows and Huntington TV is now. It wasn't foodie but I remember it as a friendly, casual, red sauce place. The a...

Barbara Lynch Collective for Thanksgiving ordering

by youngho 11 months ago

I was surprised to find very reasonably priced offerings here: https://www.barbaralynch.com/thanksgiving. The free-range Green Circle turkeys are no longer available from D'Artagnan but costs a sim...

Tomato sausage

by NanaP2011 7 years ago

My dad used to buy tomato sausage from aMassachusetts butcher (Leominster?) in the 1950's and 60's. It was a smooth uncooked link pork sausage flavored with tomato and was delicious. Never seen i...

My Happy Hunan Kitchen

by Jazzyphil 11 months ago

My Happy Hunan Kitchen! Finally tried it and got take out last night. Truly fantastic tasty food in Brighton, Cleveland Circle Beacon St. I grew up in San Francisco loving Hunan food(Brandy Ho’...

Recommendations near Museum of Fine Arts?

by Bookistan 11 months ago

We are taking a daytrip to the MFA and are seeking recommendations of a good, safe, spacious restaurant for lunch nearby (does not have to be super close). We're open to different kinds of cuisine...

Dine In - What Restaurants Have You Tried

by treb 1 year ago

I went to Mt. Vernon for lunch, they’re running a special menu till the 5th. Seating both inside and out. My choice was inside. The Lobster Roll was an excellent deal, I order it without the...