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HELP!! -- Okra on North Shore

by julie id 20 years ago

I HAVE been out of the country too long.... Went to the supermarket today to get plain ole everyday OKRA, and was surprised to find that this is considered OBSCURE here!! Went to 6 more supermar...

Brasserie Jo

by Rosa Rasiel 20 years ago

Have any chowhounds eaten at Brasserie Jo in the Hotel Colonnade recently? Most reviews I've seen are at least a year old. With family (2 adults) coming in from out of town, I was looking for a res...

Fried Chicken in Boston?

by Oaktown Chick 20 years ago

I recently moved here from Oakland, CA and am missing the crisp, moist, near greaseless fried chicken ala Roscoe's Chicken and Waffles. I don't dare hope for both excellent chicken and waffles in ...


by Dena 20 years ago

My husband and I are joining friends for dinner at Clio next week. The July Food & Wine names it as one of three tied for "best" in Boston but that's all I know about it. Plus the fact that it's q...

Lime Rickey

by Justin Kerber 20 years ago

I just had a lime rickey at Brigham's on Post Office Square...man, I love summer...thank heaven there are still a few Brigham's stores around... --J

Sevan Bakery

by Justin Kerber 20 years ago

I drove through Watertown on Mt. Auburn Street yesterday, and it reminded me of a place that belongs in my heart and on this discussion board...the best middle eastern grocery stores in the city th...

Indian ingredients and Jackfruit

by John Fladd 20 years ago

I'm trying to learn (admittedly from a book) some decent vegetarian Indian cooking and I'm finding that most recipes call for ingredients that not only haven't I ever heard of, but that are patentl...

good family restautrants??

by Meghan 20 years ago

Hello! My family and I have recently moved here from Chicago and are desperately trying to find some good family places. We have a five year old and an infant, so nothing too fancy, but we'd still...

Brazilian near the Mass Pike

by Jim Leff 20 years ago

i think we may have discussed this before, but here goes again. I keep passing an intriguing Brazilian place, just south of the Mass Pike on the way to the New Balance outlet in Brighton. It's ca...

Ethiopian / French-Japanese fusion

by julie id 20 years ago

Thread on the general board has piqued my curiosity -- whatever became of the Ethiopian place on Mass Av., near the corner of...Huntington (maybe)? 2d floor of a little street mall, I think; about...

breakfast during the week

by anisha 20 years ago

can anyone recommend good breakfast joints that serve a decent meal (or more than a decent meal) during the week? i keep seeing posts and recommendations for sunday brunch and weekend places-- soun...

good suggestion?

by bill 20 years ago

i have the good fortune of being taken out to dinner on saturday night, but i must select the establishment. i am getting tired of most of my regular haunts and would love a suggestion. ideas?

Cook's Tour of the North End

by Margot 20 years ago

My daughter came in from California to visit a couple of weeks ago, and we had a marvelous time Saturday on a three hour walking tour of the North End conducted by Michelle Toper. Althogh not Ital...


by Paul 20 years ago

I've mentioned this place in other posts so I will be brief. This casual fish eatery is a real "Jewel". Just got back from dinner. Had a cup of chowder…… which did need seasoning. Broiled Blu...

Ho Yuen Ting?

by Justin Kerber 20 years ago

Does anyone know of what became of Ho Yuen Ting (which we affectionately called "Ho's" ) in Chinatown, across from the Ginza sushi place? it seems to have been closed for weeks. Do they have plan...

Lunch ideas

by jane 20 years ago

any ideas for a yummy birthday weekend lunch

Return of Salamander

by G 20 years ago

Does anyone know the when/where details? I'm in withdrawal.

i found sri lankan food...kinda

by anisha 20 years ago

a few months ago i had posted a note about sri lankan restaurants in the boston area. no luck! but a few leads to the new york city area where i have been to two different restaurants-- one of whic...


by anisha 20 years ago

any word on this restaurant? the brazilian/french combo is alluring.

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