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This West Coast City Hates Lunch & Other Findings From New Study

Ever wonder where your co-worker is actually headed when they leave for lunch? Turns out it may be easy to guess based on what city you live and work in. Ubimo—a New York-based software company—looked...

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by jmunnie 19 years ago

Hi all. Does anyone know of any good restaurants in/near Roxbury? I've ventured to the Fenway and ate at El Pelon, which was worth the trip, and Star Anise (a quasi-Asian restaurant) on Huntington ...

Little India, Moody St., Waltham

by Justin Kerber 19 years ago

Bad news, hounds. Went to Little India, on Moody Street in Waltham last night. This has been a perennial favorite of my family's, but last night, the service was very slow, the food was too crea...


by Larry Rand 19 years ago

Has anyone been to this new place called STARS on Hungtinton Ave in the Northeastern area? It looks really interesting, and they're open for breakfast, lunch and dinner. If anyone has gone, please ...

restaurants in Salem

by Jennifer 19 years ago

I'm going to Salem for the Halloween festival and was wondering if anyone had any recommendations for low- to moderately priced restaurants in Salem?


by Bev 19 years ago

Can anyone recommend a family restaurant in Boston serving Thanksgiving dinner?

Fried Clams

by David Miller 19 years ago

Being a San Francisco Bay Area resident, food lover and wanting to maximize my brief Boston area visit last week-end, I tried the No Name. At last, a place that really delivers on the hype. The "...

Jasmine in Brighton Center?

by Justin Kerber 19 years ago

Hello: I noticed an intriguing looking (and new, I think) place in Brighton Center this a.m., called Jasmine (or something like that) -- apparently it has French and Hungarian cuisine. Has anyon...

Tiernan's in Boston

by Joy 19 years ago

Has anyone eatten at Tiernan's in Boston. My husband wants to try it Saturday because they have his favorite brew, McCaffrey's Ale. I'll be bummed if the food is not good. Thanks...

Chow Hound food in Springfield, Mass

by Gael Clauson 19 years ago

Hi Fellow Hounds... I'm traveling from Vermont to a conference in Springfield. The only saving grace is that we may find some great food in that city amid the crowds at the conference. Does anyone ...

Quark Cheese

by Chaz 19 years ago

Hello, My wife and I live in Manchester, NH. She is German, and would love to be able to purchase Quark Cheese. Does anyone know where this product can be purchased locally (i.e. the Boston Area?)....


by Paul 19 years ago

My last attempt was unsuccessful, so I thought I would try again. Looking for a midday lunch/dinner recommendation on Sunday in Worcester. I know about Sole Proprietor and Chop House, does anybo...

Looking for Chow in the Acton/Maynard/Concord area...

by Chris 19 years ago

We moved out here last year and are really desperate for some tips on new restaurants! We have pretty much exhausted every restaurant in the downtown Maynard area and are craving something new and ...

birthday cake delivery to boston univ?

by nick 19 years ago

i'm in texas and need to get a birthday cake made up there and delivered to a dorm at boston university (512 beacon)....nothing elaborate but suitable for three+ hungry freshmen...thanks in advance...

Breakfast Alert

by Jim Leff 19 years ago

Hey, Bostonites-- we're doing a thorough rundown of New England breakfast options. I've dumped some Massachusettes tips--including a couple of Boston ones--on the New England board, so stop by ...

Birthday for a crowd

by Leslie 19 years ago

We're looking for a restaurant in the greater Boston area to celebrate my mother's 80th birthday in March. She LOVES a party!, so we're considering having family and friends, possibly 50-60 people....

El Pelon redux

by smee 19 years ago

One more nod to El Pelon. I made a special journey, braving blistered feet (bad shoes), and was rewarded with a really first-rate Burrito, and literally the best fried plantains I have ever tasted...

Austin Grill - Astonishingly Bad

by Tord Svenson 20 years ago

The Austin Grill at Central Square in Cambridge is a branch of a chain based in Washington DC. Since my family and I lived for some years down along the border between the US and Mexico we have bee...

Any one been to Clio lately?

by Tom 19 years ago

I was curious about peoples' recent Clio experience.

not-so-guilty pleasures

by ak 19 years ago

In response to Jim Leff's oh-so-plaintive post on the General Topics board, here goes: My most pleasurable, grown-up, non-gross-out birthday dinner at the Blue Room (in Kendall Square) last month, ...

Taco bar

by Tom Stebbins 19 years ago

Hounds, Perhaps because it was the only thing I looked forward to in my school cafeteria, I have a profound love, both in principle and in practice, of the taco bar. For years I thought that thi...

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