What Are Canelés?

What are canelés? Well, to start with, they “deserve to be known and discovered,” says Céline Legros of Canelé by Céline. While we have been busy chasing other Instagram-famous pastries such as cronuts...

Europe Honeymoon - Michelin Star Restaurant

by tnguyen444 2 years ago

We are doing our honeymoon in Europe. Going to Amalfi Coast, Florence, Bourdeux, Paris. Is there a Michelin star restaurant you guys recommend in those cities or around them? We want a restaurant ...

Buy your wine now

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 2 years ago

" . . . “This year, we’ve brought it forward. We have to get enough stock, at least six months, into the UK before the end of March. It’d just be dumb not to. There’s no Brexit that’ll be good for ...

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Looking for Saint-Emilion recommendations

by arturchik 2 years ago

I am hoping community can help me with a great choice in Saint-Emilion for romantic dinner in upscale restaurant. I am leaning towards L'Huitrier Pie, but I am not sure. Thank you


by philip61 2 years ago

I'm staying in Bordeaux for a few days on the left bank. I'm interested in wineries, bars or restaurant recommendations. Thanks in advance.

Please help with 4 day San Sebastian - Bordeaux food trip

by arturchik 2 years ago

Please help with recommendations in both Spanish and French Basque country. I am not looking for 2-3 star restaurants, but rather more "casual" yet memorable restaurants. We are going to be trave...

Bordeaux, San Sebastian, and surroundings trip report

by damiano 2 years ago

I just returned from a visit to Bordeaux (France), the area around Libourne, San Sebastian (Spain) and its surrounding villages. Restaurant recommendations came from Chowhound, google, tripadvisor ...

Trip Report, mostly Bordeaux

by LulusMom 2 years ago

Thanks to everyone who posts on this board. I mostly lurked, looking for recommendations for my trip to Bordeaux. I ended up eating well, and loved the city. Very friendly and elegant. NoFa - fi...

Weekend in Bordeaux: looking for fun places to eat and drink

by damiano 2 years ago

So, I'll be going to Bordeaux in May with 2 close friends (3 males in total). While I'll always appreciate and seek out great food, for this trip the focus will be on fun, crowded places with lots ...

Bordeaux 4 days, wineries and restaurants

by cliffie7 2 years ago

We are a group of 6 looking for suggestions for 4 days in Bordeaux. Budget is flexible and open to trying different places. Love left bank of Bordeaux and need restaurants in Bordeaux to match ...

Bordeaux 3 days/nights where to eat!

by yholmes 3 years ago

3 adults traveling to Bordeaux Oct 31-Nov2. We love local French establishments and it does't need to be fancy, but price isn't an issue. I'm torn about Miles... has anyone loved it? Really lookin...

"Must Go's" in Bordeaux - Three Days

by Hoc 3 years ago

We are going to be in Bordeaux for three days. We are trying to figure out which restaurants/bars there are the "must try" restaurants and bars. Generally, we look for value. In other words, rea...

Restaurant options for Monday night in Bordeaux

by sweettoothMTL 3 years ago

We are going to bordeaux soon, staying at the mama Shelter. We are getting in Monday night, any suggestions for a good restaurant for dinner, not too far from hotel? All the ones on my list are clo...

Bordeaux with a young child

by sweettoothMTL 3 years ago

We are a couple going to Bordeaux with out 3 years old child. He is very picky, so we'll often just order an extra app for him, or give him a piece off our plates. i'm wondering how that will go in...

Quick Bordeaux Trip Report

by turbowine 4 years ago

A quick report on the restaurants we tried in Bordeaux this year (part of a bigger trip to Spain & Portugal) Chez Charlotte 20 Place Gambetta, 33720 Podensac, France http://www.restaurant-che...

Ingredients-focused food for Adventure in France (humane meat, etc.)

by mschuver 4 years ago

Hi Chowhoundoggies, Long time, first time. I am finally going on my honeymoon a year after eloping to Kauai. We have an ambitious itinerary, as you'll see below, so please weigh in wherever you ...

Suggestions for Bordeaux (town and country) and Toulouse

by Russian 4 years ago

Hello, Going for an anniversary trip with the girlfriend to France. Flying into Bordeaux early morning from London, staying at chateau in Haut-Medoc for a night, after which we go into Bordeaux...

Bordeaux Restaurant & Winery Recommendations Needed!

by sonj818 4 years ago

Hello all! My husband and I will be traveling to Bordeaux in about a week. We still need some help on Restaurants & Wineries. We hail from San Francisco, so we're very familiar with wine & food and...

Fine dining in bordeaux

by Marisa Dvari 4 years ago

Would appreciate recommendations for a romantic (or Just lively and fun) dinner. I prefer a la Cart to a fixed price but can accept fixed if necessary. No car so central Bdx or on the tram line pre...

Where to spend my extra day? Parma, Bologna, Milan, Turin, Lyon, Bordeaux or San Sebastian

by remdog99 5 years ago

I have 1 extra foodie day to spend in Parma, Bologna, Milan, Turin, Lyon, Bordeaux or San Sebastian (I'll be spending 2 days in each of these places already). From a foodie perspective, and with no...

Bordeaux or San Sebastian/Bilbao

by Monica 5 years ago

I am going to Mallorca next year Sept and want to make a quick 2 night trip before we visit Barcelona. I can't decide between Bilbao/ SS and Bordeaux. The reason I wanted to go to SS and Bilbao w...