Boning Knife

The Ultimate Guide to Knives: When and Why We Use Each Type

The other day, I was in my kitchen cooking a meal and I needed to chop an onion. Indiscriminately, I picked up my go-to knife and started chopping away. Midway through, I glanced up at my knife block...

Best boning knife (ability to sharpen?)

by bloodboy 2 years ago

I'm looking to add some more knives to my niece's collection. I seem to recall her mentioning a boning knife in passing one day so I am looking for the best one available. Currently, she has this o...

Looking for a Fish Fillet Knife

by Pheelicks 4 years ago

We recently purchased a 2nd row beach house. There is a public access to the ocean straight out our front door and a fresh local caught fish market out the back door. We've bought some great fish...

Ryusen knife question

by Bunny-Bunny 15 years ago

Anyone familliar with this brand, especially the honesuku (boning knife). I've got a collection of Shun knives, and a Henckels boning knife, but wondering if I'm missing out on some serious fun wit...

Boning Knife (Shun or Wusthof)

by Chemicalkinetics 11 years ago

Hey everyone, This my first post, but I have certainly read from this site many times before. So here is my situation. Everyone has his/her all-purpose knife. Some use a French chef's knife,...

Boning knife -- a necessity for keeping other knives sharp?

by Chemicalkinetics 9 years ago

I am not sure if this should be in the Cookware section or the General section. I have a Dexter Russell boning knife and have been using it for debone chicken (mostly). I understand that I can ...

Boning knife—Flex or Straight?

by DCcook 9 years ago

I'm interested in purchasing a boning knife, primarily to cut up chicken. I may, on occasion, be interested in using it to fillet fish but I probably buy a full chicken once every 1-2 weeks and buy...

Boning Knife- essential or not?

by hobbess 10 years ago

When I look at those lists about what's essential in a kitchen, they'll always stress the importance of the chef knife and paring knife. And, more often than not, that same list will also include t...

The best boning knife - curved or straight?

by tonka11_99 11 years ago

I am considering purchasing a boning knife. I have decided I want a flexible blade. The major choice I have is whether the knife blade should be curved or straight. Does anyone have any comments...

Filet and boning knives help

by tatiana 15 years ago

Do I really need both these knives? Why or Why not? What would you recommend? Gracias.

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