Venice and Genova suggestions for a Week in September? [Split from Who has Plan? post]

by flirtinfilly 7 months ago

I'm headed to Venice in Sept. for a few days (to see family from Germany), then I have an unplanned week. I will celebrate my 70th birthday with friends in Genova before heading back to Baltimore,...

Bologna and the Piedmont

by eileenbf 2 years ago

Having just spent 4 days in Bologna on a 2 week northern Italy trip I thought I would write some comments on Bologna, since I have appreciated so much reading everyone else’s thoughts and gotten so...

Turin ar Asti? Any thoughts?

by BFoodie 4 years ago

Turino or Asti? We will be traveling in early October and are undecided. We'll start our trip 10 day trip in Montefalco, Perugia and then Bologna and need to end near Malpensa. We're torn about the...

Northern Italy in April: where would you go?

by damiano 4 years ago

Hi all, I'm planning an 8 day trip to Northern Italy - flying into Venice on 10 April, and leaving on the 19th. I've arranged for a rental car. What shall I do?! My initial thoughts are to incl...

Emilia & Liguria Trip Report 2019

by _emilie_ 2 years ago

We just got back from a lovely trip through the Emilia part of Emilia-Romagna and the adjacent part of Liguria. As usual, recommendations from Chowhound, even quite old ones, were very helpful, so ...

Emilia Romagna Tours and Suggestions

by bractune 2 years ago

Hey Chowhound community! I was lucky enough to score a reservation at Osteria Francescana in September. I am a huge foodie and would love to explore many more things in that area. Normally I am ...

5 days in Rome (then Bologna and Tuscany). Need recs. Gluten free friendly

by Moll91 2 years ago

Hi! My girlfriend and I have 5 nights in Rome in Sant'Angelo/Regola near the fontana della tartarughe. For our days in Rome I'm looking to do primarily casual restaurants where we will be e...

Northern Italy, Holy Week, April 2019

by bsprout 2 years ago

We spent a lovely 11 days in Northern Italy just a a few weeks ago. I wanted to share with you where we ate, in case it is helpful to anyone, as so many of your suggestions have been to me in the ...

Worth jumping off train for a meal in Bologna, en route to Venice?

by tucsongirlwood 2 years ago

I will be traveling to Reggio Emilia at the end of May, to participate in a study tour there. For air travel, it made sense to book flight/hotel into Venice. So, after my study of the RE education...

Bologna in late April for two nights

by Bkmam 3 years ago

We've added two nights in Bologna on our trip to Italy during Easter week, but it seems I've waited too late to make plans as I'm having difficulty securing reservations, even on weeknights (Tues-W...

Drive between Milan-Bologna-Pisa

by jordanf1 3 years ago

Hi... Will be driving from Milan to Bologna in early December---and then from Bologna to Pisa after a couple of days in Bologna. Wondering if anyone has any MUST stop places along the drive, lunc...

Eating itinerary family of 4 in September for Bologna, Italy?

by smiles33 3 years ago

I have read a few Chowhound threads and am feeling a little overwhelmed with only 2 months to go before our week-long Sept. trip. We are going specifically to Bologna because our priority is food. ...

Perugia, Alto-Adige and Piedmont

by BFoodie 3 years ago

We have planned a trip with friends who spent a few years living in Bologna. We begin in Montefalco and Perugia, will spend a few days in Bologna, will head north for a visit to the Dolomites and t...

Trip report- 3 weeks eating in Bologna

by shliz 4 years ago

We ate a lot of meals out in Bologna over 3 weeks, some at old favorites, others at places that were recommended. All places had some great dishes, but most of the meals were very solid but not exc...

Help With Family-Friendly Restaurants in Northern Italy

by Wafer_thin 4 years ago

Hello and Happy New Year everyone! My wife, 9 year-old daughter, and I will be traveling to northern Italy at the end of March and early April. We would greatly appreciate any suggestions you mig...

Recent Bologna Trip - Best Restaurant, Aperitivo and Gelato (My Picks)

by plavecchia 4 years ago

Recent bologna trip - best restaurant, aperitivo and gelato - my picks. best aperitivo - Salumeria Simoni 2nd place - Tamburini best gelato - Cremeria Santo Stefano 2nd place - Cremeria...

Emelia Romagna in October

by hughw 4 years ago

I've been nosing about various threads concerning restaurants near Modena and Bologna. My wife and I will be visiting in October. Can't wait. Obviously, there are way to many places to visit for wh...

Bologna advice, please?

by Mary_Y 4 years ago

Our group of 4 adults need help planning details of the last portion of a trip planned for late April. It's not our first trip to Italy, but our first time to this region. We begin this time flying...

Trip Report: Venice, Emilia Romagna, Cinque Terre, Tuscany

by aphie 4 years ago

Just returned from our first trip to Venice, Emilia Romagna, Cinque Terre and Tuscany. Had many great meals and many many gelatos during our two weeks. Thanks to all the contributors to Chowhound w...

Emilia Romagna Two day itinerary help

by tummyache 4 years ago

Hi, My girlfriend and I will have a weekend in the E-R region (with car) after coming from Venice (going for Bienale). Based on recommendations from the board, we are planning to stay Friday ni...