Find the best restaurants in Boise. Get advice on where to find pizza, Asian food, low-key dinners, and more in the city.

Boise, Denver, Fort Worth. Best restaurants

by Slantz455 1 year ago

My fiancé and I are moving from near Seattle to Houston. This upcoming week we are making the road trip down there. W...

enbell commented 1 year ago

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Boise Restaurant Week October 30-November 7

by Tripper 2 years ago

Dine out Boise started yesterday. While there are a number restaurants offering lunch, dinner and small plates...a f...

Boise: Who knew?

by antonia2 2 years ago

Turns out that downtown Boise is one happening place. Who knew? (Well, of course, the good folks who live/work in B...


antonia2 commented 2 years ago

Stagecoach in Garden City ID

by professor shorthair 2 years ago

I see on line that they closed in one location and were going to reopen in another. Are they open? If so, what is t...

enbell commented 2 years ago

Las Vegas to Boise

by mchametzky 2 years ago

Hello, I'll be driving from LV to Boise in late July. A lot of the trip will be on US 93, with some of it on state...


UTgal commented 2 years ago

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Need Recommendations for Walla Walla, Pendleton, Boise, and Pocatello

by PAO 2 years ago

Heading off to Yellowstone with leisurely stops in between. Need dining/snack/bakery recommendations, any price range...

Downtown Restaurant Week in Boise, Idaho

by Tripper 3 years ago

While the board has really turned into a Colorado Board rather than Mountain States...I try to return from time to ti...

akur commented 2 years ago

OO Flour in Boise

by Tripper 3 years ago

Any suggestions for where I can buy OO flour in Boise? Thanks...


lazy_lurker commented 3 years ago

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Kind Cafe in Boise

by Tripper 3 years ago

Anyone know what happened with the Kind Cafe? It was scheduled to open March 28 and now there is a sign in their doo...

Food ideas near The Grove Hotel, Boise

by AmandaRG 4 years ago

I'm going to be at a conference at the Grove Hotel in downtown Boise. We are looking for lunch and dinner recommenda...

enbell commented 4 years ago

Restaurant Week in Boise

by Tripper 4 years ago

Restaurant Week started this week in Boise and goes through November 9. Had a really nice lunch at Angells. Soup an...

enbell commented 4 years ago

Late Night Food in Boise

by courts7377 4 years ago

I am traveling to Boise for work for 4 weeks. I will be working nights (until 10 pm), so I am looking for suggestions...

enbell commented 4 years ago

Boise Summer Food Festivals

by enbell 4 years ago

I already missed posting on the Greek Festival, Blues Brews and BBQs, and Savor Idaho is sold out. Off the top of my...


Tripper commented 4 years ago

Best bets in Boise?

by reiflame 5 years ago

Hi all, I'll be in Boise this summer for a few days and was wondering what you guys recommend? I searched for Boise ...


reiflame commented 4 years ago

Thanksgiving Dinner in Boise?

by MomChefKathleen 5 years ago

We will be spending Thanksgiving in Boise and are looking for a good place for a family of 6-8 to have dinner. Thank...


MomChefKathleen commented 5 years ago

Boise - what have I been missing?

by SAHCook 5 years ago

The kids will be at grandma & grandpa's house for a week this month, and dh and I can have a few date nights - or lun...


SAHCook commented 5 years ago

North Shore Hot Dog Company (Puka Dog Facsimile in Boise?)

by enbell 6 years ago

Just noticed this driving home tonight - looks like it just opened.

enbell commented 6 years ago

Boise Food Truck Rally

by enbell 6 years ago

I stumbled onto this from another outside link - does anyone have more info?


foodlovah commented 6 years ago

Boise Restaurant Week

by Tripper 6 years ago

Nearly 15 restaurants participating in Restaurant Week. Had dinner at Piper Pub. Two courses for $15...choice of p...


Tripper commented 6 years ago

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Restaurant Week in Boise

by Tripper 6 years ago

Restaurant week starts Thursday, November 3 in Boise. See the complete list of those participating and links to thei...