Switzerland Bans Boiling Lobsters Without Stunning Them First

While not the most humane practice, throwing live lobsters into a boiling pot of water is a common culinary procedure. But not for long, at least in Switzerland. The Swiss government has just banned...

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How long to boil an octopus??

by NightfallPA 18 years ago

I've seen recipes that say anywhere from 30-40 minutes to 2 hours for the same size mollusk. I have a 2lb thawed octopus. What's the best way to do this? Cut it up first? Just use the tentacles? I ...

Melting chicken skin/fat

by finally_osbscure 4 years ago

Hi, all, I've been making a lot of recipes with skin-on bone-on chicken thighs simmering in coconut curry and I'm interested to know whether the fat of the skin will eventually render given enough ...

Large Amount of Boiled Eggs for Deviled Eggs

by walker 5 years ago

A friend sometimes makes deviled eggs for his deli and I reminded him to bring to a boil in cold water, then put on a lid, remove from heat, time it for 12 minutes, then drain and put into cold wat...

Boil Shrimp in Pot on top of Propane Grill?

by survivingdyer 5 years ago

I was hoping to have a shrimp boil for a small group on Labor Day. Approximately 8-10 people. Would it be possible to place a large pot on top of my propane grill grates to boil the shrimp? I ha...

Wait, you mean everyone doesn't . . .

by KaimukiMan 5 years ago

The other day I was talking to a friend who was describing a great new way to cook pasta. You bring The water up to a boil, put the pasta in and let it return to a boil. Then you bring it down to...

What oil/fat do you use with filo dough?

by AdinaA 5 years ago

I want to make filo dough turnovers/borekas filled with sauteed vegetables (onion/cabbage), (onion/shiitake mushroom). What is the best vegan oil or fat to brush the filo leaves with to get good b...

The proper way to cook rice?

by chaochowciao 5 years ago

Growing up cooking and eating rice regularly, I never gave it a second thought until recently when I noticed that all of the online recipes called for 2 cups of water to every cup of rice. All my ...

~ Is boiling water sufficient enough to kill anything harmful compared to water filters? ~

by designparadise 9 years ago

It would probably be safe to guess yes since the majority of restaurants and fast food chains don't filter their water, and there isn't an outbreak of deaths? ref. http://www.waterfiltercompari...

Help me with my ugly fresh pasta

by heiditam 6 years ago

I make pasta alot. I love it, but it is ugly when I cook it... Everything looks perfect and performs perfectly until I boil it. It comes together nicely when kneading(2-3 min with dough hook in KA...

What exactly is 'pitting'?

by stratford 13 years ago

I read here that salting water before it comes to a boil may cause pitting problems. I haven't encountered this problem and don't know exactly what that means. You mean tiny little dents will for...

How do I cook bulgur?

by Kristine 15 years ago

I'm trying out a new recipie for the first time for a salad that requires 1 cup cooked bulgur. I have never worked with bulgur before, I know you boil it but what is the ratio is it 2 to 1? Does it...

How long do I boil/simmer pork sausages before browning them?

by pancake 14 years ago

I want to make all pork italian sausages tonight. I was going to simmer them before browning them (recommended on a previous post). How long do they need to boil before I brown them? Is this th...

Canned condensed milk morphs into Dulce de Leche

by meganw 14 years ago

The Chowhound Team split this tangent from its original location on the L.A. board. http://www.chowhound.com/topics/382457 * * * * * I saw a great version on the food network recently... drop a c...

Gray Ring Around Yolk of Hard Boiled Eggs...

by Funwithfood 9 years ago

No matter how softly I boil eggs, *after* refrigerating them they always have a gray ring around the yolk. I heard somewhere that placing eggs in ice water after cooking prevents this (I rinse with...

First time making potato salad, question about the potatos

by cleobeach 8 years ago

We are attending a picnic on Saturday and my husband requested a specific potato salad recipe. This will be my first potato salad. I enjoy eating it but never tried to make it. My question...

Kale Preparation

by Kayasuma 9 years ago

Any suggestions on how to cook this stuff? I love it, but every time I prepare it (saute), it comes out so darn tough. I'm sure boiling it would be the easiest method, but a lot of nutrients are ...

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