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Is there any High Quality Fine Dining in the Boca-Delray FL area???

by nyperr 9 months ago

We will be visiting in Boca Raton for a week. I'm looking for really great food but not necessarily “white tablecloth” fine dining…just restaurants with chefs who create a bit of a twist on the cl...

Restaurant advice Needed for Boca Raton Area - Farm-to-Table

by nyperr 9 months ago

We will be visiting in Boca Raton for a week. I'm looking for really great food but not necessarily “white tablecloth” fine dining…just restaurants with chefs who create a bit of a twist on the cl...

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Boca/Boynton Beach/Fort Lauderdale - Kid Friendly

by halpie97 3 years ago

I am traveling to Boynton Beach with my wife and three children (all under 5). We are going to there over my Wife’s 36th birthday and will have Grandparents and Great-Parents with us. Can someone...

Kyoto Rock - The No Scallop "Scallop/Shrimp Udon"

by blos 3 years ago

Since a lot of the sushi contained creme cheese ,mayo and deep fried shrimp, I opted for the "scallops and shrimp udon" and was served 4 shrimp some roughly cut vegetables sliced TUBED FAKE CRAB! ...

Delray/Boca, 2 lunches, 2 dinners, 1 brunch

by SueFH 4 years ago

Hi, visiting Delray/Boca in a preliminary “should we escape the winter” search. I want good food, atmosphere not crucial, location within maybe half hour but not crucial, just great food, prefer u...

Josper Oven in local restaurants? 13 American Table, Boca Raton

by CFByrne 8 years ago

"13 American Table" restaurant is now open in Boca Raton. The owners are the folks behind Tucci's pizza. The chef Anthony Fiorini, previously worked at 32 East. https://www.facebook.com/pages...

Boca Delray short trip, and report...

by stuartlafonda 5 years ago

I'm good for two trips a winter,a week to ten days each,for 25+ years. While I have nothing groundbreaking, maybe I can just add to the information base for locals and visitors... 1. Bay Bay's h...

Kosher Bakery in/near Boca Raton?

by threeboys 5 years ago

I am invited to a seder at a friend's home- they are religious and strictly kosher. Can someone please suggest a place to buy a delicious kosher for Passover cake/cookies dessert? Thank you!

Lemongrass Hot Pot In Boca

by erica 5 years ago

Four of us had dinner at this branch of a Taiwanese hotpot chain last Friday night. They take reservations. Although I did not take notes, the overall impression of each of us is that this is a...

Roots Italian Kitchen Boca Raton

by DolceFarNiente 5 years ago

Supposed to have dinner here on Sunday but some of my guets say that they heard mixed reviews. Anyone have any feedback or comments? The menu looks quite good.

Top 5 Favorite Food Destinations Within 45 Minutes of Boca

by montell 5 years ago

I come down to Boca a couple of times a year to visit my mom and am always hoping to try some of the best restaurants/food destinations within a 45 minute drive of her place in Boca. I am not fusse...

Midway between Boca Raton and Miami

by shar2781 5 years ago

Hi. I live in Boca Raton and my son lives in Coral Gables. We would like to meet halfway for lunch without being too far off the i-95. Any suggestions for American, Japanese, Italian type of food? ...

Delray Openings: Pastrami, Burgers, Italian, Seasonal, Etc

by CFByrne 5 years ago

Couple of things of note happening in Delray/Boca area... *Smoke BBQ on Atlantic Ave will now be offering the Pastrami their Fort Laud store has been selling for the past year or so. The FtL pit...

Chow Thai Boca Raton

by Mat Josher 6 years ago

I've been looking for a replacement for Bangkok In Boca since it closed years ago. Chow Thai in Sandalfoot Plaza is it and is our new favorite Thai place. I recommend the sticky rice mango dessert....

Is there anything worth eating in West Boca?

by rblieber 6 years ago

Been going down for years now and have found very, very little that's better than what I can cook for myself with local fish and a grill and some produce. Especially interested in things that can b...

Junior's Cheesecake (& Peter Luger???) to Mandarin Oriental Boca Raton

by CFByrne 6 years ago

The coming "Mandarin Oriental Boca Raton" hotel/residence/ retail complex has already announced coming tenants, Junior's Cheesecake, as well as a second edition of Lou Bossie's. Not bad. htt...

"Authentic" Thai in Palm Beach County (Delray Beach)

by CFByrne 6 years ago

I know little to nothing about "authentic" Thai. But this new spot in Delray - "Eat Thai" - bills itself as such, and I had a nice introductory meal there today. I would urge others interested i...

Palm County, FL

by meggan 6 years ago

I will be traveling to Palm Beach in March and need some recommendations for very good food in casual atmospheres. Not really interested in the pizza and burger route. I am interested in eclectic o...