Peak Season Produce at Your Labor Day Barbecue Is a Perfect Way to Bid Goodbye to Summer

Labor Day is almost upon us, and it's the perfect occasion to showcase the last of summer produce (*sob*). While Labor Day was created as a tribute to the American laborer, it has since also become...

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Creating a bday signature drink... making my own bitters - a little off the wall. would love suggestions for improvement

by slowcookin 6 years ago

I am throwing myself a cocktail party birthday party in November and have started planning already. I want to serve beer, wine and a signature cocktail. The flavors I LOVE are not your standa...

Wild blueberries - at Star Market!

by Allstonian 6 years ago

I haven't seen wild blueberries at any of the Boston-area farmer's markets this year, although I did pick up a quart in York, ME a couple of weeks ago - made a lovely pie when I got home. But imag...

How New Jersey Tamed The Wild Blueberry For Global Production

by eatingjoy 6 years ago

Taking a trip to the blueberry capital of the world this weekend.

Blueberry Price

by Mike V 14 years ago

I have oatmeal or cold cereal every morning with blueberries. This month, I've purchased containers (4.4oz) blueberries ranging in price from $1.00 to $3.50. The price fluctuates more than the Do...

Trying to problem solve a couple issues with berry sauces?

by chompie 6 years ago

Made a blueberry and strawberry sauce which were delicious but both had issues that I would love to resolve for next ime. Used the microwave with whole blueberries, the commercial large-ish type, w...

Good copycat recipes for famous dishes

by chowser 6 years ago

I'm borrowing from sandylc's thread: http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/1012461 I figured "famous" and "recipe" and "dishes" have been defined enough there so we don't have to rehash it again.;...

Recipes for Commercially Frozen Blueberries and/or Strawberries

by masha 12 years ago

A while back I purchased a bag of frozen blueberies and one of strawberries, and they are just sitting in my freezer. What can I do with them -- aside from making a sauce or smoothies, neither of ...

ATK blueberry scone recipe

by tweetie 13 years ago

I recently saw these being made and would love the recipe but as you know it's not available unless you suscribe to the site and I no longer get the magazine. Would someone share, please? I'd als...

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