Blue Crabs

10 Summer Seafood Feasts to Have Delivered to Your Door

Craving a seafood feast but not a clue how to fish? These seafood delivery dinner options are filled with fresh lobster, clams, crawfish, crab, and more for a taste of the shore anytime, anywhere. Grilling...

Spicy Singapore style Chili-crab Lo-Mien with freshly shucked crab meat and brains

Charles Yu
by Charles Yu 1 year ago

After a heavy sit-in supper yesterday before another round of modified Covid lock-down takes effect here in Toronto. Tonight, settled on a bowl of comfort, rustic ' Spicy lo-mien tossed with 'Prima...

What's the gunk left in the pot when cooking whole lobster and crabs?

by reedux 2 years ago

I don't mean the tomalley in the carcasses. when steaming a pot of lobster or crabs, there's always this thick white/yellow/green gunk left behind in the pot. always wondered what it was, and if ...

Live blue crabs in LA/Pasadena?

by abbyjj 2 years ago

I would like to find a fresh seafood market where I can purchase LIVE blue crabs. I'd also like to find fresh herring (not pickled or salted). Would you be able to help me find such a place in the ...

Maryland blue crabs

by rareblue18 4 years ago

In need of recs for a reliable place that will ship crabs to Massachusetts

Maryland blue crabs

by rareblue18 4 years ago

In need of recs for reliable provider of Maryland blue crabs which can ship to Massachusetts.

Blue Crabs in Atlanta?

by Enfielder 4 years ago

Hi - are there any restaurants in the Atlanta area that do a Maryland-style blue crab feast, or fish markets that carry them (I'm willing to boil them myself in that case)?

Best way to keep blue crabs alive?

by don515 9 years ago

Hi hounds, hope to go crabbing next friday sep 6 and not cooking crabs till sunday. In the past I've put them in my big ass coleman cooler but crab dont last long either to cold or not enought O...

South Beach, Steamed Blue Crabs

by Motosport 5 years ago

We'll be in SoBe for a few days next week. I know it is not the best time of the year to get Steamed Blue Claw crabs but I'm reaching out. Anywhere in the area that might serve the traditional St...

FL vs VA blue crab - why huge price difference

by dwkayak 5 years ago

At the DeKalb Farmer's Market here in Atlanta, I can buy 16 oz of lump crab from either Virginia or Florida. The Virginia product sells for about $36, the Florida product for about $17. I'm certain...

Steamed Blue Crabs

by sampras66 6 years ago

How is the crab this year and now? Any new places to try?Visiting in 30 days ..

Hard Shell Crabs

by nachovegas 6 years ago

Hi Everyone, I'm coming to Baltimore in a couple of weeks and was looking for recs for Chesapeake Bay crabs. I grew up in DC and Silver Spring but moved away 30 years ago and still crave them. I'm...

Steamed Blue Crab

by sampras66 6 years ago

Where can you get steamed ble crab at this time of year?My birthday is sept 1 thinking of coming down.

close-in DC: decent crabs, family-friendly environment

by nummynummy 6 years ago

My parents are coming to town and adore crabs. They're not at all squeamish about the process of eating crabs and the like, but are a little sensitive to cleanliness, noise, cursing, etc. Is someon...

Blue Crab near Philadelphia

by nyfashionintern 7 years ago

Flying into PHL tomorrow and headed to New Hope, PA for a wedding. Craving MD style blue crabs - any recs for a crab house around the area or on the way? We would probably have time to drive abou...

Blue crabs - male or female - do you prefer your crabs to have a Y chromosome?

by fldhkybnva 8 years ago

I am a crab fanatic and living in Baltimore crabs are everywhere. My family usually buys male crabs so I have limited experience with females vs males but encountered a very heated debate at work ...

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