Vitamix Ascent Series - Not off to a good start...

by Libranflight 5 months ago

I have tried a 5300 before, which is a 7500 in a 5200's case, and it got a smoothie totally smooth in about a minute ...

MacGuffin commented 2 days ago

Best way to process raw sesame seeds for tahini?

by masalamacsandmusic 1 year ago

Hello, I'm looking for an appliance recommendation that can easily process raw sesame seeds into tahini paste. I can...


oldmanlaurence commented 14 days ago

Thermomix vs Vitamix

by hungryann 4 years ago

Does anyone have experience with these machines and can compare them. I know the thermomix has more functions but not...


Marilla commented 19 days ago

Handblender recommendation for use in Le Creuset Dutch Oven?

by CHSeifert 1 month ago

Need recommendations for a hand blender with a protective plastic head. I will use the blender for my soups made ...


sumrtym commented 21 days ago

Ambiano Blender-$80.00 Vitamix knockof?

by zackly 1 year ago

They got the look down but don't know about the function. Does anyone have any experience with this blender? https...


electric_Unicorn commented 1 month ago

2017 Spring Cookware Deals

by Libranflight 5 months ago

Did someone already start a new 2017 thread? I could not locate one, please let me know if this is a double........ ...


Libranflight commented 2 months ago

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Moulinex masterchef 750 duotronic

by rocky_k 2 months ago

Hi guys. I was just clearing out things from the house and i came across my moulinex masterchef 750 doutronic machine...

ISO Oster Kitchen Center fans

by Kaymoz 1 year ago

I am looking for fans of the Oster Kitchen Center. This is a "vintage" appliance that combined many functions into o...

NE_Wombat commented 3 months ago

Cleaning a Blendtec Container

by zackly 4 months ago

I had one of these for a few months now and it is very powerful but the container/carafe seems flimsy compared to the...

dcrb commented 4 months ago

ISO cheap but effective ice crushing method

by 16crab 4 months ago

Looking for an economical and effective way to have crushed ice - have a good blender at home, but want something to ...

HeidiCooksSupper commented 4 months ago

Do I need both a VitaMix and A Juicer?

by omotosando 10 years ago

Okay, with a busy lifestyle, I find it no problem eating fruits - put piece of raw fruit in mouth, eat. Vegetables a...

MacGuffin commented 4 months ago

Vitamix 750 overheating due to base design?

by theorist 5 months ago

I have a Vitamix 750 that I purchased in 2012 and use a few times per week. I typically blend a full jar containing ...


Libranflight commented 4 months ago

Mixer Parts

by blisss 7 months ago

I just inherited a Kitchenaid epicurean without parts. I need to buy a bowl and beater blade etc. Do all mixer part...


babafaye2004 commented 5 months ago

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Jamba blender user input

by LillyB 5 months ago

I am looking for a great blender that is a lower price point than the VM. The Jamba quiet shield blender was release...

Which is better for making pesto: a blender or food processor?

by nycguy20011 8 months ago

I bought a Hamilton Beach blender to make bread crumbs and pesto, but it's not blending the basil well enough to make...


ratgirlagogo commented 7 months ago

Basic, long-lived blender for soups (under $100)

by thisismakingmehungry 9 months ago

In 2003 I donated a beast of an inherited 30+ year-old blender because I hadn't used it in years. Recently I've been ...


alexrander commented 7 months ago

Moderate Price Blender

by Unkle Al 12 months ago

I have carefully read the reviews of top rated 64 oz. blenders but the least expensive of the three which I chose is ...

annapowell commented 7 months ago

Best Appliance for Making Nut Butter?

by Seitan 7 years ago

After trying to make good nut butter (almond, peanut, and hazelnut) in my Vita Mix blender as well as my Champion Ju...


joewilder commented 8 months ago

How do you blend hard ingredients safely?

by glify 8 months ago

I just tried to blend about 600g frozen spinach (in dense balls). There was a good amount of water too, I'd say it wa...

Midlife commented 8 months ago

Best Blender for Smoothies?

by Annica 7 years ago

My husband and I really like making smoothies using frozen fruit: strawberries, blueberries, raspberries and such. We...

MacGuffin commented 8 months ago