Black Tea

These Frozen Chai Milkshakes Are Way Better Than Pumpkin Spice

This easy frozen chai tea shake recipe is warmly spiced yet deliciously cold—the perfect thing for late summer as it starts to hint at fall (and certainly better than chugging pumpkin spice lattes in...

Coffee and Tea in Toronto, 2021

by prima 11 months ago

With so many Starbucks and a few Aroma locations closing, and shorter hours, I found myself frustrated while looking for coffee last Sunday, right at the corner near the HotDocs theatre and Pauper'...

Where in NYC can I find Mariage Freres tea?

by Bluecrabaddict 1 year ago

Hi, I’ve been purchasing the tea online but would like to know where it’s sold in NYC? Preferably Brooklyn or Manhattan. Thank you!

Low acidity coffee

by CafeOle 1 year ago

I'm looking for recommendations on enjoying coffee without the acidity. I have IC and coffee can really cause so much pain. But unfortunately I love it lol I have tried some from the grocery sto...

Star of India Iced Tea

by szeiss 2 years ago

Anybody have any idea what is in their delicious iced tea? Description only says "Special Traditional Indian tea with herbs- served cold".

ISO Twinings black currant breeze tea

by williej 2 years ago

Many of my sources of this have dried up. The stock gets sold and the store owners tell me they can't reorder. Even unexpectedly one small store in NDG had a sole package a few weeks ago. I was als...

Best kind of loose leaf tea?

by DormStudent 3 years ago

I have never had loose leaf tea, but recently as a moving gift I was given a diffuser cup. Although I mainly use it to make coffee (since the kitchens machine is broken) I was planning on trying lo...

Black tea served at Boiling Point

by learntocookchinese 4 years ago

The black tea at Boiling Point (San Jose) is delicious. This is the standard black tea you get at lunchtime. Does anyone have any insight to what kind of tea it is? Is there sugar added?

Looking for a full-bodied decaf black tea

by Paladar 15 years ago

A friend was recently banished from caffeine by her doctor and has been looking for a flavorful (not flavored) black tea ever since. Her favorite regular black tea is PG Tips but she's found that t...

TWG Tea Opening on Georgia St

Sam Salmon
by Sam Salmon 5 years ago

High end Tea continues to appear on offer today driving by on Georgia St who did I spot but TWG Tea- it turns out they're opening their first North American store in the old UTM space. Looking @...

Time-Slices of Tea: How to brew gong-fu style

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 5 years ago

Chowhound alum, C. Thi Nguyen has written a primer on brewing gong fu style tea. Such a pleasure to read him again, doing what he does best, spreading the love of obscure aesthetic things.

Vancouver Tea Festival-Who Knew?

Sam Salmon
by Sam Salmon 5 years ago

Proof positive that I have to get out more the third annual Vancouver Tea Festival is almost upon us! http://www.vancouverteafestival.ca/

Looking for a (perfect) large teapot!

by imanewbie 6 years ago

I'm looking for the perfect teapot for when I entertain. Needs to be for 10 cups at least. I love a glass teapot because of lack of odor retention (and I love seeing the color of tea and expans...

Searching for an authentic chai recipe

by ledziana 6 years ago

I spent about a month in India in January and I drank a lot of chai (as I'm sure anyone who has been to India has) and ever since, I haven't been able to find a comparable cup. I've tried to make i...

Right black tea for Boba/Bubble milk tea?

by maniac000 6 years ago

Has anyone had any luck on finding the right type of black/red tea for boba/bubble tea? (I've seen a super old post about using Nestea powder for it). I've used Lipton, Foojoy Lichee Black Tea, ...

Warehouse Sale // Teance Fine Teas

by katteance 6 years ago

Annual Warehouse Clearance Sale Some of the finest teas in the world are moving on! This is the chance to stock up on premium teas at less than teabag prices! Clearing out teas, teaware, and pot...

Tea is making me sick??

by tokyopix 6 years ago

I have always been a tea drinker. I prefer black tea. I start every morning with a loose-leaf keemun. Just recently I've begun to feel quite ill after my morning tea. Even just a few sips. It star...

Good flavor decaf tea..is there such a thing??

by Richie 18 years ago

Because of health reasons a friend of mine can't drink caffeinated beverages. Is there any decaf black tea out there with flavor left in it such as tetley,lipton,red rose or any upscale brands? Tha...

Selection of loose-leaf black tea in TO?

by trombasteve 13 years ago

Can anyone offer any good suggestions for places with a good selection of loose-leaf black teas? I've tried a few places but have inevitably found a good selection of green teas, and an extensive...

How, when and why (if) you started drinking your coffee black

by CulinaryKate 15 years ago

Okay, I'm 24. While this is not young, I have had at least 8 years of coffee drinking in my life. I still drink it with cream and sweetener. For some reason, I think of this as an anti-chowish t...

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