Black-Eyed Peas

How to Fall in Love with Beans: Try This Hearty Nigerian Stew

Of all the ingredients in the world, we’d wager that beans certainly aren’t the most glamorous. But Joe Yonan, the food and travel editor for The Washington Post, has made beans dazzling in his new...

Fresh black-eyed peas - how to cook?

by No.19 16 years ago

I went to the local Alameda farmer's market yesterday, and picked up a bag of fresh black-eyed peas on a whim. Got them home and now realize I have no idea how to cook them! Any ideas or suggesti...

ISO fresh (or frozen) field peas/beans

by bagler 9 years ago

I'm having a hard time finding any info about fresh field peas in Vancouver, or the NW in general. I don't mean green sweet peas, but rather fresh cream peas or crowders, black eyed peas, pink eyes...

Left black eyed peas in cooker

by Tanasha 5 years ago

I cooked black eyed peas in the slow cocker yesterday and turned them on warm around 8 pm. I forgot about them until around 10 am. They were on warm all night and still feel warm but not hot. Are t...

Are Black eyed peas the same as Cow peas?

by Main Line Tracey 15 years ago

Are they the same? I have read conflicting reports. The one said that Cow peas are so much tastier than Black eyed (and healthier). Another said that Black eyed are also known as Cow peas. It's the...

Black Eyed Pea Recipes

by dtrainor 5 years ago

I am trying to incorporate more black eyed peas into my diet, but all of the recipes I am finding online are very similar (i.e. collard greens, ham, etc.). Does anyone have any good ideas?

To soak, or not to soak...black eyed peas. That is the question...

by janniecooks 8 years ago

and the answer is . . . not necessary to soak. At all. We always have black eyed peas in one form or another on New Years, family tradition. Usually I soak the peas overnight, as my father-in-la...

Why am I skimming foam on black-eyed peas?

c oliver
by c oliver 13 years ago

We're late doing our New Year's dinner so I'm cooking my "peas" now. I always skim "foam" on things that make foam. But WHY am I doing that? It's not as if it's something unclean - or at least i...

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