Black Beans

These One-Bowl, Fudgy Black Bean Brownies Are Shockingly Tasty

Looking for a good, fudgy vegan brownie recipe that's also gluten-free? These flourless black bean brownies are legitimately amazing, and easy to make too. The fact that they're healthy-ish is an added...

Trader Joe's Item Query

by Querencia 3 months ago

Trader Joe's has discontinued its Latin Style Black Bean Soup (in cartons). I count this a major loss as with a can of refried black beans added to enhance texture, this well-favored soup is a del...

Tsing Tao in Campbell for Hand Pulled Noodles

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 1 year ago

My brother and I dropped by for dinner at Tsing Tao, a Korean-Chinese institution for the first time two months ago on our way back from Salinas. It’s been around for 35 years! Zha jiang mian ...

Greenmarket Grains Beans

by Hickory 2 years ago

I've recently found that some black beans from the Union Square Greenmarket cooked very unevenly in my Instant Pot. I had the same problem with some organic black beans from Whole Foods. I'd neve...

Cuban Black Beans and Yellow Rice

by kendunn 3 years ago

So this should be easy, right? We were in St Pete and went to the Floridian for a Cuban and beans and rice. How they made rice and beans so great is beyond me as it seemed to just be rice, beans,...

Refried Black Beans Error

by inugirl 5 years ago

I'm made homemade refried black beans for the first time and it tasted super good, my only problem is that when I smashed them and had let them rest a bit before I tried it and it tasted like pure ...

Help save freezer burned homemade bean burgers!

by arielleeve 5 years ago

About two months ago I made a giant batch of bean burgers to freeze (the excellent, highly recommended Kenji recipe on Serious Eats, which has gotten consistently rave reviews from everyone I've s...

Help! Black Beans from a Can: Bubbles

by lesleianne 6 years ago

Hello all, I'm a newbie to cooking and I need some help! I just started trying to incorporate some black beans in my diet (I will try to cook from scratch eventually) and tonight I opened a c...

Mexican Cheeses for 3-Cheese Blend

by rp17 6 years ago

I moved to a new state a while ago, and still find myself longing for the stuffed avocados from my favorite Mexican restaurant back home. I decided I wanted to try recreating them for dinner at ho...

Need Help with a decision re Cuban Black Beans

by caiatransplant 6 years ago

Hi all. Well, Pat the inept strikes again. I have a great Cuban black bean recipe (from Chowhounds) that I've made very successfully many times but only for 2. I wanted to make it as a side fo...

Black Beans Split During/After Cooking

by CamiKitti 6 years ago

I've never cooked dry black beans before. I followed the package instructions and did the quick soak by boiling them them for a few minutes and letting them soak. I drained and rinsed the beans. I ...

Where did I go wrong with my black beans???

by jensunnyside 12 years ago

Hi, I'm near here and I'm hoping someone can tell help me. A couple of days ago I decided to make a black bean soup but I only had a bag of dried black beans in the pantry. No problem. I soaked th...

Saving a dry black bean burger #kitchenfail

by masalamacsandmusic 6 years ago

Hello All, I have many, many tasty kitchen wins, but occasionally fail. Today, I failed at black bean burgers. I am wondering if there is a way to save them. I processed them in the same style a...

Cheap additions to make a meal

by bgal2012 6 years ago

I've been a long time reader and have finally decided to sign up and see if this lovely community can give me a hand. I have some ideas kinda but my mind is frazzled at the moment, so here goes... ...

Growing Black Beans...who knew?

by coll 6 years ago

I got a packet of "Trail of Tears Black Beans" at my local seed swap back in February. I was curious to see what they looked like fresh (not to mention they are family heirlooms passed down throug...

Freezing cooked Mexican black beans and cooked pinto beans (Cafe rio type)

by bungiefour 6 years ago

I need input! We are serving a Cafe Rio type dinner at my daughters wedding reception in a week. I wanted to do as much of the cooking this week. Can the cooked black and pinto beans be frozen? I ...

How long should you soak black beans?

by thunderbug84 13 years ago

I have some dried Alubia Negra beans and I want to use them for dinner tomorrow night. First, how long should I soak them? Is it possible to over-soak them? Second, how long should I cook them afte...

Recommendations on herbs and spices for black beans?

by Bill 18 years ago

The black beans I make come out pretty dull for my tastes (I add carrots, garlic, onion, and cumin)-- not at all like the tasty black beans I get at some restaurants. Can anyone recommend additions...

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