Father's Day Gifts for Dads Who Enjoy Their Booze

If your dad fancies himself a stiff drink, quality cocktail, craft beer, or a great glass of wine, a booze-related Father's Day could seriously hit the mark. Check out some of our top picks for Father...

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What bitters to use?

by cocktailian_wannabe 6 years ago

Besides experimentation, how does someone know what bitters to use in a cocktail -- especially a cockatail resulting from one's own creation? Is there a rule of thumb of some kind? There are so...

Brewing my own bitters

by CaptCrunch 7 years ago

Hello gentlemen and gentle ladies! I thought I might not be the only cocktail enthousiast on this board (maybe we are two!) Having recently gotten my grubby little hands on the recipe of a gr...

Make your own bitters

by Latinpig 7 years ago

Has anyone done this? I got a kit from a kickstarter a while back and just made my first batch. I used there citrus base and then added dried cherries. I will taste it this weekend and follow up....

Where to buy specialty liquor and bitters near CBD/FQ

by foodie_mtl 9 years ago

Will be visiting your city for the first time and especially looking forward to the trying out various cocktail bars (as suggested here on on the boards). However, considering how strict our li...

Where to buy bitters downtown

by robopope 12 years ago

I am trying to beef up my bar and am looking for some cocktail bitters outside of the standard Angostura bitters. Any suggestions on where I can find them? Looking for within Toronto (not GTA).

Bitters, Bock & Rye: A bar with 'cue [San Francisco]

by Spenbald 8 years ago

Lots of buzz about this Polk Gulch bar that started a couple weeks ago as they were softly opening a new, expanded dining area. They are now offering a menu of house-smoked BBQ in addition to a han...

Breckenridge Bitters

by davis_sq_pro 8 years ago

I recently stumbled across this product at a local store. I'd never heard of it before, and decided to take a chance with it. Very glad that I did. It's somewhat similar to Gran Classico: a gol...

Agnostura Bitters Question

by Gio 7 years ago

You know the question: I have a bottle of unopened sealed Agnostura Bitters that I estimate to be more then 25 years old. [I'm laughing as I write this] It was in my Mother's liquor credenza an...

Boker's Bitters?

by Wahooty 7 years ago

Need new bitters projects. Thinking this might be a classic addition to my stash, and fairly straightforward to make....but is it worth it? Are there cocktails that specifically require it, or ar...

Peychaud's Bitters?

by HowardL 18 years ago

I've got a yen for a Sazerac. I've got the rye and the Pernod, but I ran out of Peychaud's Bitters long ago. Since I'm not up for a trip to the Big Easy right now, can anyone suggest a place in Man...

How do I start making my own bitters?

by powerpop 7 years ago

I'm interested in starting to make my own bitters for my home bar. Other than using various bitters in my drinks I don't know the first thing about how to create the base flavors to combine into a ...

Best flavors to try when creating my own bitters

by powerpop 7 years ago

My neighborhood bar has a set of homemade bitters crafted by one of the bartenders friends. Each of them has a unique taste with some hinting at orange while others reference chocolate or even rose...

Where can I purchase bitters in Ottawa?

by flannelgirl 7 years ago

Trying some new cocktail recipes that require bitters and I have been looking all over Ottawa to find some orange bitters and some other flavours also....help please?

What are the most unusual bitters flavors you have tried, and what recipe(s) did you use them in?

by cobpdx 8 years ago

I happen to live near a shop that sells many different kinds of bitters and would like to experiment a bit with some of them. But I would also like to be practical, as some of them (Bittermans) ar...

Searching for a non-alcoholic bitters recipe

by hmcd128 8 years ago

I know! I know! Sacrilege! I'm wondering if it is possible to make homemade bitters that are non-alcoholic. I want to get started on making Christmas gifts, and some are for non-drinkers who ...

Looking for Bitters

by dbones 12 years ago

I've recently really gotten into bartending at home. I have access to pretty much all the various types of liquor I need, but am missing bitters as an ingredient. I've been told you can buy bitte...

Which orange bitters best in a martini?

by Alcachofa 15 years ago

I like to put a dash or two of orange bitters in my martinis. In all humility, this takes a good drink and turns it into a transcendant one. :o) But, I dropped and broke my bottle of homemade ora...

Angostura Orange Bitters in Lower Westchester?

by JMF 8 years ago

Does anyone know where I can get Angostura Orange Bitters in Lower Westchester? White Plains and south?

Which bitters?

by judybird 8 years ago

Can Angostura and Peychaud's bitters be used interchangeably? I've seen recipes that specifically call for one or the other, would just as soon not have to keep both around, since we don't use them...

Rye, cynar, grapefruit bitters, citrus twist- does this have a name?

by monopod 8 years ago

I've been really enjoying a cocktail I came up with when experimenting with Cynar. Basically, I took my standard manhattan (2 oz Rittenhouse rye, 1 oz Carpano, angostura bitters, Luxardo cherry) a...