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Bitters & Tinctures: Digestive and other herbal types

by tokyotower 9 months ago

Is it safe to take bitters and tinctures while fasting? Do you like them? Any recommendations and tips?


hotoynoodle commented 8 months ago

It's That Time of Year - Make Your Own Cointreau / Triple Sec / Orange Bitters

by StriperGuy 7 years ago

I make quite of few of my own bitters, and liqueurs. And my own cocktail cherries, but my favorite time of year is wh...


JMF commented 1 year ago

Pine tree bitters/extract/liqueur?

by YAYME 1 year ago

Hey, wise scholars of this board. I used everclear and branch of a fir tree and made pine tree extract. It tastes lik...


JMF commented 1 year ago

Cocktail Recipes using Fee Brothers Bitters?

by Indy 67 1 year ago

Recently, I had a wonderful Manhattan made with Black Button Bourbon and Fee Brothers Black Walnut Bitters. (The Luxa...


JMF commented 1 year ago

Where to buy specialty liquor and bitters?

by 8Gr8N8 2 years ago

Hi, I'm not familiar with the Bay Area (I'm currently in Mountain View) and I'm looking for Bittermans bitters. I've...

hill food

hill food commented 2 years ago

Favorite Fall Cocktails?

by DashBitters 2 years ago

What are everyone's favorite flavors for fall cocktails? Pumpkin & cinnamon are high on the list, but I'm open to...


davis_sq_pro commented 2 years ago

Sadness over Fee Brothers

by tim irvine 2 years ago

I got a bottle of Fee Brothers bitters. The label says Old Fashioned Aromatic Bitters cocktail flavoring. I feel as...

tim irvine

tim irvine commented 2 years ago

Cocktails & Spirits Be the first to comment

Finding the impossible bitters: Gammel Dansk in L.A.

by Beer_on_a_Stick 2 years ago

When I first live in LA in the early 90s, it was easy to find at (what's now) the Mayfair Market at Faifax/Sunset. S...


by YAYME 3 years ago

Hey guys, I made some bitters that kickass! I've been making tinctures and playing around with flavors and this what ...


Lafoofoo commented 3 years ago

What Is Your Opinion Of This Manhattan Cocktail Variation?

by PontiusPalate 4 years ago

THE MORNINGSTAR: This cocktail was described by my bartender tonight as a "twist" on the classic Manhattan cocktail. ...


Ryuthrowsstuff commented 3 years ago

Homemade Bitters

by mrgrotto 10 years ago

ATTN: Chowhound DIYers/Boozebags RE: Homemade bitters I work at a fairly decent liquor store and, as one of the buye...


googlintim commented 3 years ago

Jameson launches bitters project

by zin1953 3 years ago

'Jameson Irish Whiskey has launched a “Wild Sloe Berry Bitters” to encourage bartenders to “create new experiences”. ...


EvergreenDan commented 3 years ago

Where to find Orjin Bitters?

by iokpako 3 years ago

Does anyone know where i can find the new guinness product? It's called Orijin Bitters.


berlin commented 3 years ago

Who wants to make me a cocktail?

by Tehama 4 years ago

Good morning! So, I'll preface this post by admitting I am no mixologist right-up-front! My repertoire mostly con...


Tehama commented 4 years ago

Cocktail supplies in San Diego : bitters, liqueurs, etc

by asarwate 8 years ago

Where is your go-to place in San Diego where I can get interesting liqueurs, bitters, and other ingredients for class...


encocotte commented 4 years ago

Anyone make their own Peychaud's bitters?

by loudfood 4 years ago

I have seen various bitters recipes, and I have seen descriptions of the flavors in Peychaud's bitters, but I've neve...


yarm commented 4 years ago

What bitters to use?

by cocktailian_wannabe 4 years ago

Besides experimentation, how does someone know what bitters to use in a cocktail -- especially a cockatail resulting ...


Josh commented 4 years ago

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