Father's Day Gifts for Dads Who Enjoy Their Booze

If your dad fancies himself a stiff drink, quality cocktail, craft beer, or a great glass of wine, a booze-related Father's Day could seriously hit the mark. Check out some of our top picks for Father...

Alley 6 86'd Candy Cap Bitters (and Clean Up on Alley 6 Hand Sanitizer) | Healdsburg

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 10 months ago

During this pandemic holiday season when our economy has tanked for so many, I focused my purchases on gifts made by local producers. One shopping stop was Alley 6, a small batch craft distiller in...

It's That Time of Year - Make Your Own Cointreau / Triple Sec / Orange Bitters

by StriperGuy 10 years ago

I make quite of few of my own bitters, and liqueurs. And my own cocktail cherries, but my favorite time of year is when citrus is in season and I can restock my supply of homemade citrus infusions....

Summer 2018 Cookbook of the Month Cocktail Companions: SHRUBS and BITTERS

Caitlin McGrath
by Caitlin McGrath 3 years ago

Welcome to the reporting and discussion thread for our Summer 2018 COTM Cocktail Companions, SHRUBS: AN OLD-FASHIONED DRINK FOR MODERN TIMES, by Michael Dietsch; and BITTERS: A SPIRITED HISTORY O...

Pine tree bitters/extract/liqueur?

by YAYME 4 years ago

Hey, wise scholars of this board. I used everclear and branch of a fir tree and made pine tree extract. It tastes like pine and I'm thinking of making it into bitters, or liqueur. If I go that rout...

Bitters & Tinctures: Digestive and other herbal types

by tokyotower 3 years ago

Is it safe to take bitters and tinctures while fasting? Do you like them? Any recommendations and tips?

Cocktail Recipes using Fee Brothers Bitters?

by Indy 67 4 years ago

Recently, I had a wonderful Manhattan made with Black Button Bourbon and Fee Brothers Black Walnut Bitters. (The Luxardo cherries didn't hurt the cause either.) Yesterday, I visited Fee Brothers' o...

Where to buy specialty liquor and bitters?

by 8Gr8N8 5 years ago

Hi, I'm not familiar with the Bay Area (I'm currently in Mountain View) and I'm looking for Bittermans bitters. I've tried K&L and Bevmo. Where you locals go for specialty liquor and bitters?

Favorite Fall Cocktails?

by DashBitters 5 years ago

What are everyone's favorite flavors for fall cocktails? Pumpkin & cinnamon are high on the list, but I'm open to anything!

Sadness over Fee Brothers

tim irvine
by tim irvine 5 years ago

I got a bottle of Fee Brothers bitters. The label says Old Fashioned Aromatic Bitters cocktail flavoring. I feel as if I just made an old fashioned with a bunch of clove oil. Yuck. Not bitter. ...

Finding the impossible bitters: Gammel Dansk in L.A.

by Beer_on_a_Stick 5 years ago

When I first live in LA in the early 90s, it was easy to find at (what's now) the Mayfair Market at Faifax/Sunset. Since moving back in 08, however, I haven't seen hide nor hair of it and I've loo...


by YAYME 5 years ago

Hey guys, I made some bitters that kickass! I've been making tinctures and playing around with flavors and this what I came up with so far. Fall: Burdock root, licorice, cloves, allspice, star a...

What Is Your Opinion Of This Manhattan Cocktail Variation?

by PontiusPalate 6 years ago

THE MORNINGSTAR: This cocktail was described by my bartender tonight as a "twist" on the classic Manhattan cocktail. The description on its menu reads as follows: "Eagle Rare Whiskey/Frangelico/...

Homemade Bitters

by mrgrotto 12 years ago

ATTN: Chowhound DIYers/Boozebags RE: Homemade bitters I work at a fairly decent liquor store and, as one of the buyers, am constantly nagging my reps for what should be easily attainable products,...

Creating a bday signature drink... making my own bitters - a little off the wall. would love suggestions for improvement

by slowcookin 6 years ago

I am throwing myself a cocktail party birthday party in November and have started planning already. I want to serve beer, wine and a signature cocktail. The flavors I LOVE are not your standa...

Jameson launches bitters project

by zin1953 6 years ago

'Jameson Irish Whiskey has launched a “Wild Sloe Berry Bitters” to encourage bartenders to “create new experiences”. 'The new addition to the range was launched at Tales of the Cocktail 2015 in ...

Where to find Orjin Bitters?

by iokpako 6 years ago

Does anyone know where i can find the new guinness product? It's called Orijin Bitters.

Who wants to make me a cocktail?

by Tehama 7 years ago

Good morning! So, I'll preface this post by admitting I am no mixologist right-up-front! My repertoire mostly consists of perfecting the gin & tonic! However, I've been wanting to expand my ...

Cocktail supplies in San Diego : bitters, liqueurs, etc

by asarwate 11 years ago

Where is your go-to place in San Diego where I can get interesting liqueurs, bitters, and other ingredients for classic and experimental cocktails? As an example, I recently had a cocktail with Co...

Anyone make their own Peychaud's bitters?

by loudfood 6 years ago

I have seen various bitters recipes, and I have seen descriptions of the flavors in Peychaud's bitters, but I've never seen a recipe for bitters that tries to approximate those flavors. I love the ...