Chez Rene

by sarafinadh 2 months ago

We landed here on a friend's recommendation, who touted it as a solid choice for classic French Bistro fare and she w...

John Talbott

John Talbott commented 29 days ago

France's Best Bistros? Bring Your Appetite to Lyon

by mdstratton100 5 months ago

My perennial daydreams of Paris feature Haussmannian apartment buildings with wrought iron balconies, stolen kisses o...


VegasGourmet commented 2 months ago

Bell's Restaurant | Los Alamos

by Melanie Wong 3 months ago

Cool! Speaking of the closed Bell Street Farm cafe, I'd read this piece that the new owners plan to reopen March ...

Melanie Wong

Melanie Wong commented 2 months ago

Weekend Bistro Lunch

by Apprentice 3 months ago

SO and I will be midtown Saturday and are in the mood to dine at a bistro for lunch. Currently looking at: Chabrol, A...


Apprentice commented 3 months ago

Fodor's List of Neo-Bistrots in Paris

by Steve 4 months ago

A recent Fodors article lists 14 Neo-Bistrots in Paris. "The neo-bistro combines the flavors of traditional Fren...


BlueOx commented 4 months ago

What do you consider "bistro food?"

by mothrpoet 9 years ago

I so often see references to bistros, bistro food, bistro style, and they often sound divergent. Some say it must be...


Steve commented 4 months ago

Cafe Can-Can Questions

by Charles Yu 5 months ago

Greetings fellow hounds, Will be downtown next week. Planning to give Victor Barry's 'Cafe Can-Can' a try. Has any...


estufarian commented 5 months ago

Quick Hit at La Piquette (Across from 2 Amys)

by Steve 3 years ago

I went here for a snack on Sunday evening and found a bustling French bistro that looked like it conquered this curse...


Steve commented 6 months ago

Reve Bistro - Lafayette

by SLRossi 1 year ago

Reve replaced the overpriced Chevallier. It is bistro through and through, right down to the classic uncomfortable c...


tre2012 commented 7 months ago

Paris visit - need some recommendations for restaurants!

by ejc2153 11 months ago

Hi there! Visiting Paris in second week of August. Very difficult to book a restaurant that I originally wanted to...


Parnassien commented 11 months ago

Lunch restaurant near 25 rue des Jeuneurs

by Marisa Dvari 1 year ago

Hi. I am on a tight schedule and need to find a very good bistro or restaurant near this address. Thanks in advance


onzieme commented 1 year ago

Bistros in Paris?

by rosewood 1 year ago

I will be visiting Paris the summer and wanted to find some local bistros. I will be staying on the left bank, but p...


rrems commented 1 year ago

French Bistro?

by mbooth 1 year ago

Looking for a casual French Bistro in downtown Boston with a great chef. Any ideas?


mwk commented 1 year ago

Bistro Duet - Arlington

by hounda 1 year ago

NIce cocktail program and attentive knowledgeable bar staff, which is where we ate. Maybe 10 bar seats, warm ambianc...


grant.cook commented 1 year ago

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Chez Marius | Noe Valley - San Francisco

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 1 year ago

David Henry, one of the partners of the recently closed Doctors Lounge in the Excelsior, sent me a note that he will ...

Bistro near Opera Garnier?

by lbabic 1 year ago

Looking for a casual place within walking distance (20 mins or so) of Opera Garnier that might serve escargot, steak ...


Parnassien commented 1 year ago

Great bistro style in Philadelphia near Rittenhouse Square

by lusignan 2 years ago

I have never been to Philadelphia. Traveling solo for three days and looking for interesting bistro style restaurant...


punkin712 commented 2 years ago

Paris Bistro

by arepo 2 years ago

Tonight I felt like a push me-pull you doll. I found a place in Chestnut Hill that serves some of the best food I've...


arepo commented 2 years ago

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Orlando - Lake Mary area

by Msample 2 years ago

Looking for suggestions on the NE side of Orlando - am staying in the Lake Mary area. Would rather not drive all way ...