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Biscotti jars

by shaebones 14 years ago

I'm making biscotti for a gift and want to place them in a decorative biscotti jar. Can't find one. Have looked in Target, Homegoods/TJMaxx and Bed 'n Bath. Where can I find one?? QUICKLY!

calling all biscotti makers...

by ali patts 14 years ago

All my recipes that involve nuts seem to call for roasting and chopping the nuts first. Do you bother? Why? I quite like my biscotti with whole almonds (a real treat - like finding silver in the...

I can't cream my sugar with my eggs--will the biscotti be okay?

by Pei 14 years ago

I foolishly added my cup of sugar to the dry ingredients. Now, I have nothing to cream with the eggs. Will the recipe still turn out okay if I beat the eggs until fluffy and then add my dry ingr...

Where to buy good mini-biscotti in SF?

by Maya 14 years ago

I'm looking to purchase some tasty mini-biscotti for a holiday party. I'm hoping to avoid the price range of Citizen Cake or something, but I don't want to go Stella D'Oro either. Any ideas for the...

Biscotti for a gift?

by nosey 14 years ago

Looking for a recipe for biscotti for a gift for co-workers and hostess gifts. Does anyone have a great recipe that can be done ahead and stored well?

mandelbrot/biscotti question

by twinmommy 16 years ago

I've now attempted mandelbrot twice and I just can't get it right. I followed a recipe used by an in-law and incorporated her tips as well but my cookies are coming out stalish tasting rather than...

Mondel Bread - Jewish Biscotti?

by HillJ 14 years ago

Does anyone have a traditional recipe for Mondel bread? I'm not sure which nut is used in the recipe. Any tricks for reliable results? Thanks!

Breadsticks and/or Savory Biscotti from Martha's HD Handbook?

by danna 14 years ago

Has anyone made either of these? I get to bring an Hors d'Ouerve to a party this Saturday, and I'm willing to spend time and/or cash, but I have to give it to the hostess on fri evening, so all th...

Non-tough Biscotti

by oakjoan 14 years ago

I have made biscotti numerous times with less than stellar success. They taste good but are tough and not crispy the way they are when you buy them from Peet's coffee or at a bakery. Anybody ha...

Recipe for great homemade hazelnut biscotti [Moved from SF board]

by lintygmom 14 years ago

Please transfer this to cooking and tell me how to find other than the general restaurant board! 11⁄2 cups unbleached all purpose flour 1⁄2 cup cornstarch 1 cup sugar 1⁄4 cup cocoa po...

SPECIFIC rosemary biscotti recipe needed

by Foodie2 14 years ago

I'm hoping against hope that someone can help me! My grandmother gave me a recipe from a magazine (I believe a food magazine c. 1990s) for rosemary biscotti. Needless to say, I haven't made the bis...

Cappuccino Biscotti Report as Promised

by Aaron 14 years ago

Thanks to the person (please remind me who you are!) who recommended making these. I made them with a few other things for a meeting...they were a total hit. 4 of 10 people at the meeting asked f...

ISO Hazelnut Chocolate-Chunk Biscotti

by Aaron 14 years ago

Please nothing with cocoa powder. I want a blond biscotti with chunks of hazelnut and chocolate in it. I can't find a decent recipe anywhere. Anyone?

Fresh Homemade Biscotti - Ottawa

by JOJO 15 years ago

Any help on a bakery I could get this from - perferable west end???

ISO: Great biscotti

by KK 15 years ago

My first experience with biscotti was probably one of those old brick hard stale ones with no good flavor. Years later I get some "premimum" kinds as a gift and were surprisingly good (Safeway) t...

Biscotti in Vancouver

by Lynda 15 years ago

Hi. Does anyone know of a bakery or cafe that makes really good biscotti in the greater Vancouver area. By good, I mean biscotti with some substance and flavor - most of the ones that I have purc...

Is my biscotti dough too dense?

by nooodles 15 years ago

I followed the almond chocolate chip recipe on epicurious.com and ended up with a dough too watery to roll into logs. I added a lot more flour (probably way too much) and ended up with the logs bel...

Biscotti, north shore

by alexis soule 15 years ago

Hi, all, I've been lurking on this board and enjoying, thanks. I'm rcently back on the north shore after 25 years in the glorious "gourmet ghetto" of Oakland / Berkeley, and LOOKING FOR FOOD! (es...

Biscotti cookies

by Fanifrog 15 years ago

I tried biscotti cookies for the first itme, but they didn't turn out like the ones I buy. First of all they are more yellow, and they won't slice evenly, and they are not as crisp. What am I doin...

Where can I find Great Biscotti ???? (Lower Manhattan or Downtown BKLYN)

by Donna 16 years ago

Anyone know a bakery in the lower manhattan area anywhere below 14 st Union Sq) or around downtown brooklyn area where I could get fabulous Biscotti? I'm 9 months pregnant and have got an intens...

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