Conca D’oro chocolate cookie bars

by TAS826 2 years ago

Hello. I was hoping someone may have a recipe posted in a 1970s Bon Appetit RSVP. It was for an Italian cookie from a bakery in NJ called Conca D’oro. The bakery will no longer share the recipe but...

Biscotti after a 1500 mile journey by car

by soccermom13 1 year ago

I'd like to make some biscotti at my home then: **package them one slice/cookie per wax paper bag **put the packages in a Tupperware container in our air-conditioned condo **drive the Tupperware...

Baked goods to mail

by vanessa7 2 years ago

Looking for any favorite recipes for baked goods that travel well. My poor aunt was just diagnosed with breast cancer and I wanted to mail her a gift. I was thinking maybe a bag of Stumptown coffee...

Tops of Biscotti Crack and Split

by SteveInSoCal 14 years ago

Frequently when I bake biscotti the tops crack and split during the first baking (log stage) making it diffcult to slice them prior to the second baking. What could be causing this?

Biscotti Help

by eenie1 11 years ago

Okay folks, I know what biscotti is supposed to look like, got the whole bake it twice thing, cut with a super sharp knife, etc. However, the recipe I have says to shape the dough into two 2-inch ...

Spinellis Biscotti recipe

by akerr 3 years ago

Does anyone know or have a recipe that is similar to Spinellis Bakery’s Almond Biscotti recipe?

ISO Bon Appetit recipe from 70's for chocolate biscotti Conca D'Oro

by houndlvr1 9 years ago

I am DESPERATELY searching for a recipe that was in the RSVP column of a 1970's issue of Bon Appetit. It was for a chocolate biscotti type bar cookie that contained pignoli nuts, chocolate, whole a...

almond biscotti aka quaresimale - Brooklyn/Bronx style

by Fritz 8 years ago

I'm looking for some tips on this cookie. The recipe is predominantly eggs with maybe a touch of butter, but all butter is not the recipe. Mostly I'm looking for a better idea of the flavor. Rec...

biscotti recipes?

by chelleyd01 14 years ago

My Goddaughter Taylor lives 3k miles away in AZ...unfortunately, this year she won't be here until Spring Break. Mom is a very basic shake and bake, kraft mac n' cheese, white lettuce in a bag with...

ISO biscotti

by lilaki 6 years ago

hi hounds, a friend brought me back a bag of biscotti from rome. it's called "biscottificio belli" and the label says "cantuccini alla mandorla". it's DELISH! i've found it online @ amazon...

How to keep biscotti fresh...

by yomyb 14 years ago

Good morning everyone! I am making biscotti for my wedding favors (about 250 pieces) and want to do this a week ahead of time (that means this weekend) since out of town guests will start arriving...


by Toni2014 7 years ago

I am looking for a Italian biscotti cookie recipe that has chopped walnuts, figs, fennel seeds, anise oil.

Amaretto Biscotti recipe help!

by Dleeami 7 years ago

I have had commercially baked biscotti with a strong flavor of Amaretto. No matter which recipe I try I cannot duplicate the flavor. I have tried doubling the almond extract, doubling the almon...

Help with slicing dried cranberry biscotti?

by Ainadaliel 8 years ago

Hi, I was wondering if anyone could help me with slicing biscotti with dried cranberry bits? My problem is that whenever I do slice the logs (after the first bake), the cranberry bits always "fa...

Can I bake biscotti a THIRD time?

by Ainadaliel 8 years ago

So I made tons of biscotti about three days ago (it was an order), and have no freezer space to store them. So far, I've kept them in plastic bins, at room temperature. But they've started getting...

What's the appeal of Biscotti?

by SmallSteps3000 8 years ago

Is it that it's low calorie? Or is it because it pairs well with coffee? I don't drink coffee, so I wouldn't know. For how expensive these things are, these "cookies" really are not that grea...

Italian plurals-panino vs panini...biscotto vs biscotti

by Joanne 17 years ago

Hi, I've resisted writing this email for at least 2 years but I can't take it anymore. I'll go mad if I don't at least try to enlighten the great folks who frequent the Chowhound boards. :) Ge...

favorite biscotti recipes?

by pineapple 19 years ago

just what it says -- can anyone share? i'd like to include some biscotti in my homemade gift baskets this year, but have never made them before. i've had an almond-orange or some such which was d...

over worked biscotti dough

by heylids 8 years ago

I tried a new recipe for biscotti and the raw dough was way too sweet! So in an attempt to correct this I added more flour, egg and milk. I ended up working it too long in the kitchen aid. I wan...