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Has anyone replicated a Chicago-style Pizza Puff?

by Thanks4Food 5 years ago

Here in Birmingham, AL someone opened a Chicago-style diner, and we tried the Pizza Puff from Iltaco Foods http://www...


fanvic12 commented 3 months ago

Dinner and Breakfast

by Lenox637 8 months ago

Hi all, I'll be driving through to New Orleans and will be staying the night in Birmingham. I was wondering where you...


Lenox637 commented 8 months ago

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Shelby County AL

by dcbbq 9 months ago

I'm headed to Pelham/Indian Springs for a high school reunion and, suffice it to say, the area has changed a lot in t...

Birmingham AL trip

by BOOKMARKER 2 years ago

Hello! 'Just joined. 'A bit "challenging." 'Hope it's temporary. :D .... Planning a trip to Birmingham. Hotels,...


dcbbq commented 1 year ago

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Local B'ham Spots for College Students

by Guilty Gourmand 1 year ago

Have family friend that will be attending Samford in the Fall and would like to get some gift cards for area establis...

RIP: Lag's Eatery, Homewood Alabama

by scrumptiouschef 7 years ago

Ran into a friendly couple out here in Austin a couple days ago who informed me the iconic Lag's of Homewood has shut...


AnnaGagliano commented 2 years ago

BHM - Red Bowl

by Dax 3 years ago Located at the top of the hill on Green Springs (by Pizza Hut), this is a total...

Dax commented 2 years ago

Best Steak in Birmingham?

by bhamdining 10 years ago

Someone asked us where to find the best steak in Birmingham. We do a pretty mean steak at home (Whole Foods' natural ...


bhamakb commented 2 years ago

Hot chicken in Birmingham, AL

by sheilal 3 years ago

Just read an article at Serious Eats proclaiming their love for Hot Chicken in Nashville. I probably won't make the t...

MarieLetsEat commented 2 years ago

Two Days in Birmingham, AL

by Dr. Rosen Rosen 2 years ago

Hi, It seems like most of the general threads on Birmingham are a little dated. I will be heading there for a wed...


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Birmingham's Rising Food Scene: Meet the ones who got it started and those who are keeping it fresh

by Big Daddy 3 years ago

This post on Magazine melds two articles I wrote. I want to get a discussion going on the latter: D...

sheilal commented 3 years ago

Update? Best special (seafood) hot and sour soup in birmingham?

by Kelbish1 3 years ago

Does anyone remember Dragon? It was a chinese place off of lake shore near John Carrol? Well... They closed and sadly...


Big Daddy commented 3 years ago

Birmingham Wasabi Juans?

by Kelbish1 3 years ago

I currently live in huntsville and just found out about Wasabi Juans. I'm always up for different things like this! H...


ButtermilkMeeks commented 3 years ago

Best Fried Catfish within 25 miles of Birmingham?

by scrumptiouschef 11 years ago

Gearing up for a trip to B'ham.Definitely going to need a good Fried Catfish fix.?Could y'all point me towards the be...

Davwud commented 3 years ago

Birmingham - Royal Reds?

by Dax 8 years ago

Had some delicious grilled Royal Reds at Little Savannah last week and would love to grill up some of my own. Has an...

Davwud commented 3 years ago

Birmingham and Tuscaloosa

by NYCFORKER 3 years ago

I'll be coming down to see a football game this fall and would like to set up an itinerary. As of now we are going t...

Dax commented 3 years ago

Sunday evening in Birmingham

by rockbound 3 years ago

We have only one evening in Birmingham and unfortunately it falls on a Sunday. No surprise that most places seem to b...


Bigdaddyreturns commented 3 years ago

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Sunday evening faves in Birmingham?

by rockbound 3 years ago

Stopping in Birmingham next month on a Sunday evening and we're looking for good food. Last year we went to Max's Del...

Current Lunch Recs for Saturday in Birmingham

by TLF 3 years ago

Day trip planned for this Saturday to hit BMA. We're going to Hot and Hot for dinner. I've been to Bottega Cafe for S...

Dax commented 3 years ago