Get the inside scoop on the Birmingham food scene, from the best dinner restaurants to suggestions for where to stop if you're just visiting.
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Best country breakfast in Birmingham, and dinner too?

by elizabetheatsfood 18 days ago

Hey Everyone, we are taking our son to visit colleges and are going to be in Birmingham staying at the Westin for a F...

Has anyone replicated a Chicago-style Pizza Puff?

by Thanks4Food 5 years ago

Here in Birmingham, AL someone opened a Chicago-style diner, and we tried the Pizza Puff from Iltaco Foods http://www...


fanvic12 commented 11 months ago

Dinner and Breakfast

by Lenox637 1 year ago

Hi all, I'll be driving through to New Orleans and will be staying the night in Birmingham. I was wondering where you...


Lenox637 commented 1 year ago

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Shelby County AL

by dcbbq 1 year ago

I'm headed to Pelham/Indian Springs for a high school reunion and, suffice it to say, the area has changed a lot in t...

Birmingham AL trip

by BOOKMARKER 2 years ago

Hello! 'Just joined. 'A bit "challenging." 'Hope it's temporary. :D .... Planning a trip to Birmingham. Hotels,...


dcbbq commented 2 years ago

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Local B'ham Spots for College Students

by Guilty Gourmand 2 years ago

Have family friend that will be attending Samford in the Fall and would like to get some gift cards for area establis...

RIP: Lag's Eatery, Homewood Alabama

by scrumptiouschef 8 years ago

Ran into a friendly couple out here in Austin a couple days ago who informed me the iconic Lag's of Homewood has shut...


AnnaGagliano commented 3 years ago

BHM - Red Bowl

by Dax 3 years ago

http://redbowlbham.strikingly.com/ Located at the top of the hill on Green Springs (by Pizza Hut), this is a total...


Dax commented 3 years ago

Best Steak in Birmingham?

by bhamdining 11 years ago

Someone asked us where to find the best steak in Birmingham. We do a pretty mean steak at home (Whole Foods' natural ...


bhamakb commented 3 years ago

Hot chicken in Birmingham, AL

by sheilal 3 years ago

Just read an article at Serious Eats proclaiming their love for Hot Chicken in Nashville. I probably won't make the t...


MarieLetsEat commented 3 years ago

Two Days in Birmingham, AL

by Dr. Rosen Rosen 3 years ago

Hi, It seems like most of the general threads on Birmingham are a little dated. I will be heading there for a wed...


armstwa commented 3 years ago

Birmingham's Rising Food Scene: Meet the ones who got it started and those who are keeping it fresh

by Big Daddy 4 years ago

This post on al.com/Birmingham Magazine melds two articles I wrote. I want to get a discussion going on the latter: D...


sheilal commented 3 years ago

Update? Best special (seafood) hot and sour soup in birmingham?

by Kelbish1 4 years ago

Does anyone remember Dragon? It was a chinese place off of lake shore near John Carrol? Well... They closed and sadly...


Big Daddy commented 4 years ago

Birmingham Wasabi Juans?

by Kelbish1 4 years ago

I currently live in huntsville and just found out about Wasabi Juans. I'm always up for different things like this! H...


ButtermilkMeeks commented 4 years ago

Best Fried Catfish within 25 miles of Birmingham?

by scrumptiouschef 11 years ago

Gearing up for a trip to B'ham.Definitely going to need a good Fried Catfish fix.?Could y'all point me towards the be...


Davwud commented 4 years ago

Birmingham - Royal Reds?

by Dax 9 years ago

Had some delicious grilled Royal Reds at Little Savannah last week and would love to grill up some of my own. Has an...


Davwud commented 4 years ago

Birmingham and Tuscaloosa

by NYCFORKER 4 years ago

I'll be coming down to see a football game this fall and would like to set up an itinerary. As of now we are going t...


Dax commented 4 years ago

Sunday evening in Birmingham

by rockbound 4 years ago

We have only one evening in Birmingham and unfortunately it falls on a Sunday. No surprise that most places seem to b...


Bigdaddyreturns commented 4 years ago

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Sunday evening faves in Birmingham?

by rockbound 4 years ago

Stopping in Birmingham next month on a Sunday evening and we're looking for good food. Last year we went to Max's Del...