Home to Chez Panisse, Berkeley has everything from great takeout to awesome Nepalese food. Chowhounds discuss the must-try restaurants plus where to find everything from lunch to dessert.


Vegetarian High Dining Restaurant

by Mastove 2 months ago

My mother's birthday is coming up and she's a vegetarian. Due to her diet she sort of eats the same thing all the time (some variation of salad). How she lives with this diet I don't know. It would...

Looking for a specific mexican restaurant

by Glendalough 2 months ago

I'm looking for a mexican restaurant in Berkeley. It had the best food, cheap, haven't been there in over 20 years, have no idea if it's still there. It was/is in a yellow building, in the wareho...

New pie bakery on upper University Ave, Berkeley [A Dora Pie]

by chocolatetartguy 4 years ago

Next door to Brazil Cafe. I believe it's called A Dora Pie and today they had lemon meringue, pecan, chocolate dream along with several varieties of cookies. I was on my way to a meeting so no ti...

Good Oakland/Berkeley Dim Sum?

by ricepad 6 months ago

I'm picking my son up at Oakland International later this week and I thought he'd appreciate some dim sum before we headed for home. Can anybody recommend any dim sum in either Oakland or Berkeley?...

Inside UC Berkeley’s Food Pantry

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 7 months ago

"... Students are three times more likely than the average Alameda County resident to be food insecure: 44 percent versus 13 percent of residents at large. And 57 percent of UC students who are foo...

High dining seafood bay area for father's 80th b-day

by Mastove 8 months ago

Need out of this world fresh seafood experience for father's 80th birthday. Need absolutely best of the best. Quality is more important than ambiance (fisherman's wharf). However fine dining would ...

Kimchi in East Bay

Dave MP
by Dave MP 9 months ago

I feel like I may have asked this in the past, but I'm asking again. Does anyone have recommendations for kimchi sources in the East Bay (preferably Oakland, San Leandro or Berkeley). I don't care ...

Mexican Herbs

by amohler 9 months ago

Any recommendations on where to buy fresh herbs such as quintonil or chepil in the Oakland/Berkeley area?

Chengdu Style Restaurant (Berkeley)

Civil Bear
by Civil Bear 2 years ago

Chengdu Style Restaurant has been mentioned in Chowhound, but I think it's worthy of its own thread, if for nothing else the Toothpick Lamb. Cumin Lamb is one of my favorite dishes in the Bay Area,...

Seeking Lovely Restaurant That's Good for Conversation

by jessinEC 10 months ago

Hi. My Dad is coming to Berkeley for his 80th birthday. We'll be a party of 9, including some kids, a vegetarian and someone who's lactose-intolerant. I'm looking for a lovely restaurant that seems...

Bay Area visit August 2018

by jangita 10 months ago

We are here,in Oakland, for a week and it's been so hard to choose but here's what we've done so far: Dinner at Al's Place: Last year was our first time there and it was a huge turn on. One y...

Nice Solo Dinner at Ippuku in Berkeley

Civil Bear
by Civil Bear 10 months ago

Passed by Ippuku after the Cal game today just as they were opening up so I thought I would pop in. Just a 5-minute wait as a solo diner - score! With a nice cold Asahi, I enjoyed the waiter-rec...

Last Cookbook I Bought: The Berkeley Bowl Cookbook

by WeirTalk 11 months ago

I LOVE cookbooks! I recently bought, The Berkeley Bowl Cookbook by Laura McLively. She had (or has?) a blog about shopping at Berkeley Bowl and that blog became a cookbook! I am sorry to say I ne...

80th Birthday Celebration

by coonyham 11 months ago

My mom turns 80 next week and we are taking her to the Russian River for a long weekend. Unfortunately, our plans to take her to dinner to celebrate her day that weekend are not working out (too m...

Saha, Berkeley

Ruth Lafler
by Ruth Lafler 1 year ago

It looks like there haven't been any posts about Saha since it moved to Berkeley a year and a half ago. That's partly my fault, since I had brunch there last year and didn't report on it (and sadly...

Roof Top Social & Indigenous Food, Berkeley, Mar 17

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 1 year ago

Collaborating Chefs: -Crystal Wahpepah (Kickapoo) of Wahpepah's Kitchen -Vincent Medina (Chochenyo Ohlone) of Contemporary Ohlone Cuisine -Brian Yazzie (Diné) of Yazzie The Chef Top Leaf Far...

Bartavelle - former Cafe Fanny [Berkeley]

Robert Lauriston
by Robert Lauriston 6 years ago

Opened last week. Sightglass coffee, porridge, pastries, Acme toast, brandade, salumi, wine ... Tuesday-Saturday 7am-6pm, Sunday 8am-4pm, closed Monday

Quick Stop for Late Dinner SFO to St. Helena

by ahoskins 1 year ago

We will be leaving SFO at about 8:00 p.m. tomorrow night, headed to St. Helena. Looking for a quality place to have dinner along the route (but obviously don't have time to linger). I'm thinking ...

Berkeley Bowl - skate wings

by Tom Simonson 1 year ago

I just wanted to share that the fish market at the Bowl has skate wings with some regularity - probably more than half the time, price a bit under $5/lb. Quality is fine. When I was young in the...

Yanni's Sausages starting retail in 2018

by tre2012 1 year ago

One of our very favorite stops in Sonoma County, Yanni's Sausage Grill in Penngrove, has found a retail outlet in the EBay! Starting Jan 2018 their sausages will be sold at Berkeley Bowl West (near...