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Birthday dinner in Berkeley

by yummerz225 10 days ago

My friend's birthday is coming up, and I want to take her to dinner. What are some good spots to hit around Berkeley...


ML8000 commented 9 days ago

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Chick'n Rice (Khao Mun Gai) Downtown Berkeley review w/ PICS

by hhc 1 month ago

I tried out Chick’n Rice in Downtown Berkeley which is next to Sliver Pizza on Center Street close to Downtown Berkel...

Ippudo, Berkeley report w/ PICS

by hhc 4 months ago

I stood in line for 1.5hrs on the 2nd day Sat 7/29/17. It's off Shattuck Ave but the one behind 85C Bakery, next to...


SLRossi commented 2 months ago

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St. Géric triple créme blue cheese

by Melanie Wong 2 months ago

A week ago I did a quick grab and run from the pre-cut cheese section at Berkeley's Market Hall Foods on 4th Street. ...

Anything decent within walking distance of UC campus?

by Claudette 5 months ago

I'll be on the UC campus for four days and would like to walk to all of my meals, if possible. Does anyone have any r...

Ruth Lafler commented 5 months ago

New place for box lunches Berkeley/Oakland

by zunzie 5 months ago

I order a LOT of lunches for events. People I use frequently: Ann's, Market Hall, Town Kitchen, Gregoire, Poulet ...


zunzie commented 5 months ago

Lunch in Rockridge near BART

by jane21 5 months ago

I have to meet with a former work colleague. Would like something nice, but not as sophisticated as Oliveto's. Any ...


pinotho commented 5 months ago

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Cafe at Zellerbach Hall (UC Berkeley)?

by Bay Gelldawg 7 months ago

I would like to hear from anyone who has recently eaten at the cafe at Zellerbach Hall prior to a Calperformances eve...

Wonderful home-made Yunnan meals [Berkeley/Oakland]

by 2 years ago

A meal pick-up service, Josephine, started in the Berkeley/Oakland area a while ago with the idea that a home chef ma...

Melanie Wong commented 7 months ago


by moragaebd 8 months ago

Any recent reviews or comments on Rivoli in Berkeley. I notice that the menu has changed substantially since the las...

Caitlin McGrath commented 8 months ago

Picante in Berkeley

by moragaebd 8 months ago

Picante in Berkeley has not been reviewed in a couple of years, and I can't find any reviews of the party platters. ...


Ridge commented 8 months ago

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Help KC BBQ/Berkeley rebuild!

by tre2012 8 months ago

KC BBQ now has a GoFundMe page to help with the repair costs of that devastating Feb 17th fire. If you'd like to help...

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Current options for Easter Brunch in SF

by JojoSF 8 months ago

All the postings seem rather old, so I'm curious what the current options are for Easter brunch in San Francisco, or ...

Chengdu Style Restaurant (Berkeley)

by Civil Bear 9 months ago

Chengdu Style Restaurant has been mentioned in Chowhound, but I think it's worthy of its own thread, if for nothing e...


Joel commented 9 months ago

Best Pad Thai in Berkeley/Albany area?

by Ridge 10 months ago

Hasn't been discussed in a while. I've had a craving and have been working in the east bay again. What are people's f...


kairo commented 9 months ago

Giovanni - Berkeley

by Robert Lauriston 7 years ago

Walking by the other day, I noticed that they had posted an enthusiastic review from the Express. Apparently the orig...


nuraman00 commented 9 months ago

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Indus Village (Berkeley)

by Civil Bear 9 months ago

Had a pretty nice Pakistani meal at Indus Village in Berkeley last night. It's a small hole-in-the-wall on San Pablo,...