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Yukari's Bento Box | Lodi

by Melanie Wong 25 days ago

My lunch spot last weekend in Lodi was the new-ish Yukari's Bento Box. Mostly set up for take-out, it does have a han...

Melanie Wong

Melanie Wong commented 22 days ago

Do you art direct your food?

by tokyotower 26 days ago

Do you find yourself and enjoy art directing your food (like bento for example?) It doesn't have to be complicated a...


thegforceny commented 23 days ago

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Katana-Ya in El Cerrito overcharging

by ltsering 9 months ago

They've tried to do it to me TWICE (the pic shows where I asked them to correct it last night). They've done it to my...

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Komo Asian Cuisine - Bellmore

by Gastronomos 9 months ago

It's probably going to get really busy very soon, but they're worth it... Komo Asian Cuisine in Bellmore http:...

Minako Bento & Sushi @ Duc Loi in San Francisco

by Melanie Wong 2 years ago

Long time Chowhound favorite, Minako Organic closed in the Mission in April after losing its venue. http://www.chowh...

Melanie Wong

Melanie Wong commented 1 year ago

Yayoi: Japanese Teishoku Restaurant in Palo Alto

by Melanie Wong 2 years ago

Yayoi, a Teishoku restaurant and first U. S. branch of a Japanese chain, opened in Palo Alto a month ago. Teishoku ar...

Melanie Wong

Melanie Wong commented 2 years ago

bento in san francisco

by calumin 3 years ago

Does anyone know where to get a very good bento box lunch in San Francisco? I don't mean refrigerated to-go lunche...


Cynsa commented 2 years ago

Sushi party trays and bento boxes

by canmark 3 years ago

We are hosting an party in our home and I am looking for recommendations on where to order sushi party trays. This wi...


canmark commented 3 years ago

ISO bento-style lunch containers for kids

by lilaki 3 years ago

hi CHers, my little guy is off to full-day JK in september and i'm starting to look around for bento-style lunch c...


LexiFirefly commented 3 years ago

Japanese Bento Boxes

by shutterbugRI 3 years ago

Had a delightful lunch at the Japanese restaurant, Haruki, in Cranston, Rhode Island. We tried two different Ben...


shutterbugRI commented 3 years ago

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Bento supplies in Columbus/Cleveland or Ohio in general?

by punkysquirrel 3 years ago

I'm trying to find a place that carries bento box supplies (boxes particularly). I know there used to be a place in U...

Artisan Bento (Banker's Hill)

by ipsedixit 3 years ago

If you're looking for something to eat while visiting Balboa Park, or to fuel up before/after a visit to the Park, th...

Fake Name

Fake Name commented 3 years ago

Bento Box supplies in Vancouver?

by hotdish 8 years ago

I am looking to start making Bento boxes for my children for school lunches and was wondering if anyone knows where I...


LotusRapper commented 4 years ago

"Luxury Bento" or lunch in nice surroundings during Sakura

by tigerjohn 4 years ago

Heading to Tokyo first week of April. I'm looking for a place in or within 60 min of Tokyo that has a nice setting...


Silverjay commented 4 years ago

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Traditional bento in LA?

by d_doubleyew 4 years ago

This post from the blog Just Bento talks about a traditional Japanese bento that comes in a two-layered box and is fi...

Tanoshi Bento UES

by MVNYC 4 years ago

Tanoshi Bento is the next store restaurant to Tanoshi Sake and Sushi which has recenetly been acclaimed on this board...


MVNYC commented 4 years ago

Bento box supply stores Edmonton

by Bryn 7 years ago

Does anybody know if there are stores in Edmonton that sell bento boxes and the accessories? Bringing Lunch to work i...


impulsively commented 4 years ago

Selling Bento containers in Dallas/Ft. Worth

by reai0314 9 years ago

As the popularity of bento lunches grows, I'm beginning to wonder if selling bento containers in the Dallas/Ft. Worth...


longhornut commented 5 years ago

Portland - Miyake Bento Box vs Pai Men Miyake for lunch?

by celeriac 5 years ago

Hey folks, heading up to Portland tomorrow and I'm thinking about finally eating somewhere besides Duck Fat for lunch...


celeriac commented 5 years ago

Bento supplies on Oahu?

by boogiebaby 5 years ago

We're headed to Oahu next month and I wanted to see where I could check out some awesome bento supplies. (i have a sm...


macsak commented 5 years ago