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Banquet success at Shi-Lin in Bellevue

by Denny Schreffler 17 years ago

I need to let everyone know of the great success we had hosting a banquet for 40 at Shi-Lin in Bellevue (NE 8th, just east of Crossroads). We made about half-a-dozen excursions there over a couple...

Bellevue - Spazzo

by Fort Point 17 years ago

We had a fun experience at Spazzo. Stopped by the lounge area first for a cocktail; it is definitely a scene place, noisy but fun. For dinner we sat at the large counter area overlooking the ki...

Bellevue - Private room in restaurant for 16?

by Phaedra Lari 18 years ago

I'm throwing together a rather important corporate team-building event on really short notice in Bellevue, and was wondering if anyone could recommend a restaurant in the area that has good food an...

Bellevue/Eastside Banquet, Wedding rehearsal dinner

by Denny 18 years ago

We’re looking for a nice, Bellevue area restaurant with good banquet food for a wedding rehearsal dinner in March. Some will be chowhounds but most will not. 30+ guests. A Friday evening. Liquo...

[SEA - Bellevue] My first visit to Seastar (long)

by Karl B 19 years ago

So I was at CompUSA in Bellevue buying a scanner when I noticed that Seastar was just across the street. This seafood-oriented restaurant opened about a year ago and got good reviews in the local p...

Old Bellevue Strawberry Festival

by Hiko Ikeda 18 years ago

From the Seattle Times Link: http://seattletimes.nwsource.com/html/localnews/135039853_berryfest20e.html

Bellevue (WA) Other Italian?

by Larry 18 years ago

Can anyone recommend Italian restaurants (not pizza) on the Eastside?

Bellevue... T'Latte

by starflyer 18 years ago

My hubbie and I found a wonderful WONDERFUL tea/coffee/bubble tea shop in old downtown Bellevue. It's called T'Latte. Their specialty is what they call a 'chai' but isn't like Indian chai. It's ...

Trip to Seattle/Bellevue report

by creepygirl 18 years ago

This weekend I took a trip to Seattle to visit my boyfriend. I flew in late Thursday night. Friday morning my boyfriend went to Great Harvest Bread to get a loaf of their Cinnamon Chip bread. It...

Bellevue (WA) pizza?

by Larry 18 years ago

Any place in the Bellevue area to get New York-style pizza? This ex-Brooklynite just moved here and I'm hungry.

Good deli in Bellevue

by Marn Webb 19 years ago

Just got back from a great lunch at Gilbert's on Main (10024 Main St.) in Old Bellevue, a couple of streets south of Bellevue Square. I had half a hot corned beef sandwich on Jewish rye with Plochm...

Taco stand in Bellevue 148th and 24th ? Where did it go?

by Amit 19 years ago

There used to be this great taco stand in the Bellevue/Redmond area, just off 520 on 148th and 24th in the gas station parking lot. Last month the city wanted them out (I signed the petition they h...

Salute of Bellevue

by hill 19 years ago

Has anybody been to or heard of Salute in Bellevue? Its on Main Street. Link: http://www.saluteofbellevue.com/

Pizza by the slice for lunch in Bellevue, Redmond, Kirkland

by Sandra V 19 years ago

So, I'm dying for some pizza for lunch today and realized that, besides Piecora's in Kirkland and (God forbid) Godfather's in Belleuve, we can't think of a single place to go. Oh, you can get p...

Best place to learn/try "bubble tea" - Seattle/Bellevue

by Fritz 19 years ago

Hello. My wife wants to go taste the new bubble tea (or pearl tea or tapioca ball tea) that we just found out about. I guess it's not so new, especially in California. We live in the Seattle-Be...

Favorite Eastside Eats or Drinks (Bellevue,Redmond,etc.)

by curtA 19 years ago

Help!! I am looking for suggestions. Food and value are more important to me than ambiance or service. Please share your "must do" favorites. Thanks!!

Cocktail party in North Seattle / Bellevue area?

by Jeff Shore 20 years ago

My apologies for placing yet another random request on this board within a week (I'll post an update on my Portland breakfast as soon as it happens). I'm an LA chowhound, and looking to host a ...

Sala Thai (Bellevue, near Crossroads) is okay

by Karl 20 years ago

I just tried out Sala Thai, which just opened in the same shopping center as Trader Joe's (on 156th in Bellevue, just south of Uwajimaya--I think Northup is the cross street). It's okay, but it's...

Bellevue Recommendations

by Lauren 20 years ago

I just scrolled through the board looking for suggestions of good restaurants and could not find one listed! Although I don't dine there much, I have recently been meeting a group of friends there ...

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