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Wor Bar In Seattle/Bellevue

by NYCSEA 15 years ago

I am searching for a restaurant that has the Cantonese dish Sizzling Rice Wor Bar on the menu. This is my first post and I am so happy to be here amongst fellow foodies! Please post of any locati...

Goldberg's Deli in Bellevue

by Steve 15 years ago

ok, i hate to admit this, but i'm going through significant pain and suffering from missing a good salami sandwich, matzah ball, etc., etc., and i wouldn't flinch at a 3-4 hr drive to "pig out", pa...

"Exotic Food" in Bellevue or Seattle

by Live2Eat 15 years ago

Have some foreign business friends coming in from Taiwan next weekend. They want to go out to dinner for something "exotic". There could be something lost in the translation here but I think that m...

Lunch for older friend in Bellevue/Kirkland/Redmond

by Paula 16 years ago

I'm taking a 75 yr. old friend to lunch and she doesn't like anything spicy, raw, or places that are noisy and I'm driving so I'd like to stay on the Eastside. I was considering San Souci, but las...

Sunday breakfast/brunch in downtown Bellevue

by not-the-bad-steve 16 years ago

Who's got the best? Thx!

Dinner in Bellevue or Seattle: Please Recommend!

by The Green Knight 16 years ago

I've searched the board a bit, but I haven't been able to find a "consensus" (if such a thing exists) for the best chowhound find in Seattle or Bellevue. Here are some of the ones that I've found r...

eastside asian noodles (sammamish, issaquah, renton, bellevue)

by david kaplan 16 years ago

Hoping to find good Asian noodles on the Eastside. Looking through the board, I see favorable reviews of Shanghai Garden in Issaquah, and news that Noodle Boat is downhill. Any other opinions of th...

Seattle - Bellevue/ Renton

by Josie 16 years ago

Leaving tomorrow on a business trip to Renton, but staying in Bellevue. Any recommendations? I am really fond of anything ethnic (but esp. Vietnamese) but since I am traveling with some co-worker...

[SEA] Fresh Grill on Lake Bellevue?

by SandraV 16 years ago

Anyone know anything about the newest restaurant to take up space at the Lake Bellevue location that was once a Duke's? I could use another lunch option.

good takeout in Bellevue/Kirkland area?

by debclark 17 years ago

I'm a California foodie in Seattle for four months, but with me are my two kids -- ages 3 and 3 months -- which makes eating at home much more attractive than dining out. Since a babysitter is not ...

BBQ - Dixie's (Bellevue)

by John 17 years ago

Anyone tried this place recently? Most reviews I've seen are now years old. Any other suggestions for good bbq?

Broiler Bay Hamburgers (Seattle/Bellevue)

by Hamburgler 17 years ago

Anyone ever tried Broiler Bay in Bellevue? I drive by there around lunch time and there is often a crowd. I figure that's a sign they serve good burgers. Any opinions out there?

Boston CHound In Seattle/Bellevue

by Suppo56 17 years ago

Hi Chowhounds. I'll be staying with friends in Bellevue 24-28 Oct. Love Dim Sum, Vietnamese/Pho, Cambodian, Sushi. Sure would appeciate your recs. Thanks.

Redmond / Bellevue Breakfast?

by John 17 years ago

Have a large family coming into town this weekend. Need a decent (read: good food, relatively inexpensive) place to bring them all out to breakfast on Saturday or Sunday. Have been do Voula's n...

Indian food in Bellevue/Redmond?

by John 17 years ago

Topic pretty much says it all. Any suggestions for good indian in the Bellevue / Redmond areas? Thanks in Advance!

Freakishly large number of children at Seastar in Bellevue

by zippyh 17 years ago

Mrs. Zippyh and I had a pleasant if rather underwhelming dinner at Seastar in Bellevue Sunday evening. We had the pesto clams appetizer to start. They were good although the pesto was a little gl...

Bellevue Square for lunch rec's

by Leslie 17 years ago

I am meeting a friend (non beef eater) for lunch at Bellevue Square this week. Any recommendations for there or nearby would be much appreciated! thank you. :)

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