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box lunches in Bellevue?

by MsMaryMc 8 years ago

Any recommendations for who does a better-than-average box lunch for an event in Bellevue? Delivery would be a nice plus but I can pick them up if needed. I haven't worked over here for very long...

Seattle or Bellevue SeaStar?

by PAO 8 years ago

I've been given a gift certificate that works at either. I've never been to either. I see they have different menus. Anyone been to both? Do you have a preference to one over the other and if so, why?

upscale Bellevue

by DPStan 8 years ago

have an important client in town Monday evening, staying at the Hyatt, thinking of either Pearl or Koral? need to be withing walking distance, and will probably be raining. Suggestions

sunday lunch in bellevue or kirkland recommendations?

by ritabwh 8 years ago

hi everyone, i am meeting friends from duvall for lunch this coming sunday. we will meet in kirkland or bellevue, depending on your recommendations. i think thai and chinese would be acceptable ...

Japanese ramen chain to open store in Bellevue

by HungWeiLo 9 years ago

Kukai / Kookai opening their first US store in Bellevue. http://blogs.seattleweekly.com/voracious/2012/11/japanese_ramen_chain_opening_s.php?utm_source=Newsletters&utm_medium=email

Caspian (Bellevue)

by equinoise 9 years ago

Has anyone tried this Persian place in Bellevue? http://www.caspianbellevue.com/menu.htm The menu at least looks promising; there used to be a Persian restaurant in the U-District with a simi...

Yakiniku Coming to Downtown Bellevue (Ginza)

by shaolinLFE 9 years ago

Heard rumors about Ginza in Bellevue opening up a new Yakiniku (japanese bbq) section. Sounds like they fought tooth and nail to get permits up but the lady on the phone says they'll be servin...

Bellevue for a group HH

by eatereateraustin 9 years ago

I am coming from out of town to host a client happy hour party in December and am looking for a Bellevue venue that can accommodate 20 or so folks for cocktails/snacks. Would prefer a situation whe...

Chow-worthy lunches in the Bellevue area?

by MrKrispy 9 years ago

Hi, I am going to be visiting from San Diego for several days, staying in Bellevue at the Hyatt without a car. The nights are fairly spoken for, but I need some tips on lunches in the Bellevue ...

ISO of place for wifes 30th bday for group of 20 downtown or bellevue.

by jlom907 9 years ago

would like to do like a cocktail hour with food and drinks. wanting to know any ideas DT that might work for this. i would like to pay for the food but have the guest buy their own drinks. anyone h...

Weekend Dining in Bellevue

by carluccio 9 years ago

Spending a weekend in Bellevue in July and want to try something new and different. We will have transportation and can travel. It is four foodies looking for the best of the NW. All suggestions...

Taiwanese restaurants near Bellevue, Washington

by bearmi 10 years ago

Hi Guys, I will be visiting Seattle in a couple of weeks from the NYC Metro area. I am intested in eating at Taiwanese restaurants near Bellevue, where I will be staying. Do you guys have any ...

Bis On Main, Bellevue - Overpriced, Boring, Food which ruined a birthday and a romantic night out...

by lokitious 10 years ago

Almost all local people have rated this place so far. If you want an honest review from an outsider, READ ON... This was the third time to this restaurant because a couple people proclaimed the ...

Eastside (Bellevue, Kirkland, Redmond, Issaquah) Christmas Dinner

by janedoe67 15 years ago

I am done trying to get all of the people from my office to come to my side of the pond (Seattle) for our annual Christmas gathering. We have a small office (about 10 of us including significant o...

Dim sum to go- Bellevue

by rln 10 years ago

Hello, SF chowhound here. We are looking for recommendations for a place to pick up dim sum in Bellevue to bring back to Whidbey. We are visiting Bellevue for the first time. We will be freezin...

Two Bellevue Evenings

by mattwarner 10 years ago

So, I am coming to Bellevue for a conference next week. I have two free dinners to plan for my boss and myself. I'm willing to try anything, but my boss is a bit less adventurous (She wouldn't ...

Indian food in Bellevue/Newcastle

by Trevor Nolan 16 years ago

I recently moved to Newcastle, WA and am looking for some really good Indian food. Any advice? Thanks!

Banh Mi in Bellevue

by mr.chorizo 10 years ago

Any recs for me? I read online about "555 Asian Deli" in downtown bellevue but could not locate it yesterday. Thanks

Great Croissant in Downtown Bellevue - Via Vita

by gdt9967 11 years ago

I just stopped into a new place this weekend in downtown Bellevue close to the Library and found one of the best croissants I have had recently. Via Vita Cafe, http://www.viavitacafe.com/ is a gre...