See's Candies resumes production and reopens stores slowly

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 12 months ago

In time for Mother's Day, See's Candies started up production again with a reduced crew after a history-making closure due to the Covid-19 crisis. https://www.chowhound.com/post/sees-candies-suspe...

Eastside Restaurants?

by JayDK 1 year ago

Haven't been to the Eastside for ages. What restaurants would you recommend? Anything exotic? Noteworthy? Worth it? My default is Anthonys. Help please?

Fennel Pollen

by krombeen 3 years ago

After a visit to Milo & Olive in Santa Monica I am looking for Fennel Pollen. Anyone know where I can purchase it in a local store? I see that Amazon has it but wonder how old that might be.

The Guilt Trip - Amazing Indian Food in Redmond

by myy2 5 years ago

Where do I begin, the food is just incredible! Without sounding overly crazy, *this* was the best indian food my husband and i have ever had. Period. The place has a very Seattle feel to i...

Cafe Bollywood (Bellevue)

by equinoise 4 years ago

Inhabiting the space adjacent to Garlic Crush (formerly occupied by the inexplicably long-lived Casa D's) is a new-ish no-frills Indian place. One orders from the counter, and is wastefully served...

Seafood in Bellevue

by gourmet wife 5 years ago

Hi all, Will be heading down to Seattle Area next month with visitors from HK. We'll be doing a lot of sightseeing so I would prefer to find a good place to eat with seafood options in Bellevue (...

Late Night Eating in Bellevue

by Rachael5000 8 years ago

I am doing a figure competition in Bellevue May 3rd. The night doesn't start until 7pm so I am guessing I won't be able to go get some grub until at least 10pm. Where is there to eat that is super ...

Best Oyako Donburi in Bellevue

by Jeffo405 5 years ago

Looking for great Oyako Donburi in Bellevue. Alternate question: best Japanese in Bellevue. Thanks!

Report on Facing East

by swannee 5 years ago

I as a New Yorker was curious to try Facing East in Bellevue since I am passing through and it had good reports. My reaction was mixed. Fun scene, typically boistrous with many Taiwanese accents....

Any Vietnamese delis in Bellevue?

babette feasts
by babette feasts 5 years ago

I have my favorites in the ID, but today I was hoping to find a similar array of pre-prepped summer rolls, bun, and sweet rice treats in Bellevue. Urbanspoon/zomato led me to Yeh Yeh's, and I enjoy...

H Mart coming to Bellevue?

by marcyfitz 6 years ago

I read something about this last summer and then haven't heard a thing. The hmart website doesn't even show any stores in Washington. Anyone have an update on this?

Raw bar and Dungeness crab eastside: Kirkland, Redmond, Bellevue, Woodinville

by Tom Hall 6 years ago

Where should I go for raw oysters? Happy hour value a plus. I want Dungeness crab also. I prefer a simple preparation or will take out and prepare myself. Coming from out of state. Thanks, Tom...

Seattle and Bellevue with Kids

by BobMack 6 years ago

We are spending a few days in Seattle with two adults and two kids (5 and 3). We have a good bunch of meals planned out based on our sightseeing but need advice for a couple. The 1st night we...

Early Sunday AM Breakfast-Bellevue/Seattle Airport Area

by Rachael5000 7 years ago

I will be in Bellevue for the Emerald Cup the weekend of April 25th. I have Saturday to explore Seattle for all the great culinary adventures it possesses, but on Sunday my flight leaves at 10:30AM...

Kaisho, Bellevue

by GreenYoshi 7 years ago

Ok, in my visits to Kaisho in Downtown Bellevue (where Boom Noodle used to be), everything I have had was extremely disappointing. I found it to be a confused mess of ideas where the "cleverness" o...

Shu Yi (Bellevue)

by equinoise 7 years ago

Anyone been to this new Sichuan place in Bellevue? Looks to have some promise based on Yelpers. http://www.yelp.com/biz/shu-yi-bellevue

Chef's Tasting Menu in Bellevue?

by soypower 7 years ago

I'd like to treat my parents to a nice tasting menu somewhere on the eastside, ideally in Bellevue. However, I'm willing to go anywhere from Renton to Kirkland. I'm not having much luck googling....

box lunches in Bellevue?

by MsMaryMc 7 years ago

Any recommendations for who does a better-than-average box lunch for an event in Bellevue? Delivery would be a nice plus but I can pick them up if needed. I haven't worked over here for very long...

Seattle or Bellevue SeaStar?

by PAO 7 years ago

I've been given a gift certificate that works at either. I've never been to either. I see they have different menus. Anyone been to both? Do you have a preference to one over the other and if so, why?

upscale Bellevue

by DPStan 7 years ago

have an important client in town Monday evening, staying at the Hyatt, thinking of either Pearl or Koral? need to be withing walking distance, and will probably be raining. Suggestions