This European City Has Quietly Become a Foodie Paradise

“London is nice, but don’t sleep on Brussels.” Some words of advice from a communications professor before I departed for a 10-day spring break vacation in early 2009. At the time, extreme beer consumption...

Christmas in Brussels

by omniphile 4 years ago

My partner and I will be spending late December in Belgium and in looking over relevant CH posts, most are fairly old. We're looking for good restaurants to eat that aren't "past their prime," as ...

Food, restaurants, local cuisine in Namur (Belgium)/Ardennes (France)?

by watermap 2 years ago

Group of cousins/partners renting a house in Province de Namur (Belgium) July 2019. Requesting locals/travelers' favorites/recommendations for restaurants, food, local cuisine, wineries, breweri...

Celebratory dinner at a destination restaurant

by veddeshpande 2 years ago

Hello fellow CHers, My better half and I will be celebrating our 10 year anniversary later on this year. What I wanted to do was to fly out to somewhere in Europe and have a dining experience at...

Ardennes/Wallonia, Belgium/France Help? Veggie-friendly

by amela892 4 years ago

Hello! My partner and I are spending a week in Southern Belgium/Northern France in September. We're staying in Dinant and Durbuy in Belgium and Givet in France, and hoping to visit other towns near...

Fantastic finds in Bruges

by christina_nyc 2 years ago

Just spent 2 nights in Bruges and loved the place... especially the food! I did my research beforehand and had only seen some dated posts here, so figured I would share the wealth! We were trying t...

Belgium bans Jewish kosher and Muslim halal slaughter

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 3 years ago

" . . . But slaughter by Muslim halal and Jewish kosher rules requires that an animal be in perfect health — which religious authorities say rules out stunning it first — and be killed with a singl...

Brussels for 1 Day - 2 meals and best chocolates

OC Mutt
by OC Mutt 4 years ago

Going to Brussels for a day in Nov. Will likely need to eat both lunch and dinner but the latest one can depart on the Eurostar is 7:50PM. So given those parameters what are the best options. Mo...

Need 1 Lunch and Dinner in Bruges

by fishermb 4 years ago

Will be spending a day in Bruges about 2 weeks from now. Prefer more casual, reasonably priced, seafood and vegetable-leaning restaurants, just want great, local food that we can't get here in t...

Fun Birthday Lunch Options

by JBG89 4 years ago

Hi folks! I'll be landing in for my SO's birthday and would love to have a birthday lunch/brunch on Thursday afternoon next month and would love to hear any recommendations. We are a group of...

Restaurants Brussels

by IPcook 5 years ago

looking for good cooking in brussels, prefer to not be served "tweezer food" ; suggestion for best moules and frites would be great and in addition a possible best michelin two or one star restaura...

Bruges Beer

by sned 4 years ago

I'll be in Bruges with my better half later this year. I'm a big fan of Belgian beers and would love input on brewery tours, best pubs, etc. Based on the little research I've done thus far, the bee...

Seeking Bruges dining recs

by sned 4 years ago

I'm hoping for some dining guidance for an upcoming 3-night trip to Bruges. I've perused the Bruges boards, but there aren't many recent threads - would love some fresh perspectives on the Bruges d...

Bruges, Ghent/Antwerp, Heuvelland, Ardennes, Luxembourg City and Brussels in End of Septemeber, 2016

by Kurtis 5 years ago

Greetings Belgium/Luxembourg Hounds! We are touring Belgium with a day in Luxembourg City. Not a lot of recent reports on CH, but was able to gather some intell so these have become a good star...

Hertog Jan, Den Dyver or Aneth? (BRUGES)

by nicolafrow 9 years ago

Hi there, We will be in Bruges for a few days in April, and are trying to decide on a special place for a 'date night'. It's a family vacation and one night Granny will babysit the two year old...

Brussels/Ghent picks

by alantz21 4 years ago

Hi all! I've noticed that the Belgian boards on Chowhound haven't gotten a ton of love recently. I'm going to Belgium (Brussels and Ghent) for a few days in March and I wanted to post what I've...

Getting to Paris From In De Wulf

by foodiebuddha 5 years ago

Hey folks, So we've got plans to grab dinner at In De Wulf in June and we've been exploring the best method to get from the restaurant to Paris. One option is to take a taxi to Bailleul and then t...

Lunch in Bruges

by jordanhamons 6 years ago

Can someone suggest a place for lunch in Bruges? I will be spending the day there sightseeing and would love a solid, casual recommendation for lunch. Also -- if there are any must-visit food...

Bruges Trip: Must-Visit Food Stops

by SDFoodieExtreme 6 years ago

Hi All My wife & I are stopping in Bruge for our honeymoon. Do you have suggestions on some restaurants that are must-visits? Thanks in advance!

Brussels or Bruges Food Tour

by jordanhamons 6 years ago

Can anyone recommend a food tour in Brussels or Bruges? I have been researching but have not been able to find anything with great reviews. Would appreciate any suggestions for tour companies or g...

Seeking restaurants near the Brussels Marriott

by hopegoode 6 years ago

We love fish and shellfish and all ethnic foods- looking forward to the moules. Need to stay close to hotel for dinner- walking distance is best. Would like to keep the tab under $50 per person, if...