Belgian Beer

This European City Has Quietly Become a Foodie Paradise

“London is nice, but don’t sleep on Brussels.” Some words of advice from a communications professor before I departed for a 10-day spring break vacation in early 2009. At the time, extreme beer consumption...

Food, restaurants, local cuisine in Namur (Belgium)/Ardennes (France)?

by watermap 2 years ago

Group of cousins/partners renting a house in Province de Namur (Belgium) July 2019. Requesting locals/travelers' favorites/recommendations for restaurants, food, local cuisine, wineries, breweri...

Pearly Wit

by MOREKASHA 3 years ago

I just "discovered" Pearly Wit by Springdale (actually a Jacks Abbey sub brand). It's replaced Allagash white as my fave Wit. So many people get this style totally wrong by their misuse of spices....

Bruges Beer

by sned 4 years ago

I'll be in Bruges with my better half later this year. I'm a big fan of Belgian beers and would love input on brewery tours, best pubs, etc. Based on the little research I've done thus far, the bee...

BEL Lowland Food & Drink | Bernal Heights - San Francisco

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 6 years ago

Last month I had a chance to check out BEL, the newish Belgian gastropub. Around 8pm the bar and lounge tables were filled with folks drinking, but few seated at the tables to dine. The man in chef...

Belgian beer for Carbonnade à la Flamande

by charlesbois 9 years ago

I've done a little hunting for this topic, but haven't really seen anything come up. Anyone have a favorite brown ale they use?

Belgian Trippel Blind (or Bland?) Tasting

by TombstoneShadow 8 years ago

Nov 1, 2013 So I have this Gulden Draak on tap the another night… it’s outasite... Review here http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/921520 I ordered 5 other beers, and one was out (Stone suede?) s...

Strong Belgian dark ale blind tasting

by TombstoneShadow 8 years ago

In these previous posts I reported on a growing fondness for dark Belgian strong ales: http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/922625 So I did a blind tasting of the following last night: Chimay ...

My local Belgian Beer Dinner

by Tripeler 8 years ago

I have a favorite Belgian beer bar here in Tokyo, and once a month they have their Belgian Beer Dinner. This month, on Nov. 13, the theme was "strong, heavy and full-flavored beers" and the selecti...

Belgian Beer Recs?

by shelbyeileen 12 years ago

My husband is a Belgian beer lover. His fav is Orval and in second place is Leffe Blonde. Does anyone have any recommendations for any other Belgian (or Dutch/French/German) beers that are somewhat...

Attending Belgian Beer Fest, what brews shouldn't I miss?

by ingramcol 12 years ago

Local bar in Baltimore has a Belgian Beer fest every year, and I'm in town for it this year. Here is their list of beers: http://www.maxs.com/belgianlist09.php I'm not too up on Belgian Brews...

What to eat with a Belgian sour?

by funklight 11 years ago

I'm doing a beer tasting in the next couple of weeks, and a local brewery gave me a bottle of their new sour (new meaning it was just released this month) to use. After a taste of it, i couldn't t...

What to pair with Belgian Trippel?

by juantanamera 12 years ago

I enjoy pairing beer and food, and I like trippels when the mood strikes, like Westmalle Trippel or La Fin du Monde, but I can't think of a food pairing that has ever really struck me as perfect wi...

Belgian Witbeir Brewing Tips

by phyrefly44 12 years ago

Boyfriend likes to brew beer with the kits you can get at MoreBeer! or MoreFlavor! etc... He's stuck with ales so far because he doesnt have any kind of specialty equipment aside from a large pot,...

Any Belgian Beers Better Than Chimay That Are Can Be Easily Found in Bars?

by hiddenboston 13 years ago

I've been on a Chimay kick of late, ordering it whenever I can find it in a bar or restaurant. But is there another Belgian beer I should try that folks consider better than Chimay, AND that isn't ...

Barbar belgian beer in Manhattan/Brooklyn??

by jaypeterbrandt 13 years ago

I know this is overly specific but I have been calling places for two days... It's called Barbar--brewed by Lefebvre brewery in Belgium--I have found a few places that USED to have it--does anyo...

Belgian "pale ales" tasting, NY Times

by kenito799 14 years ago

Asimov & Co. tasted a variety of great Belgian beers, the article is informative. He is a wine writer who also likes beer. http://www.nytimes.com/2007/08/22/dining/22wine.html?ex=1188705600&en=4a...

identifying a Belgian beer by its glass

by auberginegal 15 years ago

I was in Brugges last year at a bar that served 300 different types of beer. I lost track of all the amazing ones I had there, but as each belgian beer has its own glass, I think I could figure ou...

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