Beginner Cook


Learning to Cook in the Time of Covid-19

by masha 4 months ago

The purpose of this thread is to help and inspire any novice cooks or folks who do cook but would like to improve their skills or increase their repertoire of menus. Fire away with your questions ...

Advice on baking macaroni & meat (among other ingredients!)

by ARedLetter 9 months ago

Hi everyone! I've been an on & off aspiring cook for a little while now, mostly cooking things that my grandmother has shown me how to cook / has cooked for me in the past. I've recently started...

Super Simple Recipes for Broke College Kids

by Rishub 10 months ago

I just started my second year of college, and I am now living in an apartment without a meal plan. I can cook some basic foods like pasta, chicken breast, chili, and rice fairly well, and it works ...

Any Quick Recipes Anyone?

by sarah_b98 1 year ago

Hello everyone! I’m a broke college student looking for easy recipes that I can make in between classes while on a budget. As I’m sure you can tell, I’m a novice at cooking. But any advice or recip...

Quality cookware for beginner cook

by ido 2 years ago

I'm soon to be married, and I'd like to purchase new cookware, to replace my old cheap pots and pans. I don't cook a lot just yet, but I'd like to purchase something which I'd use for a small fami...

Is it okay that I always leave my oven rack in the middle?

by newbiefor1 2 years ago

I am single male living on my own for the first time The only things I really cook at home are Scrambled eggs (low heat in skillet) Chicken Breasts Pork Chops Frozen Pizzas and the Ocassional st...

What temperature do I cook these foods on?

by cookingnewbie1 2 years ago

Im 19 just moved out of my parents house and am a cooking newbie. What Temperature or heat settings do I cook the following things on? Chicken breasts in the oven? Scrambled eggs in a skille...

Only 10% of Americans Love Cooking

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 3 years ago

And 45% hate to cook. Interesting report in the Harvard Business Review on the decline of cooking at home. What do you think it takes to get the public interested in cooking for themselves again? ...

Are your kitchen misconceptions holding you back from a quick delicious dinner?

by fronk 3 years ago

I've shared some thoughts about three misconceptions that prevent individuals from getting into the kitchen - but I'd like to hear some of yours! We'll begin with some examples of common excuse...

Introduction and some questions

by mrshalf 3 years ago

Hello fellow cooking enthusiasts! I'm a stay at home mom who is homescshooling, teaching myself to cook/bake and read recipes carefully! I have a total of 7 in our home (two over 85) and do alot ...

Cookbook suggestions for a 15 year old girl

by ccotta 3 years ago

My 15 year old step-daughter has asked for a cookbook for Christmas. Her mother isn't much of a cook and she wants to learn to make basic meals and I'm sure she would like to do some baking also. A...

Confidence for beginner cooks

by cook032003 4 years ago

I am a novice cook but I lack a lot of confidence in the kitchen. I know I am going going to require a lot of practice because I did not grow up learning to cook . I just want to know if anyone st...

"What to Cook in Your 1st Apartment," by NYT

by masha 4 years ago

Not infrequently there are posts seeking advice as to recipes and cookbooks suited for those just embarking on home cooking. I thought that this article from today's NYT, linked to recipes on thei...

Simple Cookbook for Single Man

by topher83187 4 years ago

I'm a single man looking to expand my cooking horizons, I enjoy cooking but I don't not have a large budget to cook with. I would love to find a simple health conscious cook book with recipes des...

Cooking Catastrophes

by munchkin1 4 years ago

I am sure this has been done before, but it is fun (and comforting) to hear new stories. A FEW of mine: pumpkin pie with no sugar; green bean casserole with generous sprinkling of paprika for color...

What basic cooking skills should a beginner know?

by kdlalib 7 years ago

I'm a beginner cook. I can make pasta, any egg-based dish, and quiche. Maybe a few more dishes, but my cooking knowledge is very limited. I'm trying to become a more advanced cook, so I no longer f...

Cookbook for a Teenager

by DonShirer 4 years ago

My wife made sure our three boys had at least the rudiments of cooking before they left for college, but in one case that hasn't percolated through to the next generation. One grandson is just lea...

Bridal shower cookbook for young bride recommendations

by BethNH 4 years ago

My neighbor's 21 year old daughter is getting married. She has never lived on her own and has limited cooking experience. She grew up on basic home cooking. Her mother is a good but not adventur...

Becoming a better cook

by bluehill 4 years ago

I'm fortunate to have the next few weeks off and have thought about improving my cooking skills. I can "cook" in the sense that I can follow recipes, but my skills are not great and have mostly lea...