Beer Pairings

These Red, White, and Blue Beers Are Essential Fourth of July Drinking

The Fourth of July is all about the red, white, and blue and beer should be no exception. Not only do red ales, white beers, and blue(berry) sours complement that sleeveless American flag tee you can...

Good seasonal brews at Broken Bow, Tuckahoe...

by gutreactions 9 days ago

Opened 7 years ago, Broken Bow Brewery on Marbledale Road in Tuckahoe has been making progress across Westchester County. We visited recently to take in some Sunday afternoon sports and current bre...

Beer tour in Prague

by SueFH 2 months ago

I’m looking for a beer tour in Prague, there’s a ton listed online but would prefer personal recommendation (or warnings on to-avoid). Thanks!

Belgian Beer Advice

by Philly Ray 7 months ago

My daughter’s school held a fundraiser auction and I won a Belgian basket that contained a 25 oz bottle each of... Chimay Premiere Westmalle Tripel Westmalle Dubbel Tripel Karmeliet I’m lo...

Cascadia Creamery organic raw milk cheeses from Washington

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 1 year ago

After a little lunch at Coquine https://www.chowhound.com/post/coquine-mount-tabor-se-portland-1075663, we made a quick stop at the two-bedroom AirBnB tiny house that would be our home base for the...

Nute’s Noodle Nights | Bernal Heights – San Francisco

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 3 years ago

Posting this to see if anyone else might have tried the fare at Nute’s Noodle Nights more recently. We gave it a whirl in November 2014 when it was fairly new. Gyoza were pretty good with a...

Beer ‘better for food pairing’ than wine

by zin1953 4 years ago

'Beer writer and champion sommelier Jane Peyton has also encouraged those wishing to indulge in ale appreciation should throw away their lager glasses and instead embrace Champagne flutes and brand...

Seriously awesome food /drink pairings

by FoodExpression 4 years ago

What are some other surprisingly amOng food /beverage pairings. I'm posting this because I just discovered how amazing whiskey (Johnny walker gold) and Peanut butter pretzels (peanut butter) go t...

Beer pairing suggestions for a Low Country boil

by CindyJ 4 years ago

Apologies in advance for posting this request three times -- once each on the Beer, Wine and Spirits boards. I'll be preparing a Low Country boil for the Fourth, also called Frogmore Stew. It's...

What foods go with beer?

by thymetobake 6 years ago

I've always hated beer so I've never thought about it with food. But today I tried Schiner Blonde and loved it. What do you like to eat with beer. Would love some ideas from simple to fancy an...

Lunch w/ Beer Pairing?

by strikeoutswinging 5 years ago

Hey all - have a group of guys coming into the city next weekend and I'd like to set up a lunch with beer pairings. No cuisine preference - price point is flexible too. If nothing else, maybe a B...

Surprising Beer Pairings

by Josh 6 years ago

Just tried a fresh nectarine with Pliny the Elder. Worked surprisingly well. Any other unusual pairings y'all have run into?

Beer Pairings with Easter Dinner

by Slightly Grey 6 years ago

Planning on the traditional ham dinner for Easter - thinking of a Belgian with dinner although part of me says Hefeweizen, and Darkness with dessert. Thoughts?

Cheese and Beer Pairings

by jpc8015 7 years ago

Some of my favorite pairings are sharp Cheddar and a roasty stout, and an IPA with Gruyere. What are your favorites?

Beer Pairing with Reuben Sandwiches?

Morton the Mousse
by Morton the Mousse 11 years ago

Mrs. Mousse will be making corned beef reubens for St. Paddy's day this year. There are so many strong flavors, I'm at a loss for beer pairing. Part of me thinks Pilsner's acid would cut into the ...

Craft Beer Pairing Chart

by MGZ 8 years ago

An interesting shot at a comprehensive guide from the folks at CraftBeer.com in a downloadable PDF file. There are some "to be expected" suggestions, as well as a few I don't hear very often. h...

Beer Pairing Dinner for Birthday

by krystle920 8 years ago

It's my fiance's birthday on Sat, July 23rd, and I'm looking for a place either in Manhattan or Brooklyn that is serving a beer pairing dinner. I know restaurants usually have this every now and th...

Tapped: A Food & Beer Pairing for Autism

by teemo 8 years ago

So Free the Hops and the Alabama Autism Society are putting on an event pairing food and beer. For anyone who went to Brews for Clues last year, it sounds just like that event but will be at Ted's...

Need beer pairing suggestions for a sausage tasting

by blackbookali 9 years ago

Hey guys, The menu isnt rock solid but Ill know ill be serving Brawtwurst, Merguez, Italian, a "French Garlic" sausage, Spanish, Argentinian, Guatamalan, and Salvadorean Chorizo and probably a c...

Ana Mandara Restaurant... Food/Beer Pairing

by Faraway11 10 years ago

My husband wants to go to a beer and food dinner next Sunday night at Ana Mandara restaurant in San Francisco. Sierra Nevada and Dogfish Head are having a pairing for their new beer, Life & Lim...