Beef Tongue

If You Like Brisket, It's Time to Try This Smoked Pastrami Beef Tongue

If you, like our senior video producer Guillermo Riveros, have a love for offal that knows no bounds, follow along as he learns to make pastrami tongue from chef Jeremy Salamon of The Eddy (sadly, now...

Tacos El Grullense #3 | South Pearl & East Alisal - Salinas

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 10 months ago

Tacos El Grullense #3, a new truck from Taqueria El Grullense, launched on March 17. I noticed it passing by the neighborhood a couple days later and stopped to check it out. I actually ate here tw...

Enough of Fried Chicken Sandwiches... here's something totally different!

Charles Yu
by Charles Yu 1 year ago

Ever since Popeye's introduced its 'Spicy Buttermilk Crispy Fried Chicken Sandwich' a couple of weeks ago. Food blogs like ourselves have been posting exchanges about how this novelty match-up with...

Delis in the Columbia, MD area that have tongue?

by AlecEllie12 3 years ago

Are there any deli's in the Columbia MD area that have tougue?

Beef Tongue (expensive now)

by seefoo 3 years ago

i thought about making some lengua tacos. went to my favorite butcher and he told me $12..i said, "i'll take it". well, he meant $12/lb. it was a huge hunk so the price had me backpedaling in sh...

Beef Tongue

by Allenkii 4 years ago

Hi all, i have lots of beef tongues in my freezer. Normally, i boil them in pressure cooker with aromatics and then eat as sandwich meat (hot or cold) and in tacos. its my 20 months old baby favori...

Beef tongue: sous vide or pressure cook?

by y528s 6 years ago

I've been on a sous vide kick recently and I want to make beef tongue this weekend. Ice read that I can sous vide the tongue at 150ish for 24-48 hours. I've also read that this is a bad way to go...

Beef Tongue - Where to buy it in Brooklyn, Queens or Manhattan?

by michlusa 6 years ago

Everyone is craving Grandma Aviva's traditional sweet and sour tongue, but every year it gets harder to find. I know that it's out there - anybody know where to source it in Manhattan, Brooklyn or...

Langue de boeuf

by kavorkuhh 6 years ago

I am looking to buy a high quality fresh cow tongue in Los Angeles to make a langue de boeuf for my family. Grass-fed and hormone/antibiotic free would be preferred. I'm really worried about gettin...

Can You Get A Tongue Sandwich In the Twin Cities??

by MarkG 7 years ago

Dont want to schlep to Manhattan. And I have a craving. Even called the company that is most famous for tongue-- Freireich in North Carolina-- but the cost including fed ex overnight for an unslice...

Tongue, in all its variations...

by Bashful3 6 years ago

Smoked tongue was commonplace in my childhood, but other than a rare tongue sandwhich in a place like the lunch place right near Bryn Mawr Bank on Bryn Mawr Ave, I have not found a place for smok...

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