Beef Shoulder


Cross Rib/Shoulder Roast...vs....Chuck Roast/Blade Roast Challenge , Roasted Low and Slow @ 210* With Pictures

by fourunder 9 years ago

This past week, the supermarket I frequent most had a sale on beef. Whenever this happens, I always pick up a few Chuck Roasts to have on hand….but this time, I also picked up a Shoulder Roast as ...

Shoulder London Broil Boneless...Jaccard Meat Tenderized...Low Temperature Oven Roasted With Reverse Sear...WOW...Very Tender...With Pictures.

by fourunder 8 years ago

A recent thread, started by another poster, titled *eye of round, top round, bottom round--differences?* got me to think why anyone purchases, or even likes some Round Cuts, especially Bottom Round...

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