Beaumont/Port Arthur

by tavmark 7 years ago

I will be in Beaumont/Port Arthur at the beginning of November for work. Checked out some of the old threads but it seems many of those places are closed and/or the links no longer work. From Cal...

Where do 'hounds go in Beaumont?

by zorra 11 years ago

Surely there must be some neat little local places, and a good place where locals like to go for special occasions. I'm going to need both soon. Please help me out, 'hounds!

Need lunch suggestion in Beaumont for tomorrow. Please help!

by topeater 9 years ago

Hi Hounders, Will be in Beaumont tomorrow during lunch & need some suggestions. I've checked the board & found a few suggestions, but they are 1-3 years old. Was wondering if something new has ...

Found: Good Indian Fare in Beaumont @ Spice 6

by mommyrock 11 years ago

My husband and I just moved from a NYC suburb to a suburb of Beaumont. Needless to say, we're going through a bit of culinary shock. (We're originally from Texas, but got quite spoiled in the nor...

Found: Good Thai Fare in Beaumont @ Chaba Thai

by mommyrock 11 years ago

So this is my second post on finding good ethnic food in what might otherwise seem to be the culinary wasteland of Beaumont, Texas. OK, really, it isn't a wasteland. There's amazing southern, b...

Good Eats in Beaumont, TX

by cmroberts72 12 years ago

I got this clue from another person in Chowhound, but it wasn't specifically for Beaumont (it was for southeast TX). Go to Richard's, 1085 Magnolia St. This is home cooked, soul food, cajun m...

Any good restaurants in Beaumont/Port Arthur?

by Big Bad Voodoo Lou 14 years ago

Howdy all! I'm a regular poster on Chowhound's Florida forum, but I'm checking in with you Texans to see if there are any good places to eat in Beaumont or Port Arthur. My girlfriend and her fa...

Seattle Hound Seeking Help for Beaumont@Xmas

by Fern 16 years ago

Hey Texas Hounds, My husband is deployed to Beaumont for some Katrina related work over Christmas. Any suggestions for what he can do for a meal on that day?

Austin Hound Seeks Foodie Solace in Beaumont

by MichelleC 16 years ago

I'm flying solo in Beaumont tonight. Can anybody recommend some worthy chow in the area? I'm not a huge barbecue fan, but pretty much anything else would be great, so long as it's good. Thanks!

Willy Ray's in Beaumont

by Donnie C 16 years ago

One national writer said their smoked pork roast was the bomb. Anyone have any experience at this "southern" Texas BBQ joint?

Beaumont recs

by Ken 16 years ago

Will be in Beaumont Tomorrow,3/4/05, and need a place for lunch there or in Neiderland(sp). I have never found anywhere worthwhile to eat there. Help and quickly please.

Beaumont BBQ

by Rodan 17 years ago

Chowhounds - I'm looking for the best, real-deal (not touristy) BBQ in Beaumont, that will be open on this Wednesday evening. Where's the not-to-miss place to go? Thanks!

Going to Beaumont and need to eat

by ken 18 years ago

Any suggestions for decent non chain restaurants for lunch in Beaumont. I haven't found any up till now and I have to work there several days a month.

Seeking Queso Flameado in Houston/Beaumont

by smatterchu 19 years ago

Hi y'all, I spend most of my time in the South and Florida sections, but I'm hoping for some help with this. We are headed to Houston for a week, and I'd love to have some local food. I have c...

Where eat near Beaumont

by Tex Nosh 20 years ago

Any recommendations in Beaumont? Or near the highway between Houston and Beaumont? Thanks

SEAFOOD in Beaumont and/or Port Arthur

by Kent 20 years ago

I'll be in Beaumont on business for a few days next month;I would like some reccomendations other than Don's, Pappadeaux, or Sartin's. These are good, but are there any lesser known gems I haven't ...

Seafood in Beaumont/Port Arthur

by Kent 20 years ago

I'll be in Beaumont at the end of July. Will be looking for SHELLFISH for supper! Can anyone help point me to a restaurant(s) of gourmet caliber? Thank you!

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