The Ultimate Guide to Keeping a Pantry Like a Pro

Keeping a kitchen pantry is a smart thing to do even in non-quarantine times, but what exactly does that mean? Even if you don't have a dedicated, stand-alone pantry space, setting aside some cabinet...

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Healthy pesto ideas?

by glify 4 years ago

I've been looking for a good sauce to put over my beans (mostly black and kidney, sometimes the other ones as well). Pesto has come on my radar since I've discovered that you can substitute other l...

Bean expiration dates

by FelafelBoy 12 years ago

After browsing through previous threads on "expiration", and not finding a thread on this subject, I have started (maybe restarted) one. I recently read two different opinions on cooking beans -...

Frozen beans on the market?

by BamiaWruz 11 years ago

Has anyone seen frozen beans on the market, like kidney beans, navy, garbanzo, we're not talking fresh but rather "Dry legumes" that have been cooked and sold frozen instead of canned. A friend ...

Storing cooked beans (kidney in particular)

by NYChristopher 12 years ago

I recently (maybe one week ago) cooked chick peas, kidney beans and cannellini beans. I stuck them in a storage container and covered with water ... that's it. The cannellini beans and chick pe...

Mail Order butter beans, pink-eyes, and other southern produce

by scrappytea 13 years ago

I was not sure where to post this, home cooking seemed to be the best bet...I am looking to order speckled butter beans, crowder peas, and other southern staples and am not sure where to look. In ...

looking for Taco Bueno bean recipe clone

by Nata Tariko 9 years ago

Have you been to Taco Bueno in the Woodlands? My friend thinks they make the best beans. I would love to find a recipe that tastes just like them so I can make beans at home. ----- Taco...

Which beans/lentils are the most naturally sweet and salty? Also how to infuse flavor into beans without extra salt/sugar

by acookingcamper 4 years ago

i'm trying to create some dishes where lentils or beans are the main staple BUT I do not like to use added sugar or salt at all. with that in mind, i happen to notice asian dishes use a lot of ...

Why don't dry beans come out like canned beans

by chewy_bakah 10 years ago

Please help a novice cooker here. I've followed the soak the beans overnight, cook them, leave in for an hour but the beans are not as soft as canned beans? What the heck am i doing wrong? Do dif...

Do dried beans get too old to use?

by topeater 6 years ago

I'm making soup with great northern beans. I had an opened bag in my pantry, so I used it. There was a stamp that said best to use by a certain date, but I couldn't read the year. I've brought ...

Help cooking dried beans in a crockpot

by lajollafoodie 4 years ago

A lot of posts mention that a crockpot is good for cooking dried beans. My stovetop burners get too hot for the gentle simmer that is recommended even with a flame tamer or heat diffuser. Anyone ...

ISO Heirloom Dried Beans or Rancho Gordo Beans in Toronto

by To Market To Market 10 years ago

Hello, I was wondering if anyone has seen the delicious looking Rancho Gordo heirloom dried beans anywhere in Toronto? I am kicking myself for not buying some when I was last in the USA! If...

Cassoulet recipe from NYTIMES

by Monica 4 years ago

Thanks to all the local ethnic markets, I can get all the ingredients needed for this cassoulet recipe from NY Times. Anyone attempted to make this version or any other versions of cassoulet? Is ...

"Healthiest" Grains, Legumes?

by opinionatedchef 4 years ago

I do understand that our culture is fixated on superlatives, but I am trying to better understand nutritional values of many foods so I may eat more wisely. In this spirit, I am asking the Desert I...

Freezing beans - cooked or just pre-soaked?

by thursday 10 years ago

If I freeze beans when they've only been pre-soaked, or will they get mushy? Would it be better to cook them first as well? I was hoping to keep them just ready to go for recipes, but I've never ...

Why do my pinto beans taste sweet?

by PhotoMike 4 years ago

I wanted to make low fat refried beans from dry pinto beans and I was looking to mimic/improve upon canned refried beans. My beans tasted good but they ended up tasting pretty sweet and I can't fig...

rancho gordo favorites?

by augustiner 12 years ago

i'm teaching myself how to cook beans, starting with a simple diana kennedy method for mexican pot beans in their own broth. made a batch last night with rancho gordo's ojo de cabra, or goat's eye ...

Help! My beans don't cook evenly.

by barryg 10 years ago

Hi all. I have been buying dry beans over canned ones for a while now, but I am still having problems cooking them. Almost always, half the beans will be done (or overdone, as in bursting) while ...

cooking dried beans?

by mikulj9 4 years ago

I soak the beans overnight but they still dont cook through after two+ hours with the rest of the chili recipe. What effects whether they cook thru?

Saving a dry black bean burger #kitchenfail

by masalamacsandmusic 4 years ago

Hello All, I have many, many tasty kitchen wins, but occasionally fail. Today, I failed at black bean burgers. I am wondering if there is a way to save them. I processed them in the same style a...

How do you pick through your beans?

MplsM ary
by MplsM ary 4 years ago

After reading this thread http://www.chowhound.com/post/soak-beans-soak-1026276 on soaking or not soaking beans, I was going to make a pot of not-soaked, oven-baked beans before I got greedy and ma...