How Do Vegans and Vegetarians Get Their Protein?

My vegan friend is tired of getting the third-degree about not eating meat. If she had a seed for every time she gets asked the question “How do you get your protein?,” she’d be able to plant her own...

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Can Dried Beans Go Bad?

by pixelrn 11 years ago

I found a couple of bags of dried beans in my kitchen and they are past the expiration date. I always thought that dried beans last a very long time if kept dry. Do you think it's safe to use them?

Beans for taco bar

by kaysheh 1 year ago

I'm in charge of bringing beans for a taco bar for 20 adults. I'm planning on buying 2 pounds of dry pinto beans and cooking them from scratch. Will this be enough? How do I spruce it up? Just sal...

Soaking beans overnight (Originally posted on General Topics)

by marcia 14 years ago

Recipes for beans always tell me to soak beans overnight. Am I seriously supposed to put the beans in the water at midnight, before I go to bed and leave them there until I'm ready to cook dinner t...

Dried beans in chili- just soak or cook before adding?

by jessicheese 6 years ago

I usually use canned beans in my chili but want to try dried. I know that I should soak them overnight, but do I need to cook before adding or do they cook in the chili?

Can I season beans after cooking and freezing them?

by csabos 2 years ago

Hi. I cooked a lb of pinto beans with ham hock, salt and pepper a few weeks ago. They were a little bland, but I froze half. Now I want to thaw those beans and add pinto seasoning. Is it too late t...

What can I do with chickpeas that never softened?

by vjtaylor 2 years ago

I have a pot of chickpeas that never softened. I don't want to put them into the recipe I was planning, but I'm wondering if there's another use for them. I was thinking of maybe pulsing them in th...

Looking for frozen pole beans (flat beans, romano beans)

by alkapal 2 years ago

I used to buy the PictSweet brand of frozen cut Italian Pole Green Beans at Harris Teeter, but they stopped carrying them. Have you seen them in any grocery store in Arlington or close-in Northe...

What red beans to use with Red Beans and Rice?

by RGC1982 10 years ago

The current thread on what kind of rice to use with gumbo got me thinking about red beans and rice. While most recipes call for red kidney beans, I have always reached for the bag of dried "Small...

Refried Beans Using Indian Beans?

by zackly 2 years ago

I'm going to a Patel Brothers Indian supermarket today. Being that today is Cinco de Mayo, I'm thinking of making refried beans. I generally use dried pinto beans for this preparation. A quick sear...

Bean cramps

by Kathy Thompson 11 years ago

My husband and one of my friends both have a very difficult time with dried beans. It isn't just the flatulence issue, which can be a bit unpleasant, but both of them have painful stomach cramps w...

Conch Peas--what do I do with them?

by Coyote 16 years ago

Have been presented with some conch peas. They are shelled, pale green, kind of firm. Googled recipes and what turned up was suggestions for dishes using rice, peas and conch, but I did not find ...

bean broth, is there a use for this?

by pagesinthesun 6 years ago

The recipe I'm making tonight called to drain my cooked (dried) beans before adding to the recipe. (MH's pasta e fagioli for COTM) Is there a use for this lovely thickened bean broth?

Where to get dried cannellini beans in San Francisco?

by Crabpaws 2 years ago

Where can I find real dried cannellini beans? (Not necessarily grown in Italy, but the real thing, not white Northern beans.) Would prefer to buy from a bulk bin, but packaged okay, too.

Cattle drives and beans

by camper 2 years ago

My grandfather drove cattle from Ft Stockton TX up to New Mexico somewhere and his stories about food were very educational. Being from the Missouri Ozarks biscuits and beans were standard fare for...

Refried Black Beans Error

by inugirl 2 years ago

I'm made homemade refried black beans for the first time and it tasted super good, my only problem is that when I smashed them and had let them rest a bit before I tried it and it tasted like pure ...

Prudhomme Red Beans -- too much water?

by Karen_Schaffer 11 years ago

I'm making Paul Prudhomme's Red Beans & Rice from the Louisiana Kitchen cookbook, and he calls for what seems like an insane amount of water. It's 10 cups of water to make the initial broth, and th...

What happens if you freeze cooked beans?

by redthong 11 years ago

We're trying to eat more of them these days, and since I'm having surgery in a few weeks, I want to spend time this weekend stocking the freezer. What happens to the texture and/or taste of black ...

Will the beans in my chili EVER soften??

by RosemaryHoney 10 years ago

Yesterday, my husband made chili while I was out. Unfortunately, he added the beans (pinto and small red) before they were thoroughly softened (he'd brought the dried beans to a boil, then let the...

Pork Ribs & Beans, Slow Cooker

by zackly 2 years ago

With barbecue becoming a phenomena in the USA nowadays, many people don't think of cooking ribs any other way than smoked, low and slow. My supermarket had St Louis cut spare ribs on sale ($2.99#) ...

Enriquetas Miami

by ddawnzer 2 years ago

The place is fabulous and has the best rice and beans I've ever had....I asked the owner for the recipe and he laughed and laughed ! I'd love to have an idea of what all is in the recipe. Any thoug...