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George Forman Jumbo Grill for $5 at Amazon!

by MzMaggie 13 years ago

If you go to Amazon and click on the penguin, you can vote to get the GF jumbo grill for $5. If it gets the most votes, you will be able to buy it for $5. If not, they will still give a huge disc...

Which cast iron grill

by Produce Addict 13 years ago

I want to get a cast iron grill but I notice there are two types, one with sides, one without http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/tg/detail/-/B0001DJVGA/ref=ord_cart_shr/103-7603809-9177430?%5Fenc...

George Foreman Grills

by hab 18 years ago

Can anyone share some thoughts with me about George Foreman grills? The company had a booth at the recent US Open tennis championships and according to the sales people they claims the grills are ...

Outdoor grills and tools?

by lillotis 13 years ago

Miving to our fist home and I really want to get husband a really nice outdoor grill? Any tips of recommendations? Also, want to get him nice set of outdoor grill utensils- was looking at sets at...

Settled on a 50 gallon BBQ smoker. Now which one?

by Westy 13 years ago

Hello - I've decided to go the "simple is best" route in getting a smoker. The 55 gallon drum types look easy enough to use, and large enough to cook turkeys/brisket, etc.. Now my only question...

Substitutes or replacements for cast iron grill?

by EclecticEater 13 years ago

Cast iron grill for use with charcoal or gas grills? Lodge Cast Iron has a Logic Barbecue Grill Grat, Part#: LBBG3, for $39.00. It is cast iron, with slots in it, to be placed over a charcoal or g...

Cast iron grill for use with charcoal or gas grills?

by EclecticEater 13 years ago

Lodge Cast Iron has a Logic Barbecue Grill Grat, Part#: LBBG3, for $39.00. It is cast iron, with slots in it, to be placed over a charcoal or gas grill, and it can be used for grilling fish or mea...

Rotisserie for Weber Silver B Grill

by EclecticEater 14 years ago

I have had my Weber for over a year, use it a lot. Recently bought an E-Z Que basket rotisserie for it and have been making cornish game hens for eight to ten people using it. Gotten raves about ...

Deals on gas grills

by AmblerGirl 14 years ago

I'm starting to realize that I'll need to buy a new gas grill within the next year. What is the best time of year to find some good deals? Are there any stores or websites that offer the best dis...

Zojirushi Indoor Grill - Any Opinions?

by monkuboy 14 years ago

I've been thinking about purchasing their indoor grill. I was wondering if anyone had any experience with these, or any sort of input/opinions? Thanks!

Cleaning gas grill

by mrsmegawatt 14 years ago

I saw an ad on tv for Pam where this guy was spraying the rack on his gas grill. It was as silver and clean as can be. I grilled some wonderful flank steak today and realized that mine was charred...

BBQ Smoker Alert!

by amoncada 14 years ago

Hello fellow barbacue enthusiasts. I need to buy a decent smoker fast. I don't want a starter one or a $20,000 smoker. Found out that I'm gluten intolerant (otherwise known as Celiac disease-can...

Response to BBQ Smoker Alert!

by amoncada 14 years ago

Goodbye big honkin Weber Gas Grill with the dedicated gas line and hello Big Green Egg! Well actually, I grilled on two Weber charcoal grills as well. Yep, after years of switching off between th...

Outdoor grills... charcoal vs. gas?

by JessicaSophia 14 years ago

(I hope there hasn't already been a thread on this topic... I did a cursory search and didn't find one!) My husband and I are on the market for our first grill (it's the first time we've actuall...

Where to buy a smaller grid to put on top of bbq grill?

by annb 14 years ago

the grid thing on mine is too big (things fall through) and i want to just place another metal thingy on top...what is it called and where to purchase? like home depot or walmart, etc.? preferrably...

Caring for cast iron grill [moved from Home Cooking]

by Frolic 14 years ago

After years of using a Weber kettle grill, I just upgraded to a Char Griller. It looks like a big improvement (adjustable coals, built in thermometer, optional smoke box, and cast iron grates). ...

Help with purchasing Grill

by Problem Child 14 years ago

I am planning to buy a grill, but am looking for the convenience of gas and the flavors of charcoal. Is there any good grill under $200 that will do that? I would like to be able to place charcoa...

Indoor Grill Question

by Larry 14 years ago

Can anyone tell me if I can use one of those indoor grills that span 2 burners on a glasstop stove? Thank you!

Stove-top grill accessory?

by Dordogne 14 years ago

Joanne Weir uses a clever-looking stove-top accessory on her Cooking in the City show. It's placed atop gas burners, has a grate-like construction that both permits the flames to touch the food an...

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