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Lid On, Lid Off: When Should You Close Your Grill When Cooking?

Grill lid on or grill lid off? You want a simple answer to the question, When should you use the lid on your grill? But it's not an open-and-shut case. When cooking on an outdoor grill, the decision...

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Gas Grill 42,000 BTUs vs 60,000 BTUs?

by ZenFoodist 13 years ago

Just bought the Weber Genesis with side burner a few days ago after reading many glowing reveiws here and elsewhere and noticed today in an ad that Ducane offers a bbq for the same price with 60,00...

Fuego Gas Grill?????

by BillyBob 13 years ago

Yeah, I know its ridiculously expensive but it looks kinda cool and purports to use three different types of fuel (charcoal, gas or infra-red). Anybody have any experience out there?

first weber kettle charcoal grill

by hitachino 13 years ago

and i already have to take it back to the store??!! the lid doesn't fit properly. WTF??? massively disappointing because i'd researched and researched and gone back and forth before finally dec...

tip for saving $$ on grill accessories

by hitachino 13 years ago

shop at a marshall's!! (or TJ maxx or ross) if you have any of those stores near you. they always have things like grill brushes, tongs, baskets for a lot less than dept stores. marshalls has...

Grilling season is here!

by Monica 13 years ago

I think I can use a good grilling wire pan/basket to grill whole fish on my outdoor grill...and I want to grill at least 3 at once. Any recommendation? Where do I buy them?

Large scale cleaning of a stainless steel grill?

by xnyorkr 13 years ago

Hi. I searched on the board and found that most people recommend Barkeeper's Friend to clean stainless steel. I have a gorgeous new stainless steel outdoor grill, and after its first use it got c...

New House new grill

by FAL 13 years ago

I am looking at the new Weber Genesis grill and the Ducane grill. I also have a Natural gas connection. I had a charcoal grill for years ( new house new grill) .I am aslo going to by a sma...

Indoor grill recs

by soula12 13 years ago

I'm debating between a Cuisinart grill or Hamilton Beach grill/sandwhich press. Any recommendations? Both look decent in terms of features and price.

Thinking of getting a new outdoor grill...

by coll 13 years ago

...but unfortunately, I'm not rolling in dough these days. I see one for sale at BJs, $299, stainless steel, not that I care (that much), but what interested me is that it says 60,000 BTUs which ...

Outdoor Grill Help

by dmatt 13 years ago

We are in the beginning stages of designing an outdoor kitchen and was wondering if anyone had found a built-in gas grill they love. We want our grill to be 36 inches, fueled with natural gas and c...

About to buy a gas grill,any suggestions,any to avoid?

by drobbia 13 years ago

With daylight savings coming tonite,my thoughts turn to a new grill(old one lost in move- prefer gas and usually cook for 4 adults -- any good brand you can reccomend? Any to avoid? Obviously want ...

Weber Charcoal Grill Recommendations

by JCap 13 years ago

Spring seems like it might just be here to last on the east coast, and that means it's time to grill! I want to buy a charcoal grill, and am leaning toward the Weber kettle. A few questions: -...

Best small patio grill?

by mliew 13 years ago

I live in an apartment and currently have a Char-Broil Patio Caddie grill: http://www.charbroil.com/consumerwebhome/gaspatiocaddie.aspx While I like the size a lot, considering that I use it on my...

lava stones on BBQ grills?

by mymymichl 13 years ago

I got a new BBQ grill last summer, but it did not come with ceramic or lava stones. The rep who answered the phone at the mfr said, "Stones are not needed in our grills", but they usually lie, so I...

looking for gas grill recs?

by cheryl_h 13 years ago

We're shopping for a new gas grill to replace our trusty old one which is falling apart. I've read through the threads on this subject, checked online reviews, Consumer Reports and Cooks Illustra...

Coal or gas for the outdoor grill

by Bill L 13 years ago

I have long been a propoent of using charcoal or woods for grilling/smoking meats on the outdoor grill, and take great pride in my ability to work a charcoal/wood fire. However, the allure of a sim...

for Professor Salt: Your WSM Experience

by adamclyde 15 years ago

Hey there prof. This is in response to your post on the Not about Food Board ([BROKEN LINK REMOVED]), where you talked about your first experience with your Weber Smokey Mountain... I was respondin...

Opinions of Good Eats BBQ Grill...

by Dommy 14 years ago

I've decided to get my SO a bigger grill for our anniversary and when I told him, he proclaimed he wanted Alton's (he's a Good Eats nut!) Well, we actually found it... http://www.bbqgalore...

Need a George Foreman Grill in Lieu of Every Other Appliance

Jim Leff
by Jim Leff 13 years ago

Due to a series of unlikely circumstances, I'm living in a 4th floor walk-up crashpad among drug dealers with no lock on the front door, no telephone service, and no gas for the appliances. Also, a...

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