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Opinions on the Char-Griller Akorn steel kamado-style grill?

by jzerocsk 5 years ago

Just spotted one of these in a local big box hardware store. A metal-wall Steel Keg/Kamado-style grill almost as big...


DennyMcLain commented 29 days ago

Condo making us move to electric grills

by Amandarama 4 months ago

Our condo association has a new property manager who is actually beginning to enforce the bylaws. Sadly, we must giv...


9lives commented 4 months ago

Weber Grills -- Has Quality Declined?

by valerie 10 years ago

So as I mentioned before, we recently moved into a house and we're ready to buy a gas grill. All excited, we went ou...


rothameltn commented 4 months ago

Cast iron pan as substitute for paella pan, on the Barbeque?

by sarosenthall 4 months ago

Want to try grilled paella on the barbecue soon. I don't have a paella pan. Do you think a cast iron skillet would ...

KarenDW commented 4 months ago

Plancha/teppanyaki/flat top grills

by mikie 1 year ago

I was finally able to use the new Demeyere plancha/teppanyaki, what an experience. I had it over two of the three fr...


mobiledynamics commented 5 months ago

Do you use a side burner with your grill?

by Cheesy Oysters 10 years ago

About to get a new Weber and I've gone back and forth on a side burner. First I thought it was a silly idea, then so...


mjcarrabine commented 5 months ago

Chicago Area Propane Refill

by tgh48 6 months ago

Hi - I live on the North side Chicago and I want to refill my grill's propane tank. (not exchange it for a tank at a ...


GourmetWednesday commented 5 months ago

Big Green Egg - Is it worth it/cheaper versions?

by carophil11 8 months ago

My boyfriend has been drooling over kamado-style grills for years. His birthday is in July, and I want to go in on on...

justbeingpolite commented 6 months ago

Charcoal vs using the oven

by g48dd 6 months ago

Its summer turning the oven on means pushing the AC, which consumes electricity. Let's say I want to do a roast at 32...


acgold7 commented 6 months ago

Fire Code bans use of barbecues on decks of apts. and condos - HELP

by RWCFoodie 8 years ago

So I'm not sure if this is the appropriate board for this but I'm desperate and need your help and suggestions... Mo...


ElizabethW67 commented 6 months ago

Weber Genesis LP 56510 Conversion

by bobtris 8 months ago

I am seeking information on how I can convert my Weber Genesis LP 56510 to natural Gas.


acgold7 commented 8 months ago

Big Green Egg great, but not the only!

by chefdaddyo 1 year ago

Got a large BGE a couple of months ago. Three weekends in a row we had excellent ribs. We used to pre cook ribs in ...

rasputina commented 9 months ago

Lodge Outpost Hibachi Grill?

by Phylloxera 15 years ago

I was flipping through the latest Sur La Table catalogue before throwing it out and I saw that with their full line o...

kaleokahu commented 10 months ago

Gas Grilling on my Small Grill - how to avoid burning?

by corpkid 10 months ago

I have a small portable grill (Weber Q 1200). I love cooking on it and for the most part everything comes out great....


acgold7 commented 10 months ago

Is my oven pizza stone safe to use on an outdoor grill?

by KHinCT 4 years ago

I have a Crate and Barrel pizza stone that's about 10 years old. I've always used it in the oven. I'd like to use it ...

ArtKnight commented 10 months ago

Using CHARCOAL on a PROPANE barbecue. Is this crazy?

by Googs 8 years ago

I've heard some people do it. I'm wondering how safe it is and how big a mess it makes. I have a pretty nice bbq th...


CharBQ commented 11 months ago

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A little something for your summer barbecue needs

by ferret 11 months ago

Where to buy Japanese Shichirin (Yakitori) grill in the Bay Area?

by theoptimusdime 8 years ago

Hi guys, I figure you guys would be able to find a Shichirin grill in the bay area. I'm looking to buy 2 grills, ...

puzzler commented 12 months ago

Indoor infrared grill

by ferret 12 months ago

Reviews are pretty positive.


MikeG commented 12 months ago


by terasec 1 year ago

Looking for charcoal grill/smoker preferably grill with side box for smoking, no eggs charcoal only, and prefer t...

Cheez62 commented 1 year ago