BBQ Sauce

A Comprehensive Guide to Barbecue Sauce Across the Country

Barbecue sauce is a blanket term that doesn't necessarily do justice to all the regional styles of BBQ sauce across the country. Let's take a look at the differences among them, from the obvious (white...

NorCal BBQ 101 Class, Livermore, Saturday 8/31

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 4 months ago

A fundraiser for the Calif BBQ Association's charitable endeavors. "During this 6-hour class, taught by some of the best, award-winning pit masters from the CBBQA, students will be guided throug...

Is the Coleman-King Sauce Co. in Florence, SC closed?

by Savannahian 16 years ago

I keep hearing conflicting reports that the Coleman-King Sauce company, makers of "CHS Bar-B-Q sauce", may have closed their doors. It used to be carried by Piggly Wiggly in Savannah (local franch...

Dark Molasses Substitute - BBQ Sauce

by elys_k 5 months ago

I've made really delicious ribs with a homemade barbecue sauce in the past via a recipe where one of the ingredients was light/dark molasses. This one time I was at a friend's cottage and was asked...

Liquid smoke...or not?

by ForkSpoonandKnife 12 years ago

This BBQ fan has been bubbling over in excitement upon finding a new and interesting BBQ sauce recipe to try. However, my excitement was quickly banished upon the realization that the recipe calls...

Ray "Red" Gills Razorback Barbecue Sauce?

by mwolson 7 years ago

Does anyone know if River City Spice, home of Razorback cookers, in Blytheville, Arkansas is still in business? We are out of Razorback sauce and suffering from a severely low blood barbecue lev...

Best products without High Fructose Corn syrup?

by Mission 11 years ago

Best products without High Fructose Corn syrup? I am trying to avoid HFCS and would love to hear peoples suggestions on their favorite HFCS free products. Products who use real sugar,cane juice,...

Non-sweet BBQ sauce?

by Pat50 4 years ago

Does anyone have a recipe for a BBQ sauce that is NOT sweet? One that does not contain sugar, or molasses or honey? BBQ in North America is most often copied from the Americans and I find, (at le...

Lem's Sauce--Missing Ingredient?

by jbl 17 years ago

I have been trying to manufacture Lem's sauce at home, and think I have a pretty decent resemblance but am still missing a few things. So far, I have used apple cider vinegar, cloves, ketchup, cay...

Local retailer of James River barbecue sauce?

MC Slim JB
by MC Slim JB 7 years ago

This is the classic sauce for Kelly's-style roast beef sandwiches, and I have a nice top round roast from a local farm. Anyone seen it on Boston-area store shelves? I know where to find it online. ...

BBQ Sauce - Commercial Clone

by FoodFundi 2 years ago

Hi Guys I'm going to post an almost impossible request and you probably wondering why post it anyways if it's considered impossible but to me I wouldn't be able to understand the request to foll...

Scott's Barbecue Sauce?

by Sam D. 15 years ago

I was thinking about ordering some of this North Carolina bbq sauce to try it out and wondering if anyone who's already tried it might have have some comments on it. The web site describes it as ...

Best barbeque sauce out of a bottle?

by Pei 12 years ago

In a pinch, what is everyone's favorite barbeque sauce out of a bottle? I need something relatively easy to find (no more exotic than Trader Joe's or Whole Foods, please) that is sticky, sweet,...

Ossie Boutwell's Original Bar-be-que Sauce Recipe.

by JKLamb 2 years ago

I grew up in Mobile & my Father & Ossie were Golf buddy's. Ossie gave my Father the Barbeque Sauce Recipe years ago and all of my family recipes were lost in a fire. If anyone has Ossie's Origina...

NC Vinegar BBQ Saurce

by RobinDiana 3 years ago

Hi, I'm new. I live in NC. Lived here for 36 of my 43 years, spent 7 years in NY. Back in 2008 or 2009, I found a recipe for fairly authentic NC BBQ sauce and pulled pork BBQ made in the crock part...

Ribs to Boil or Not To Boil

by kittykays30 3 years ago

I like to boil my ribs before slathering them in BBQ sauce and then toss them on the grill. :D How many people boil their ribs before tossing them on the grill?

Barbecue sauce as an ingredient?

by Multifoiled 3 years ago

I made a great barbecue sauce to use on some boneless spare ribs I grilled the other day. As I only used a portion of it, I still have a cup or so left. I know I can keep it until the weekend when ...

Sally's Barbecue

by Bob Fagelson 16 years ago

There was a barbecue joint in Chicago. It began on the west side but eventually moved to north Western Ave. The name was Sally's. If anyone has the formula for their barbecue sauce, I would be eter...

Moist and flavorful barbecued chicken breast?

by bblonde 3 years ago

My husband prefers boneless skinless chicken breasts. Unfortunately, I have yet to master them on the grill. I find they are bland, and I tend to overcook them (because, ya know, chicken) and the...

Best bbq coming to Chicago for 3 days.

by pochemuchkayuna 3 years ago

Hey everyone so I'm going to Chicago for a couple of days during and I was wondering if any of you have ever been last year to this pop up bbq place. If so, do you recommend buying a ticket?The a...