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BBQ 101: How to Grill for Beginners

No one starts out a BBQ master; if you're new to grilling, this guide will help you grill like a pro the first time you fire up the coals (or crank up the propane). The weather is getting nicer, Memorial...



Top 3 Grilling recipes please

by ad7yn 18 days ago

Please share your top 3 grilling recipes. Bought our first grill. And served blackened chicken. I overcooked the exterior, but the interior tasted amazing. Marinated in Montreal seasoning, soy ...

St Louis, Kansas City, Lincoln, and Topeka

by dcbbq 11 months ago

We'll be touring the plains this fall, and looking for good wood-cooked barbecue in each of these cities, and other suggestions. Feel free to point me to barbecue threads to the various cities. (...

Casting Nationwide for BBQ Pitmasters

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 7 days ago

"We are searching NATIONWIDE for BBQ PITMASTERS to be on a new TV show from an Emmy-winning production company that will help you take your BBQ business to the next level (or get it started!) • ...

Favorite NYC BBQ?

by chefdekoven 12 months ago

Hey was just curious if anyone had a favorite NYC BBQ restaurant for a large group. I am considering Hometown, which I have been to and really enjoy, and John Brown's Smokehouse in LIC where I have...

Best BBQ in Westchester/Fairfield/Rockland?

by eldogg 4 months ago

So there is a thread in the NYC forum on the best BBQ in NYC. Let's start one for the northern NYC burbs. I frequent two in my area: Pik Nik BBQ in Tarrytown and Revenge BBQ in Irvington. Does ...

Wood-cooked barbecue in DC

by dcbbq 2 months ago

I’m looking for all places in the DC metro that make barbecue with wood and/or charcoal only. That is, places with no gas or electric backup for cooking the meat. Thanks in advance!

What did I buy? “Pork Steak Ready Shoulder Butt”

by shinypenny 15 days ago

I was looking for pork shoulder for pulled pork and found this “Pork Steak Ready Shoulder Butt” so I thought why not. How would most people cook this? It’s 7.33 lbs.

NorCal BBQ 101 Class, Livermore, Saturday 8/31

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 16 days ago

A fundraiser for the Calif BBQ Association's charitable endeavors. "During this 6-hour class, taught by some of the best, award-winning pit masters from the CBBQA, students will be guided throug...

Brisket logistics

by reewah 20 days ago

I am planning to smoke a brisket for my son’s graduation party Sat but have a few logistical issues. Plan was to do a rub and cook in a makeshift smoker (big barrel-style grill with indirect heat a...

Texas style brisket @ Central Coast Meat Market | Pismo Beach - SLOCo

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 28 days ago

Open now for a year and a half, Central Coast Meat Market was founded by a local who spent six years in Texas. Beef is king here, barbecued Central Texas style over oak, though other meats are also...

Reynolds Wrap ISO Chief Grilling Officer, deadline June 19

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 1 month ago

" . . . As CGO, you won’t need a comfy corner office because for two weeks in August, you’ll be busy tasting and savoring BBQ ribs from some of the top BBQ rib cities in the country. Along the way,...

Flint's BBQ status? [Oakland]

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 9 years ago

This came in by email. Any news about Flint's? "Hi, My name is Tony, from Sacramento. I am desperately trying to find out if any of the Flints are open/re opened....and you seem to know what ...

BBQ inn North Mississippi

by dcbbq 2 months ago

I'll be in Oxford in August with a car and a couple of days to spare. I'm interested in some good, pit-cooked barbecue. Suggestions?

Exploring Eau Claire restaurants

by MidwesternerTT 1 month ago

Relatives recently moved to Eau Claire, east of Oakwood Mall/Hwy 53, so I expect to travel there more often. Any recommendations for a great BBQ restaurant? How about a local soup/salad spot that's...

Side dish ideas for a BBQ?

by kristen3 2 months ago

I've been invited to a friend's Memorial Day cookout. My friend asked me to bring "a side dish that's not a salad" (someone else has been asked to bring a salad). Do you think that salads that don'...

Endangered Species: North Carolina Barbecue

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 3 months ago

". . . In December, Keith Allen quietly announced the closing of Allen & Son in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, considered by many to be the perfect fulcrum between Eastern North Carolina and Lexingto...

Advice for Best E. NC Style Barbecue (Pork) - Durham

by Noice 3 months ago

Going back for a college reunion Thursday of this week, and leaving Sunday night, and hoping to get the best barbecue sandwich of my dreams: vinegary, peppery, smoky pulled/chopped pork on a soft w...

elliots bbq

by varothe 17 years ago

any information available on the above. last known address was in riverside and before that on 55th street in chicago.

No Stove, New BBQ - Need Recipes!

by highlyunlikely 2 months ago

We just gutted our kitchen and are without a stove/oven for the next 2 weeks. Fortunately we just bought a brand new bbq that is arriving today. Would love some recommendations for what to make ...

Hope this isn't requested to death, but need some ideas for BBQ side dishes for memorial day

by Firegoat 5 years ago

I'm invited to a BBQ. It is at a friend's farm that i've never been to, and about an hour drive for me. She is grilling meat and providing a salad and Sangria. I asked if I could bring anything and...