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How to Grow an Herb Garden, Indoors or Out

Ready to grow herbs at home? Whether you have space for a full herb garden outside or need to grow herbs indoors, here's everything you need to know about growing your own. According to a recent article...

Fresh bay leaves in northern NJ?

by juliachildish 5 years ago

I came across a recipe for an Italian digestif flavored with fresh bay leaves that sounds intriguing. I'd like to try making it, but I don't know where to get fresh bay leaves in northern NJ (I'm i...

Where to buy fresh bay leaves in Vancouver

by rachel83706 6 years ago

I will be spending some time in Vancouver at the end of the month. Where is a good place to buy fresh bay leaves?

Fresh bay leaves

by shoelace 6 years ago

Anyone have any clue where one would buy fresh, not dried, bay leaves. I'm in bayside, but I'll head where I need to... Are they used in a particular cuisine that I could look for markets cate...

not eating the bay leaf- why?

by Spencer 15 years ago

I've always heard that you are to not eat the bay leaf in dishes. Why, does it make you sick or something?

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