Baton Rouge

When in Baton Rouge, find the best spots for local flavor with the help of Chowhounds. From off-the-highway eateries to great post-football restaurants, here's your guide to eating well.


What ever happened to Dee Dee's duck?

by Mark DiBlasi 18 years ago

About twenty years ago there was a place in or near Baton rouge called Dee Dee's that made a reputedly amazing roast duck. There is no trace of DeeDee's any more, but I'm wondering whether any one ...

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Need suggestions for food stops between New Orleans and Baton Rouge

by sweetspoiled 9 years ago

We have no schedule so we can take our time getting to Baton Rouge, but have no idea where to eat or stock up on local goodies. We are game for about anything from white tablecloth to no tablecloth...

One dinner in Baton Rouge

by estone888 6 years ago

I'm meeting a friend in Baton Rouge on a Friday night and we don't want to drive out of town for the one dinner that we have time for. I'm trying to decide between Parrains or Mansurs. I've never b...

Baton Rouge Lunch near Perkins Rd?

Becca Porter
by Becca Porter 7 years ago

We're driving down to BR from near Monroe tomorrow. We're going to Trader Joes and Fresh Market. What is a good lunch place near there?

Baton Rouge with Kids

by mizznicole 8 years ago

Hey y'all, We have one night in B.R. with kids. Where can we get awesome local fare + catfish for kids? Thanks!

Best gumbo in Baton Rouge

by bobgelb 8 years ago

Driving thru Baton Rouge and spending the night. Looking for a good, really excellent place for some La Cajun food..in particular, really want to go to the Restaurant who has the best gumbo. Any a...

Labor Day Visit Re-Cap: NOLA, Baton Rouge, Middendorf's and Scott, La.

Ciao Bob
by Ciao Bob 8 years ago

Just back from a great trip and wanted to thank you for the help and report back. It was so nice to be there with low crowdage and maximum heat and humidity. --Mariza – what a nice “find” after...

Baton Rouge

by amelee71 9 years ago

Suggestions for good local eats in Baton Rouge? Casual, for dinner. $20 and under per person.

Baton Rouge

by bleen68 9 years ago

I assume that Baton Rouge would also be covered by this board. We will be in BR next weekend for a football game and are looking for a place for a light breakfast (sort of like the Beignets at Caf...

New Galatoire's Bistro in Baton Rouge

by suites 8 years ago

Has anyone been?

Baton Rouge near I-10 or I-12

by Wendell Smith 9 years ago

My wife and I will be traveling thur Baton Rouge on Sept 27th on the way to Texas. I'm looking for a good place to eat that is near I-12 coming in from the east or just off I-10 as we head west. ...

Baton Rouge for a football morning

by bleen68 9 years ago

This was also posted on the NOLA board. We will be in BR next weekend for a football game and are looking for a place for a light breakfast (sort of like the Beignets at Cafe DuMonde in NOLA but wi...

Best muffaletta in La - N.Orleans, Baton Rouge, or Cajun country

by ghc 16 years ago

Looking for the best muffaletta ....location is not that important, but a dive place with great food and cheap beer (or better yet BYOB) would be even better.

Sunday brunch/lunch in Baton Rouge?

by uptownlibrarian 9 years ago

We're meeting the Lafayette branch of the family for a birthday brunch or lunch in Baton Rouge next weekend, and we get to choose. Any suggestions for new and interesting, or established and possib...

Mmmmmmmm..............Baton Rouge Tamales..............

by Littleman 9 years ago


Better in Baton Rouge?

Jim Leff
by Jim Leff 9 years ago

There are tons of threads with B.R. tips, but none answering this question: I'll be spending a few days in NOLA, and just one day in B.R.. Where can I go in B.R. to eat stuff I can't get in NOLA...

Restaurants in Baton Rouge

by speyerer 10 years ago

Are there any "don't miss restaurants" in Baton Rouge? Not the most expensive, just good food.