Opinions on basting a brisket

by MMartyn 4 years ago

I've seen various opinions on whether or not you should open up your smoker to baste your brisket to keep it moist. What are some of your opinions on the subject and why? I'm asking because the las...

Need a new turkey baster

by walker 6 years ago

I had one that stopped working (no idea why) so I tossed it and now need a new one. I saw this Tovolo one in Crate & Barrel catalog, same price as on Amazon: $19.95 http://www.amazon.com/Tovolo-...

cleaning Tovolo baster....

by oooYUM 8 years ago

Hey there, Hounds.... I love my baster, but I handwash (dishwasher broke a couple years ago and really never minded washing dishes by hand anyway) Anyone out there have any tips? Can I bo...

Turkey Baster in Lisbon

by johnnys 10 years ago

Hello All, I'm on the RV Knorr head to Lisbon and I need to buy a turkey baster for an experiment I'm doing. I left mine at home. I am hoping some here can direct me to a kitchen supply sto...

Turkey Baster

by lominator 11 years ago

I am searching for a good turkey baster as my old glass one finally broke. Any suggestions? Plastic, glass or stainless steel?

Turkey baster question -- the bane of my cooking life!

by crsommers 14 years ago

The ones with the glass tube -- the tips break off. Scary! The ones with a plastic tube -- they melt from a really hot roasting pan. The metal tube ones get so hot they melt the rubber bulb. ...

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