Fresh Piment d'Espelette grown by Preston Farm & Winery - Healdsburg, Dry Creek Valley

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 2 months ago

This season's most exciting find at the farmers market so far are the fresh red Piment d'Espelette grown by Lou Preston at his biodynamic farm. This is the signature chile pepper of the Basque hear...

Anyone ever make Pheasant Basque?

by natewrites 10 years ago

I'm making it with two older birds that may have a titch of freezer burn. Plus, I've never made this before.

Basque Cuisine?

by rworange 14 years ago

So I found out about two Basque restaurants near me. I'm thinking of going, but know nothing about Basque food and for once I want to have a clue before I walk in the door and try a new cuisine. ...

Road trip from San Sebastian to Bilbao

by fluffydot 1 year ago

Hi all, I'm planning for a scenic drive from San Sebastian to Bilbao with a few stops along the way for photos, especially at Gaztelugatxeko Doniene. Assuming we leave San Sebastian around mid morn...

Basque Trip Planning Help

by hucklecat 1 year ago

Hello / Kaixo, Chowhounders! You all were super helpful when I went to Piedmont a couple of years ago and now I finally get to visit Spain, starting with Basque country. Here's a rough sketch o...

Cantabria and Asturias: Dining in Santillana del Mar, Luarca, Cudillero and Gijon

by flushingflash 1 year ago

Greetings folks: My first post, and I have to say thanks to all your great ideas and recommendations for eating in San Sebastian and beyond! My girlfriend and I are headed to San Sebastian this wee...

Barcelona with a 1 year old

by nlight 1 year ago

Hi all, My wife and I are bringing our 1 year old daughter to Barcelona and San Sebastián in October. Since Michelin-starred restaurants probably don’t appreciate guests who flog their food on t...

Bilbao-specific recommendations needed

by arturchik 1 year ago

Hello We will be in Bilbao for just 1.5 days and would love recommendations. For context, we are going to San Sebastian and Bordeaux region afterwards. We are eating at 1-2 3 star restaurants se...

Help with Asador Etxebarri reservation - I may have extra seats

by arturchik 1 year ago

Hello. Etxebarri opened their reservations for next few months and I snagged a reservation for September 5th at 1pm (13:00). Unfortunately, we only need 2 seats but we booked for 5 (only availabl...

Etxebarri vs Azurmendi - please help me decide

by arturchik 1 year ago

Hello. I understand this maybe a silly question, but I need to pick 1 of these. Please help me decide. We will eat at other places in Basque Country, but none as distinguished (or fancy). Tha...

Etxebarri reservation challenges (Spain and Basque)

by penoose 1 year ago

Has anyone been able to successfully book Etxebarri anytime recently? I am looking for any advice/tips. The online system (currently the only way to reserve, according the website) started book...

Five nights in Pays Basque: Restaurant (and Bistro) at Hotel Ithurria; Restaurant Arce; Arraya; Olhabidea; Beau Marché; and cheeses from Beñat Moity

Jake Dear
by Jake Dear 2 years ago

We stayed five lovely nights in the Pays Basque, sandwiching a longer dip over the border. (The highlights of the Spanish part of this trip are described here: https://www.chowhound.com/post/dini...

San Sebastián and Bilbao trip report (Aug, Oct 2018)

by synecdochehk 2 years ago

Hi all, first time poster here, yet I have drawn many restaurant ideas from lurking in this forum in the past, and would love to start contributing some. Given my limited exposure to food, I would ...

Dining in and around the Spanish Basque: Porrue, Extebarri, Kaia Kaipe, Gastroteka Danontzat; and in Rioja: Echaurren

Jake Dear
by Jake Dear 2 years ago

In Bilbao, “Porrue,” http://www.porrue.com/?lang=en. The excellent nine dinner course tasting menu was a bargain 68 euros per person. And on top of that, Pourre offered — and we took — an asto...

Madrid - Segovia - Salamanca - Asturias - Basque Report

by Ziggy41 2 years ago

Just came back from an amazing 16 day road trip where we had all sorts of doozies. I will try to write about each leg when time allows. Just a quick thanks first to Erica and all other contributo...

Recommendations for Basque Country on a budget?

by JudyL 2 years ago

My husband and I will be doing a 4 day road trip in the Basque Country this September. The food sounds incredible but we are on a budget, preferably less than 30 euros per person for dinner withou...

Basque Chorizos

by Denise 16 years ago

I had some great basque chorizos from Gem Meating Packing Company, in Idaho. But, I can not find out how to locate them (purchased in Nevada) anywhere online, etc...... Trying to find out how...

Trip Report: San Sebastian and Surrounding Areas

by JohnTalbotWannabe 4 years ago

We recently spent time in some of the basque region of Spain, and to a lesser extent, France. Thank you to the many of you whose posts on this forum helped us immensely. Our food-related notes fo...

Casual/traditional San Sebastian restaurants

by TrulyMiss 3 years ago

I'm looking for recommendations for more relaxed, good restaurants in San Sebastian. By way of example, our favourite last time was Bodegon Alejandro - great food and interesting but not weird for ...

Looking for fresh "off the boat" fish in Basque (Spain/France)?

by Bec215 3 years ago

My husband is obsessed with finding and eating fresh seafood - any kind. We've had authentic bouillabaisse in the south of France and sushi in Tokyo at the Tsukiji market (at 4:30am, en route to wa...