Here’s How to Char Whole Eggplants Without a Grill

“Top Chef Canada” judge Eden Grinshpan’s first cookbook “Eating Out Loud” reflects her bright and bold Israeli heritage. The chef has poured more than 100 recipes into her cookbook—many that are familiar...

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looking for tried and true thai basil curry recipe

by David in Olympia 17 years ago

I really love Thai basil curry and want to try and make it at home. Does anyone have a really good (tested) recipe? Thanks in advance!

Hot basil leaves

by bgorton 17 years ago

Looking through a book of Thai recipes and came across "hot basil leaves" as an ingredient, One was a fish dish "Pla Tod Kra-prow", another reference was as a deep fried garnish with beef. Other...

Preserving Fresh Basil

by Frank Z 17 years ago

All What is the best way to preserve fresh basil? I did try the French method of preserving basil in Kosher Salt. Results were astonishing as there was a basil oil residue on the leaves. Th...

Lots of fresh basil

by M. Allen 18 years ago

I just received from a friend of mine, about 2lbs of wonderfully fragrant, fresh basil. What is the best way to store it to keep it fresh ? Any ideas about what to do with it, besides the basics ??...

Best way to break apart basil?

by Bill 18 years ago

I want to prepare a dish that calls for pieces of fresh basil. What is the best way to break up the basil -- with a knife or by breaking it apart with your fingers?

Basil 'Vase' - Am I A Sucker?

by torta basilica 18 years ago

Loving fresh tomatoes as I do & having no green thumb whatsoever, I am constantly buying basil. We used to get hydroponic basil at the Corona del Mar Farmer's Market, but haven't seen it for awhil...

Basil vinegar, infusions & death

by Stanley Stephan 19 years ago

I just made some basil vinegar. Is there any other liquid (not oil) that can make use of tons of summer basil? Spirits, wine, tea? I'm not that much of a pesto fan. I like it in restaurants, but ...

Basil Seed Drink

by Paul Trapani 19 years ago

I just bought a can of Mong Lee Shang Basil Seed Drink with Honey. Can someone tell me the proper way to enjoy this concoction (hot, warm, cold, ice or not)?

Fresh Basil Uses

by Abbylovi 20 years ago

My basil plants are enormous. Any ideas how to use them besides pesto?

Tulsi vs. Holy Basil

by zim 20 years ago

Hi All, A question just occurred to me. There is a type of basil that is somewhat holy in southern india - referred to as "tulsi." Often folks will drink tulsi infused water there. My mother i...

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